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Are There Loans That Don’t Need Pay Slips? Contact Details and Information

    Are you looking for a company that does not worry about their clients´ pay slips? Are you tired of not knowing where to go because all the companies have the same requirements? Thanks God you arrived here! I have just what you need and that is RCS Loans. That is right, this company specializes in the lending field but makes sure that every citizen of South Africa has access to its loans, irrespective of the so know pay slips.

    For such reason, in this article you will be given pretty complete information regarding the loans found at RCS and their system. Then, you will of course receive contact information of this company so that after reading the article you can get in touch and begin the application process.

There are two type of loans:

1) The main characteristic of the loans found at RCS is that clients can have access to a minimum of R 1000 to a maximum of R 125 000, which is a lot. Repayments can be completed in about 60 months but the client can also choose a financing period of 12 months.

How about the application?

The application procedure will not take a lot of time since the company admits there exists an instantaneous approval. How much time will you have to wait for the money? Less than a day! So the application does not require tedious paperwork as other companies and also no queues at all. The only thing the client has to do is to fill out an online form obtainable in the website of the company. Such form will ask the client to give data about its personal and financial condition.

What are the requirements for a loan without pays lip?

-Clients must be 18 years old or older

-Clients must possess a South African ID book

-Clients must earn at least R2000 a month

-It is essential that clients hold a good credit record

-It is vital for clients to open a bank account

The documentation needed is the following one:

-South African Id book or card. In some cases the passport is accepted

-Bank details of the customer, for the company to deduct money from payments

What are the features and the benefits obtainable?

RCS loans give clients the opportunity to finance any repair they have to make in their cars or any other vehicle, pay for school tuition or college, and pay for the costs of an important event such as a wedding, birthday or graduation party and the list can go on.

And now the next loan:

2) Clients that apply for this loan as those that are looking for higher amounts of money, being in this case a minimum of R 2000 and a maximum of R 150 000. The application for this loan is also fast and paperless of course. The money can be obtainable in about a day and the client has from 12 months to 60, just like the first loan mentioned.

One of the differences this loan holds in relation to the first one, is that the client has access to a special insurance and that he/she can receive a monthly statement in their email address or in their cellphones (SMS). Regarding such insurance, the client receives protection for a portion of the balance in case of death, disabilities, loss of income or accident. You will find all the information related to the insurance in the section of terms and conditions of the agreement.

The requirements for this loan are similar to the ones mentioned above:

-Having the majority of age

-Having an ID certificating you are a South African citizen

-A proof of residence

-An income of R 2000 at least

-Having one bank account with any banking company

Find the best loan of South Africa

-Giving the company the number of your ID book

-Giving the company the details of your bank account

    If you are interested in knowing how to acknowledge whether you can qualify for a RCS Loan, you must know that the company is extremely assessed by a financial provider which is regulated by the National Credit Act. This act makes sure every loan is secured. And, if you are a good applicant you can expect to receive a phone call by the members of the company.

    The assessment mentioned before has to do with the company examining what is your credit record so as to know whether you were able to finance previous debts and loans. Moreover, the company will take into account the different expenses you are supposed to pay each month, so as to check your affordability.

How much money do I have to pay for a loan?

In the case of RCS loans, the company will only make you pay a small amount of money which corresponds to the service fee, since as you know the company and its members take care of managing your credit.

Now, before finishing I would like to stress that it is important for you to know that you must comply with the different installments each month and if you feel like you cannot afford them, then please let the company know about your financial situation by phoning RCS on 0861 SAY RCS (0861729727) so that the representatives can help you find the proper solution to this problem


-Inside the website of the company you can find a contact section to send a message and you can also fill a form with your information. Moreover, there is information about the many branches the company has in the country.

-You can make a phone call to the number that is given in the chart, so as to establish communication with a member of the company who will guide you throughout the whole lending procedure.

-You can go in person to their office in Cape Town. There is plenty of information about it in the next chart:


R 2000 TO R 150 000

Interest Rate

Unchangeable and flexible

Telephone Number

0861 729 726


Liberty Grande Building, in Voortrekker Road and Jakes Gerwel Doctor. In Cape Town. Towsend Estate.

