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As difficult as it might seem, getting funds to pay for that dreamed vacation or that new computer can be easier than what you think. It all comes down to how well-informed are you about loan companies and loan options. Each credit option may refer to different types of purchase and may ask different requirements. In this opportunity, I want to expand on loans at Cash Crusaders so as to help you find out if they can be your loan entity.

Can I borrow money from Cash Crusaders?   

Cash Crusaders is known in South Africa for offering different kinds of financial operations. One of them, of course, is lending money. But their loans are not the typical loans for which you are asked to meet difficult requirements and present an endless number of documents that result in a lot of obstacles to get your money borrowed. We know banks always ask their applicants to prove their income, but what if you are not paid through a bank account or you’re an independent worker? Well, this company decided to be the helping hand many South Africans in this situation need, and they decided to offer pawn loans. These loans are granted against an item of value the applicant possesses. Although each loan contract will surely have specific terms and conditions, I will explain how is the procedure to take a loan at Cash Crusaders to ease the path to your funds.

How does a Payday Loan against goods work at Cash Crusaders in SA?

Now you understand the type of loan company Cash Crusaders is we can move forward to their loan process and their characteristics. As I said, the principal characteristic of these loans is that they require the borrower to have an asset as security of the money borrowed. Because of this, you can get your funds faster than with any other company or bank.

All the same, you need to know what does it mean to have an object as security for a loan. It means that Cash Crusaders will be in possession of that item until you repay the loan. So, you need to leave a valuable you can manage without for as long as the loan lasts. A second essential feature of these loans you need to be aware of is that they are payday loans, which means the repayment term is short. In just 30 days you are going to have to give the money back plus fees and interest charged. If not, and this is the hardest part, Cash Crusaders will be allowed to sell your item as payback of the money they loaned you.

Can I apply online for a loan at Cash Crusaders?

We all know nowadays everything is carried out through internet. There’s almost no company not working online. Clearly, Cash Crusaders is not an exception and you can start the loan process online. However, as the procedure involves you dropping off your possession, you will have to finish the transaction in person.

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These are the steps Cash Crusaders take to issue a loan:

  • Once you request the loan amount, they go over your asset’s features to decide is the amount you asked matches the value of your object.

  • After that assessment, you will get your loan offer. This means, they’ll inform you about costs and fees.

  • If you think it’s a reasonable deal, you can go to their branch to take your loan and leave your valuable.

  • After you complete those steps, all you need to do is repaying the loan within 30 days to have your object back and move on with your life.

As simple as that, you can have your money to spend the way you want. Clearly, Cash Crusaders has accomplished to offer South African quick hassle-free loans.

How does Interest Rate affect my Cash Crusaders loan?

Ok, we have covered the main characteristics of Cash Crusaders loans, but, I’m sure by now you’re wondering about the cost of these payday loans. Undoubtedly, the overall terms of your loan and your credit history will state the interest rate you’ll need to pay for your loan. To show you an example, let’s imagine you need R 5600 and your interest rate translates into R289 together with fees charged to grant the loan. To those numbers, you should add the initiation and the Service fees. Having all this information at hand, you might have to repay Cash Crusaders R6657 to have your object back.

How do I know if Cash Crusaders loan cost is reasonable?

There’s an easy to use tool you can take advantage of to understand how much should you pay for a loan. We can offer you our online loan simulator which will give you a clear sense of your loan payment. The best advantage is that you’ll get several loan offers from different bank which, clearly, will show you which is cheapest and which is the most expensive. By using it, you can compare your loans options before deciding on your loan entity. What’s more, you might even realize it will be better to take a personal loan instead of a pawn loan.

Cash Crusaders Loan Contact Details

Before ending this article, I want to focus briefly on Cash Crusaders contact information. To start, there are many offices around the country to make you easy to approach them. Some of them are in Gauteng and Western Cape, for instance. As each branch has their own phone number, I’ll give a couple of options. In Cape Town, you can call to 0213720099. In Port Elizabeth, the number is 0413977100. Remember, you can find the branch in your city and call them.

As making the right decision about a loan depends entirely on your specific situation, I can’t finish this article without advising you to think carefully about all your alternatives. I truly believe if you’re fully informed, you’ll make the smartest decision. So, you might want to read about other companies like for example Cash Converters.

