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What are Sanlam Personal Loans Available in South Africa? Application and Requirements

 In today’s economy, you may find difficulty on getting your deserved prizes. However, there’s an alternative that can be helpful for you. I’m talking about Sanlam Personal Loans, a company established in South Africa willing to help you pay those holidays you need so much. I’ll cover important data to apply with them fully informed.

What are the requirements to get a Sanlam loan?

One central point is to know if you meet the requirements to be eligible for Sanlam. In order to do so, Sanlam will need you to present some documents:

  • First, you must provide Sanlam with information from the accounts though which you get your wage paid.

  • Second, Sanlam will ask 3 payslips which must be consecutive with one another. Another option is to present the last 3 bank statements.

  • Third, they need to have a copy of your ID. It’s important to clarify you ought to be South African but also, be living and working in the country at the moment of applying in order to be eligible.

  • In addition, bear in mind that in case you’re married, Sanlam will also need your spouse consent to grant the loan.

How can I use Sanlam Online Calculator?

In just few steps, you can get an estimated of your monthly payments. You need to enter the sum of money requested; the repayment term and then, the calculator will show you a detailed result. Let’s take a look at the following example: you need to get R60 000 and, a term of 3 years to repay it. What the calculator shows is that, for this loan you should pay R 69 of service fee and, the rate will be around 26%, which leaves the monthly payments around R 2500.

What are the rates and fees Sanlam will charge on the loan?

When you take a Sanlam Personal Loan, this is what you must pay:

                1- Fixed interest rate which is set taking the applicant’s financial profile into account.

                2- Service fees applicants should pay every month to cover the common administrative expenses.

                3- Monthly payments that will include the previous points plus, part of the principal borrowed.

Can I get quick loans with Sanlam?

Even though this company doesn’t offer quick short term loans, they are fast as transferring the money after you get the approval. And, you can probably choose a loan amount not too high so, you can have Sanlam as a choice either way.

How can I contact Sanlam in South Africa?

Following, you’ll find the phone number, email address and, physical address to get in touch with them:

Sanlam contact number is 08 60 72 65 26, Sanlam email address is and, their head office address is in Bellville. You can go to Strand Road 2 and, you will find it.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Is it possible to go over an online application with Sanlam?

    Yes! In fact, you can cover the entire process without having to leave your house. You start by checking the requirements and documents requested and, making sure you comply with them. Then, you try to find out an estimated monthly payment to decide if you’re willing to dedicate that amount of money every month to the installment. When using the calculator, remember it’s just an estimated. The interest rate will be agreed by Sanlam as regards your credit profile. Following, you can complete the application form from your computer and, wait for the answer. As these loans are regulated by the National Credit Act, you’ll have to be under certain affordability checks. Even though this delays the process a little, it’s good to know you’ll only be approved if you’re financially capable of affording the loan as, it will prevent you from entering a contract you can’t comply with. Once the approval is granted, Sanlam will deposit the money in your account and, month after month they’ll debit it from it as well until the complete fulfilment of each installment.

Sanlam main Benefits

    There’s an important benefit to highlight and it’s that Sanlam grants unsecured loans so; you don’t need to leave one of your possessions as collateral. Besides, once you have the money in your account it will be entire yours so, you can use it as you want or need. Another benefit worth remember is that, once the contract is signed, there won’t be a future increase on the payments. No matter what happens with the interest rate, your loan will stay the same as agreed. This is important for you to know how to manage your expenses. I want to remind you also that as Sanlam will take care of debiting the repayment amount, you won’t have to be troubled about remembering or doing errands to pay them.

    Sometimes, you’re in the middle of the application process online and, suddenly something happens that you can’t go on with it or, maybe, you need to think about terms carefully one more time. If this happens to you, you don’t have to panic as Sanlam will save what you’ve done so far. So, when you have more time, you will be able of finishing without having to start all over again.

    Apart from these amazing benefits, there are extra ones that will blow your mind. Sanlam is known for awarding their applicants with special prizes. For example, for those who qualify Sanlam gives them back around 20% of the total repayments after they reach 12 payments in a row. That is to say, if you pay 12 installments without getting behind on any of them, you may get back a percentage of those payments. If you become a Sanlam’s clients, you should keep track of these unbelievable special sales so as to don’t miss any of them.

    Getting a loan contract must be taken care seriously and, you should be totally informed before applying. That’s the reason why I want to invite you to leave any question you need to ask. So, please don’t think it about twice and, leave us your comment below so we can help you.

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