Working Hours

7 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Updated bank account, latest statements, latest payslips and ID card

Email Address


Leave your questions or comments


Questions and Answers

Greetings. I need a loan for a business that I'm running but I am not working. However, I have another income from different source. I need to know if I qualify to get a loan without payslip?
Hi! You have chances of finding the right bank for you but, there are certain points that you have to make clear. For example, there’re banks offering business loans that, thanks to their experience, they can assist you with the capital you need to start a business like, Nedbank. Another point is the source of income you have. If you get a pension, you have to search for entities offering loans to pensioner, like FNB. To conclude, you need to decide what type of loan you want and, on any circumstance, you’ll need to prove you have income so, this point will also be key to the loan you can get.
Hi there, I’m searching for a loan. I get paid weekly but in cash. I have payslips and, I have a bank account but my pay does not go in there. Can anyone help me only with my payslips? I will appreciate it
Of course! If you take out a payday loan, you just need to show your pays lips. Some of them, won’t even require payslips to apply for the money. Either way, I must clarify the quote available for these loans are around R 500 and R 3000 more or less, which means they work when you need money urgently but, not a high amount.
Hi! I'm looking for a loan, I don't have payslip. Are there options for me?
Although having access to a loan without getting monthly salary slips is in fact difficult, it is not impossible. The only detail is that you have to look for a lending entity that allows independent workers to get a loan. One alternative that can be of great help for you is FNB. You will have to present them with bank statements they’ll use to check your income and get your loan terms.
How can I get a loan? I dont have an email but I'm working
If you have a stable job and you can present the documents to verify your identity, you can start by asking for a quote to the bank. Then, if you don’t have an email account there are two options. One of them is using your cellphone to receive SMS and, the other, is to open an email account. You’ll see it’s super quick and, it won’t take much effort.
Can I get help for a payday loan?
This kind of loan is popular because they are easy to get. You will have rather a short amount of money and, in most of them, you should cancel it in the next month. In some cases, you may find up to 6 instalments, meaning,6 months to cancel it. As the terms are simply and short, the requirements are also simple. That’s why payday loans are easy to get.
In need of a loan to pay off in monthly installments without payslips
I advise you to take a look at Capfin as, you can submit bank statements if you don’t get pays lips from your work. Another option can be FNB as, they work with self-employed South African citizens. In such bank, you also need to present bank statements. Bear in mind, those statements must be from 3 to 6 months previous to the date you request the loan.
I’m self-employed. Can I get a loan?
Yes! There are some financial companies that work with autonomous workers and, you can enjoy their benefits. For instance, FNB accepts self-employed clients if they can present bank statements. These statements have to be from the previous six months before applying for the personal loan. After that, of course, the final decision will be dependent on on your credit score and affordability check.
Hello I'm Abel Maponya and I need a personal loan. I don't get payslip but I have bank statement. I need to marry my girlfriend and I need to build a house for my family.
Hi Abel! Even though you don’t receive a payslip, if you meet the requirements, your bank statement is enough to get a personal loan. This is so because the bank statement will show how much you earn monthly and, thanks to that, the bank can decide if your salary will cover the payment of the loan.
What documents do you need if i want a personal loan
Artículo con 20 respuestas
Hi, I need a loan of 50 000. I just started working and I need the loan urgently
The majority of lending companies requests loan applicants to be working for certain time before asking for a loan. You need to prove your job is stable and, so it is your salary. So, if you’ve just started working, banks will sure ask you to wait three months at least to be issued a loan. Even though this may seem negative, you can use that time to organize your expenses and see how much money you spend on basic needs. Then, you’ll know what loan terms can you afford.
I'm looking for a loan but I don't have a payslip. I do have a bank statement. Can I get one?
You can relax as there’re some companies that grant loans even if you don’t have payslips. RCS, for instance, will accept your application if you show them your bank statements from the past three months and, of course, you comply with the rest of the requirements: age majority, be South African, and earn at least 2 thousand rand per month.
Need a loan, I don’t have payslip as I am doing private jobs I get paid cash and, I do get a pension
on you to repay such service. The only way to do that is by presenting valid documentation that shows how much money you get per month, or per week. The thing is that, if you are paid cash and, there’s no document showing those payments, the bank can’t check your salary. An alternative to pasylips are bank statements so, if you don’t have a bank account, unfortunately, you find difficulty on being accepted for a loan.
I need a loan but I don’t have pay slip, what can I do?