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Questions and answers

I want to pawn my laptop, but I don't have the charger.

In this case, if you wish to pawn your laptop with Cash Crusaders in order to obtain some money in exchange, the entity will examine the device to determine how much you can obtain. Missing the charger may affect the application process, but Cash Crusaders can make an offer based on this particular situation. 

If I failed to pay back in time due to that the date has passed, what would happen to my cellphone, I'm not allowed to make arrangement for payment?

If you have failed to pay back a loan with Cash Crusaders on time, then you can contact the entity in order to settle an arrangement for paying. Otherwise, the lender may charge some late payment fees or penalties for missing the paying date. This could increase the total amount you owe, and you will not be able to get your cellphone back. 

Does Cash Crusaders offer short term loams without an item in exchange?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You will not be able to obtain a short term loan without an item in exchange. This is so because Cash Crusaders is a company that only provides money by pawning objects of value. That is the only way that you can apply for a loan with this entity. 

Hi, I need cash. Can you please help me with it? I have a TV that I can give you for a R1,500.

Cash Crusaders needs to evaluate the electronic device, in this case, a TV, in order to give you some cash in exchange. The item needs to undergo a process of verification to check if it is in good condition and if it works properly. After this, the company will determine if you can take a payday loan of 1,500 rand. 

I want to make a payday loan.

In order to apply for a payday loan with Cash Crusaders, you have to consider that this company grants money by pawning objects of value. This means that applicants need to hand over a personal item in exchange for money. If everything goes well, then you will be able to obtain a payday loan. 

Can I pay my loan on an item which has been extended 5 times then pawn it again, same time?

In this case, you should contact any agent from the pawn company, Cash Crusaders, if you have extended a loan 5 times. The organization will analyse your personal case taking into account your credit history, and in this way, it will determine if you can obtain another loan by pawning the same object again. 

Hello, I want to borrow money against my laptop, but my charger is not working. Will I be able to get a loan?

With the private company Cash Crusaders, you can obtain a loan by pawning objects of value. Usually, the company analyses all the elements of the object to determine its conditions. According to the result of this analysis, you will receive an offer. If the device is working properly, then you may get a convenient amount even if the charger is not working. 

How much can I pawn for 1 TB external hard drive? It is still in good condition.

In order to know how much money you can obtain by pawning a 1 TB external hard drive with Cash Crusaders, the personal item needs to be subjected to a verification process. In this process, it will be determined if the item is in good condition, and based on this, you will receive an offer. 

Can I get 5,000 rand if I pawn my Lenovo PC and KIC fridge?

In order to know if you can obtain 5,000 rand by pawning your Lenovo PC and KIC fridge, Cash Crusaders needs to carry out a verification process, in which the company will verify the state of those two devices. They also need to determine the value of the items in the market. These factors will determine if you can access the sum you need.

Can I borrow money without selling my goods?

With the private company, Cash Crusaders, clients do not sell their goods, they just lend the personal asset as a guarantee in exchange for money. Now, if you do not pay the loan completely or the fees, the company will keep your personal item as a form of payment, without affecting your credit history. 

How much money can I get if I bring an iPhone 6?

Cash Crusaders accepts a great range of devices and items in order to lend money in exchange. In your case, the iPhone 6 will be subjected to a verification process in which an agent of the company will analyse the product thoroughly and then determine its value. So, you will have an offer which, if convenient, you can accept. 

Can I get a R2,000 loan for my brand-new HP Laptop? And can I use my licence?

In order to obtain 2,000 rand loan with Cash Crusaders for your brand-new HP laptop, the device has to undergo a verification process. This is done in one of the local offices, where the asset is analysed to check its conditions and determine the value in the market. In order to apply, you should present a valid ID. 

What will happen if I can't pay my interest in the date given to me by Cash Crusaders after taking the loan?

One of the main policies of borrowing money with Cash Crusaders is that if you do not pay the money back, then the personal asset that you have handed in will not be returned. The company will keep this item as a form of payment. In other words, your credit history will not be negatively affected. 

Can't Cash Crusaders give loans to Nigerians?

First, it is important to clarify that Cash Crusaders is not a loan provider or lender as the company accepts personal assets in exchange for money, that is, by pawning. Second, one of the requirements to be able to apply for money is to present a valid ID. This company operates only in South Africa, therefore, the applicant should reside in the country. 