First, you need to clarify what kind of worker are you. If we refer to self-employed, meaning that you work for yourself, you need a company that issues loans to independent workers. If you have your own business, you need a business loan. In this last option, you need to state the purpose for your loan: to begin your business, to get equipment, to have cash flow. Once you have that point clear, you’ll know which of the business loans will work for you. Two great banks working on this area are FNB and, Nedbank
Hi, I’ve been working for about 3 years now, and I earn r3800 per month, no payslip but do have bank statement. I need a loan of at least r30000 to buy a car for my business. How much will be my monthly installment if I do get the loan?
I’ll name two options for you. Starting, FNB can help you with a business loan, as the purchase you need to make is aimed to improve your company. Then, Capfin can grant you a loan if you have bank statements. This last company states a term of one year to cancel the loan and, each payment may be around R3072, which leaves a total cost of R36867 approximately.
Good day. My name is Nicoleen, can you help me, please? I'm unemployed but I get an income of r5000 every month. Can I take a loan?
Hello Nicoleen. If the bank can check you receive that amount every month legally and that you will continue receiving it, you may qualify for a loan if you have bank statements to present as proof of income. But, ultimately, it depends on the lending entity you choose to work with. Generally speaking, loans for a low amount tends to have simpler requirements so, there’s a chance for you to qualify and get the loan.
Morning, I need a loan of r2100. I’m permanently working and I get paid on a commission
As you have a permanent job, being approved for a loan will be a little simpler for you. This, clearly, as long as there’s a steady income you get form your job. What I mean is that, any bank will verify you will be getting money for the period your loan lasts to be sure you won’t stop paying your debt. As you need just R2100, you can even repay it in 3 months or less.
I need to pay school fees for my child and I can pay 500 every month. How can I make sure the cost of the loan won’t exceed my monthly income?
When you get in contact with the bank, you will be requested to provide them with details about your salary, your expenses and, the amount of money you want to ask. Then, after they study all that information you submitted, they can assist you on the terms of the loan. This is when you have to make sure the monthly instalments they charge you are within your capacity to pay them before signing the contract.
Hello, can I get a loan without pay slip?
Hi! If you don’t receive pay slip form your job, there are some other options. One of them is through bank statements that evidence you get that monthly income and, the other may be through a pawn loan. This type of loan allows you to borrow money in exchange of a security. Which means, you leave an object of value and, get it back when you finish paying the instalments.
I need loan but I don't have payslip and I don’t deposit my money in the bank. However, I have bank account. I sell justine products and, I want the loan to start my on business. Do you thing I can get a loan?
As you have clarified you need the loan to start a company, you would probably get better chances looking for business loans. These credits have special terms and methods to repay the funds that fit with what starting a company demands. The only detail is that you must submit documents supporting a regular source of income. As you don’t have your earnings deposited in a bank account, it may get difficult for you to get through that requirement.
I do money from my salon so, I don’t have payslip. I need a loan and, I can pay all of it within a month. Can I apply?
Of course you can! But, in your case, you will need a bank that grants loans to grow a business, as they know what your needs are. Sanlam can be a fine solution as they offer a lot of products to take care of your business. Thanks to their experience, they’re ready to meet your needs and help you.
Where can I get these loans?
If you’re asking about RCS Group, there are many branches in South Africa where their assistance will help you. Some of them are in Cape Town, for example. Even so, you can also contact them over the phone or sending them an email, if you don’t want to waste time on going to the office.
How and where can I apply for a loan without a payslip?
If you go over Cash Converters options, you’ll find they issue loans against an object of value. This option is called Cash Advance and, you can ask up to R20000. In this particular case, as this company works with short term loans, you would need to give the money and interest back within 30 days. So, you have to really think about being capable of cancelling the loan, unless you want to risk losing the valuable you use as guarantee. It’s a viable alternative but, you must be sure to cancel it on time.
Do I need pay slip if I have bank statement to apply for a loan?
It depends on the type of loan you want to ask. If we’re talking about payday loans, you have more chances of not needing to present your payslips, as long as you present your bank statements. But, if you need, for example, a home loan, the requirements you’ll find may be more complicated because you’d probably ask for a higher amount. Remember, the bank will always check con are capable of cancelling the debt with your income.
Does every loan need a payslip. How can I do if I want to start a business and I’m not working now?
Even though there are some types of loan that don’t need payslips, they all need to have some sort of financial backup. If you intend to build up a company, you have to think about issues that are different from what a personal loan can offer you. This is why, you must try to apply with banks that have business loans. Some examples are, FNB and Nedbank.
When will I know the interest rate?
Once the application begins
My husband gets paid in cash but he has a bank account and a payslip. Can he still apply for a loan and just insure the money goes into the bank account?