Can I borrow money for my brand new 19 pcs set of cookware for 2,500 rand?

Of course, you can. Cash Crusaders accepts a great variety of items such as laptops, musical instruments, mobile phones, appliances, etc. To obtain 2,500 rand in exchange for your new cookware, the complete set should be subjected to a verification assessment, which is carried out by the company's assessors. Once this is done, then you will be informed about the amount of money you can borrow. 

I want a loan of 5,000 rand, can I leave my wedding ring to get the loan?

If you want to obtain a personal loan with 5,000 rand in exchange for your wedding ring, you will need to take your asset to the company to be evaluated. This will be subjected to a verification assessment. According to the results of this analysis, the amount of money you can borrow will be determined. 

What else is needed when I bring my phone as an asset?

If you leave your personal asset as a guarantee with Cash Crusaders in order to borrow some money, you will also need to comply with some requirements. For example, your phone should be in good condition and with all its components. Also, you should complete an online form with a valid ID and contact details. 

What is the interest on 1,500 rand?

In order to know the interest rate on a short term loan of 1,500 rand with Cash Crusaders, you need to submit your application form. The company will evaluate it and based on the result, you will be offered the best interest rate possible. Please, remember that, in order to obtain 1,500 rand, you need to leave an asset as guarantee. 

How much interest of 1,000 rand?

Cash Crusaders will determine how much interest rate you will have to pay for a short term loan of 1,000 rand. The company will offer a competitive rate once you submit your application form, and the advisors verify the conditions of the asset you are handing in as a guarantee. Remember that this company grants money by pawning personal objects. 

I want 4,000 rand for a water dispenser fridge.

If you wish to pawn a water dispenser fridge at Cash Crusaders, you can start the application in an online way, and then you will need to visit a local branch to hand in the asset and finish the transaction. As regards obtaining 4,000 rand in exchange, the fridge will be subjected to a verification process to determine its real value. 

Can I pawn my flat for a loan?

Usually, Cash Crusaders accepts a great variety of items as a guarantee in order to grant some money. These items, generally, include phones, computers, musical instruments, televisions, cameras, etc, however, the company does not specify if it accepts a flat in exchange for money. Therefore, the suggestion is to get in touch with any advisor to confirm this. 

Do you accept laptops?

Cash Crusaders accepts a great variety of personal objects in exchange for money. You can obtain a short term personal loan by pawning your laptop, with a repayment period of 30 days. It is important that the device is in good condition and with all its component parts working. The object will be subjected to a verification process. 

Can I pawn my cellphone for a 30-day loan?

With Cash Crusaders, you can obtain money by pawning different personal assets like, for example, your cellphone. This company offers short term loans with a repayment period of 30 days. You will be able to acquire money according to the value of your laptop, which will be subjected to a verification process. An assessor will determine its value. 

I handed in my laptop 2 months ago, then I was able to pay the extension for the first time, now I couldn't come pay for the second time due to some circumstances, but I still need my laptop. Do I still have the chance to get it back even after it has expired?

If you handed in your laptop 2 months ago to Cash Crusaders, you were able to pay the extension for the first time, and now you cannot do it, then you need to contact the advisors from the company. They will help you find out the best solution for you. Usually, the company offers up to five extensions. 

I want to pawn my T.V but I lost the proof of ownership, will you be able to assist?

It is important for clients who wish to pawn objects of value in exchange for money with Cash Crusaders to prove somehow that they are the sole legal owner of the product and that it has not been acquired in an illegal way. If you have problems to demonstrate that you are the owner of your T.V, please, get in touch with the company's advisors as they will be able to help you. 

Where can I get the form for a loan on Cash Crusaders?

Please, remember that Cash Crusaders does not offer personal loans, as clients can obtain money by pawning objects of value. There is an application process that you can start in an online way, however, it will be necessary for you to visit a local office to leave your object and finish the transaction. 

Hi, I want a loan of R3,000, and I got an Asus laptop that I bought in February 2021. Can I be able to get it?

If you have an Asus laptop that you purchased in February 2021, and you are looking for a loan of 3,000 rand, there are some considerations you need to bear in mind. First, the object needs to pass a verification assessment, which will determine its value. If it is in good condition and with all its components parts working, then you may obtain the money you need. 