Of course he can! When your husband applies for the loan, the bank will request him certain information about the bank account. Then, he can indicate the bank to transfer the money into his bank account to use it as you need it. Also, the payments can be debited from the same bank account and save a lot of time.
I’m working but I don't get payslip at work. I got cash by hands. Can I apply for a loan?
Unfortunately, even if you have a regular job, if you can’t prove your income, you probably won’t get a loan approval. If you own a bank account, on the other hand, and you can use your bank statements to show the company you how much is your monthly income, you may be accepted
Hi I am working but I don’t get payslip from work. I only get my money via bank account and i just started working this year January, can I still get the loan?
Yes! You still have a chance to get financial help but, it will mainly depend on the type of loan you need. For example, payday loans usually have some basic requirements and, you don’t need to be working for 6 months to be approved. You will surely find an entity willing to help you.
I haven't been working for a couple of months so I don’t have three months payslips, I have only started working again this month. What should I do?
To solve this problem, you have 3 options. One of them, the most responsible, is to wait few months until you can gather the three payslips. Another option is to think about a payday loan that can be cancelled in 30 days. And, finally, you can present a security as guarantee of the loan but, you must be completely sure you will pay off the loan in time in order not to lose that security.
I need a loan but I only have bank statements as a proof of payment, is it possible to get a loan?
It is possible with certain companies as, not all of them works without payslips. Two fine options for you are FNB and, Capfin. In the first case, FNB works with self employed workers and, in the second case, Capfin request payslips or bank statements to verify the client wage. Even though most banks ask for payslips, you can find some of them willing to help you without them. Here, we named two of them for you to choose the one you think is best.
I am self-employed and am starting a small biltong business. I can give a business plan and cash flow forecast. I need cash for a biltong slicer and stock etc. But have no payslips. Can you help me?
A great company that can assist you on this is Nedbank. This lending entity provides their clients with a loan particularly thought for people who want to start up a company. This is a fine option as they can grant you the capital you need to acquire the necessary equipment for your company. Also, you can think about First National Bank and compare both entities. This will help you recognize the one that’s best for you.
Can I get a loan without payslip?
Sure you can! All you need to get a loan is to have a regular job and, receive the pay through a bank statement. So, even though you can’t present a pays lip, you can show your income through the bank statement for the bank to approve your loan application.
Once my application is approved, when can I get money on my account?
It depends on the loan you requested and, the entity you work with. For payday loans, they tend to transfer the money within an hour from the approval thanks to the simple requirements. On the other hand, for personal loans, due to the complexity of such loan, you will have to wait few days until you have access to your money.
I need a loan 30000, do I have to pay before having the funds?
When you start the process to be granted the loan, you start by just informing the bank about your credit affordability. Only when the bank confirms your request, will you start the official procedure. There, you will be notified about the fees and rates you must pay for the credit. There’s an initiation fee charged but, it is paid with your instalment, not before you get the money. So, be sure you’re dealing with a trustful entity to avoid be victim of fraud.
Do qualify for a loan of r100 000 if my salary is r2 500 per month and I get paid by cheque every month for one year now by the department of education? I can afford to pay back r1800 every month
When applicants request a loan, the entity sets the terms for such loan having in mind the applicant’s monthly income and expenses to make them capable of repaying the loan properly. To make sure of this, you can use an estimate calculator before applying. This tool will show you, taking into account your finances, how much money can you ask for.
Can I get it today?
It normally takes time to study each loan application and, for this reason, it’s not common loans are granted within the same day of application. There’s an exception but, the applicant needs to be an existing client of the bank they’re asking the loan to. In this case, as that bank is already on possession of the information required to grant a loan, they can decide right away and, transfer the money to the client’s bank account with almost no delay.
Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes you have, the lending agreement
Can I apply by phone?
Sure you can!
Im an uber drive and im driving someone's car now i want to buy my own car if you can help please
You can give me money today?
I need a loan for r 1500 urgently
I have a bank account and i work for a church and i have no playslip i would like to have a short term loan of r3000 I needed a money. Is it possible to get one. I have a south african i. D. My salary is r1500
Can you loan me r6000 i want to give other guy to make me recieved my r100000
I need a loan of 120 000 ,not working have business
Good day i require a loan but do not have payslips as i get paid via petty cash. The company will however supply these slips as well as a letter to confirm my employment
I need lorn to start my bussness
How much i can sford

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