If l borrow money from Cash Crusaders against my laptop, will that affect my credit score as you do online application?

If you hand in your laptop as a personal value in exchange for money with Cash Crusaders and you are not able to pay back the loan, then the company will keep your object. They will be entitled to sell the asset and in this way recover the money they gave you in first place. Your credit score will not be affected. 

Hi, do you check credit score?

The only verification process that Cash Crusaders carries out is performed on the asset to hand in as an exchange for money. This verification process is compulsory and will determine the value of the product within three main categories: excellent, acceptable and poor. The transaction will be successful once the object has passed this assessment. 

I have a tempo watch.

In Cash Crusaders, clients can pawn several assets of their own and obtain some money in exchange. However, there are certain conditions to meet. For instance, the object and its component parts need to be in good state. The object will be subjected to analysis and the company assessor will decide the value of it. 

I once used my laptop to get a loan, then I paid it back. My question is, can I still use that laptop again for a loan?

If you already obtained a loan with Cash Crusaders by pawning your laptop, and you paid your loan completely, it means you have a favourable history with the company. Therefore, if the asset is still in good condition, you will probably not have problems to use the laptop to apply for another loan. 

I want 2,000 rand in exchange for my tablet.

Cash Crusaders is a financial company that offers economic help through pawning objects of value. They accept a great range of objects as a guarantee. The amount of money you can receive will depend on the state of your tablet and its current price in the market. The company will analyse the information and will make an offer. In order to know if you can receive 2,000 rand, you will have to get in touch with Cash Crusaders. 

Hi, can Cash Crusaders borrow me 3,000 rand? I have a projector.

In order to know if you can obtain a loan of about 3,000 rand with Cash Crusaders by pawning a projector, it is essential to know that the amount of money you can borrow will depend on the condition of the object. Also, the company will analyse the asset's value in the market to determine a certain sum of money. 

What happens if I am a few days late with paying my loan at Cash Crusaders?

If, as a client, you are late with paying the monthly instalments of your pawn loan with Cash Crusaders, you may be penalised. In other words, a small fee may be applied because of the delay. Also, the company will keep your asset as a guarantee until you finish paying the loan completely. 

If I bring a Sony and a pop corn machine which is brand new, and a tea set, how much can I get?

In order to obtain money as a pawn loan with Cash Crusaders, there are some details you need to consider.  Your mobile phone (a Sony), your brand-new pop corn machine and your tea set have to be in good condition. The company will analyse all the objects and, according to their state and their value in the market, will make an offer. 

Can I get a loan for my ring light with its stand and everything?

Cash Crusaders accepts a great range of objects to be pawned in exchange for money. However, there are certain conditions to be met. In your case, your ring light, with all the accessories, need to be subjected to an analysis to determine if the device is in good state. After this analysis, the company will decide how much money you can receive. 

Can I get a loan using my laptop? But it doesn't have a charge.

To know if you can obtain a loan by pawning your laptop with Cash Crusaders, the object must be subjected to a thorough analysis by any advisor from the company. The device must work and have all the main accessories. Also, it is important to check the price of the laptop in the market. All these factors will determine if you can get money out of it. 

How much can you receive for a microwave oven?

To know how much money you can receive by pawning your microwave oven with Cash Crusaders, you have to bear in mind some factors. For example, a consultant from the company needs to carry out an exhaustive analysis on the device to determine if it is in good condition. Based on this analysis, you will get certain amount of money. 

How long does it take for you to get your loan after you have applied?

First, it is important to know that Cash Crusaders does not offer loans per se, but the company lends money via pawning valuable assets. Therefore, once you leave your item of value as a guarantee, a consultant will carry out an analysis of the condition of your asset and will determine the amount of money to lend you straight away. 

If you are unable to pay the loan, what happens?

If you are unable to pay the personal loan that you obtained with Cash Crusaders, you will be letting go of your asset. The company will keep it as a means of payment and your credit record will not negatively be affected. However, you will also have the chance to extend the loan for another period of 30 days. Just bear in mind that a small fee will be applied. 

How much can I borrow on a tempo watch?

To determine how much money you can obtain with your tempo watch, Cash Crusaders will ask you to comply with some requirements. It is important that you visit an office and speak with an advisor. They will examine your item of value and evaluate the conditions the watch has. Also, they will assess the value of your watch in the market. All these factors will influence the amount of money to be granted. 

I want a loan of R2000 for my own Honor 50 lite.

Cash Crusaders is a lending company that grants personal loans by pawning different items of value. To know if you can be eligible for a loan of about 2000 rand, your mobile phone should be subjected to a process of evaluation to determine if it is in good condition. The decision will also be made according to its value in the market. 

Can I bring my car?

Certainly, you can. Cash Crusaders is a lending company that offers personal loans based on receiving items of value as exchange. An advisor from the company can assess the state of your vehicle and determine the amount of money to be granted. You can start the loan application process online. If the process involves dropping off the asset, then you will need to continue the application in person.

1. Do your offer a loan for R35,000? 2.if yes, can I pay back the money in monthly instalment? Thank you.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to obtain a loan with 35.000 rand. With the private financial company Cash Crusaders, you can obtain up to 15.000 rand instead. The repayment period is ranged within 30 days with an initiation fee of 1.207 rand  and an interest rate of 750 rand. 

If I collect an item after two days, do I have to pay the full amount?

Whenever a client leaves an item of value with Cash Crusaders, it will be kept by the company and the seller will not be able to  make any claim over the asset  until the loan is completely paid. In your particular case, you may be charged a compensation fee if you do not collect the item on time. Consider, please, that you have 30 days to pay back the loan once you have borrowed the money. 

So, besides my valuable, what else must I bring? And how long does it take to receive the money?

If you need to borrow money from Cash Crusaders, you must hand over an item of value and also complete an online application form by providing your ID and contact details. The process is super simple and quick. One of the buyers will make a decision based on the value of the item you bring. After the process has been approved, you will have the money immediately afterwards. 

Can I get a loan if I am a government pensioner?

Certainly, you can. Cash Crusaders is not a regular lending company that requires all the applicants to hand over lots of paperwork to apply for a loan. Instead, you can borrow money by pawning an item of value that you possess. In other words, you can hand over an asset  which will function as a guarantee of the money you borrow. 

Hi do I have to pay a certain amount of money to get a loan from cash crusaders

In order for you to apply for a loan with Cash Crusaders, you do not need to pay a certain amount of money beforehand. However, consider that, apart from the loan, you will need to cover extra expenses. For instance, the company will charge clients the initiation and service fees. 

What is the interest percentage?

The interest percentage applied to a loan with Cash Crusaders company will depend on some factores. For instance, the general characteristics of your loan and also your credit history will influence the amount of interest rate the institution can offer you. You will access this information when you submit the online application.

How much repayment for 2,000 in 30 days?

How much repayment will establish Cash Crusaders for a loan of R2,000 in 30 days will depend upon a number of factors. For instance, the conditions of the good you want to pawn. You should bring the item you want to pawn to Cash Crusaders so they can assist you with the rate.

Hi, can Cash Crusader borrow me 3,000 R? I have two deep fryers, a double gas deep fryer and a double electric one, the gas only used once; they both in good condition.

If you want to ask for a loan of R3,000 at Cash Crusaders by using your deep fryers and gas deep fryer as guarantee, you should ask a Cash Crusaders employee to value those goods. This employee will consider the market price of the goods and the conditions in which they actually are.

I have a Samsung A11 phone. I need R 2000 loan against it. Is it possible for me to get the money?

You must bear in mind that when you ask for a loan at Cash Crusaders an agent will assess your Samsung A11 phone and see if it can serve as guarantee for a R2,000 loan. What you can do is check out how much is that phone valued now and consider how old it is and in what condition it is.

I have subwoofers 12" and a monoblock and a standard amp. Would that be enough to secure a loan of R1,500?

You will have to go to Cash Crusaders with your subwoofers 12" and your monoblock and amp so that an employee can tell you if you can borrow R1,500 from them. The things to be considered are the market value of the things you want to pawn and the condition in which they are.

I have a white gold ring with diamond we need to borrow R3000 against it for 39 days.

Cash Crusaders will need to see your gold ring with a diamond and assess the quality of it in order to decide if they can lend you R3,000 or not. After that is decided, you might be able to negotiate the term with Cash Crusaders employees. Remember that you need to have proof that the item is yours.

I have a 2019 Mecer laptop, it still works perfectly, but the charger is broken, so the laptop is off. I want to hand in the laptop for a 600 loan, is it possible?

What you should do is take your Mecer Laptop to Cash Crusaders so that an agent can take a look at it an evaluate how much money they can borrow you. This person will be the one to tell you if they accept your computer on those conditions or not.

I want a loan against my flat screen 32' sonitech tv. I need R4200.

You can ask for a loan at Cash Crusaders against your flat screen Sonitech. However, we cannot assure you that you will be able to ask for R4,200. An employee of Cash Crusaders will need to see your device to determine the amount of money they can lend you against it.

Does cash crusader in Athlone give loans against Y5 Huawei new still in box?

There are great chances you can get a loan at Cash Crusaders against a Y5 Huawei. In fact, Cash Crusaders does have a branch in Athlone. You should bring your phone to Cash Crusaders and negotiate with an agent the terms and amount of the loan you need from them.

I want to loan with my PlayStation 3 with all items. I need 3500 it's urgent I pay back next day.

At Cash Crusaders you can ask for a loan using your PlayStation 3 as guarantee of payment. Only Cash Crusaders agents will be able to tell you if you can borrow $3,500 and when you should pay off the loan. For this, you should go to Cash Crusaders with your device and talk to a representative.

I want to use my PlayStation 4 controller to get a loan, is it possible?

Cash Crusaders accepts a wide range of items as guarantee of a loan. However, whether you can use your PlayStation4 controller to get a loan will depend on the condition of this controller. If it is in proper conditions, you might not have any issues when asking for a loan at Cash Crusaders.

How much do you pay per month when you borrowed R600?

Cash Crusaders only offers loans that should be paid off within a month period. The amount you will have to repay for your loan of R600 will depend on the interest rate that Cash Crusaders offers you at the time you submit your application for a loan against your items.

Hi if i had a loan in exchange with my phone with cash crusaders and its passed the due date ...what will happen ?

If you asked for a loan at Cash Crusaders using your phone as security, and you are not able to pay off your loan, you will lose your phone. Cash Crusaders will have every right to execute the guarantee over the phone in order to recover the money they lent you.

Is any paperwork required for a phone?

No matter what item you want to use as security for a loan at Cash Crusaders, you will only need your ID. You will not be asked for your payslips or any other kind of document. This is a type of secured loan in which your items are your guarantee. The maximum amounts offered for a loan is 15,000 rands.

I'm 20 years old and I need a loan I have a laptop how can I get it?

If you want a loan at Cash Crusaders using your laptop, you will first have to fill in an online application. In this form, you will tell this company all about your laptop (technical information) and how much money you would like to borrow. Cash Crusaders will assess your request and let you know if you can take out the loan.

Can I sell an item if I'm not a South African citizen ?

If you are in need of selling an item to get a quotation with Cash Crusaders, there are only three main requirements that must be attained. You need to be twenty one years old or older, your items need to be paid off and they also need to be in working condition for you to receive quotes.

My phone is working but it got cracked. Can you take it? Samsung j5 pro

Cash Crusaders enables clients to sell an item that they have in exchange for a secured loan. Buyers will negotiate for you, that is, they will determine the value of the Samsung j5 pro so that you can get a loan at a particular amount. Take into account that if you cell phone is cracked, the value may be lower.

I want a loan of R1600. I am owning a Samsung A30 still new and I've been using it for 5 months, so do I qualify?

You can qualify for loans of R1600 at Cash Crusaders. The amount ranges between R 1000 and R15000. You should let the company know about your item (Samsung) and then finish the submission. On your behalf, online buyers at Cash Crusaders will negotiate the deal and you will be given thirty days to repay the amount of the loan.

How much can I ask?

Cash Crusaders allows their clients to ask a maximum amount of R15000. Remember the loan quote starts on R1000.

Is there any way I can extend the loan more than 30 days?

Unfortunately, you can’t. 30 days is the top term this company offers. You can repay it earlier but not later than a month.

If I present pays lips, can I get a higher loan?

No, as Cash Crusaders only refers to your item of value, your monthly income won’t be taken into consideration when processing your petition.

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