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Is it Feasible to Obtain Cash Converters Pay Day Loans Online? Contact Information

In the following article, you will receive detailed information regarding a company that is really trusted in South Africa, Cash Converters. It has specifically created three different loans, to make sure everyone´s needs are met.

  Thus, I will start the article by mentioning their loans, which can be obtained online and are three: their Pay Day Loan, Cash Advanced Loan and their Mini Loan. After that, you will be given contact information regarding this company, so that you immediately get in touch with them and begin the application for a loan!


    With this loan, called Sunny Day Pay Day Advance, can give clients from R 400 to R 4000. They can obtain cash in a simple way. The greatest benefit is that clients get the money the same day they apply for the loan and they have chances of obtaining more money the next pay day. It is a wonderful advantage for those clients that need the money right away and cannot wait.

    This of course constitutes a small loan since the company is able to give you a small amount of money until the next pay day.

How does it work?

Well, the company will ask you for your bank account details and when the procedure for the Pay Day loan has started, they will debit the amount directly from your account. Of course, such amount comes along with certain fees. In about 20 or 30 minutes you will be able to enjoy their simple and fast loan.

These are the requirements for a Pay Day Loan:

-Submitting your personal ID

-Submitting your proof of residence

-Giving the company your bank account details

-Submitting your latest pay slip, without exception

-Giving the company the name of people you know so they become options of contacts

   Regarding the application procedure, you need to know that you have to bring all the documentation requested to the company at one of their branches or you can upload them in a file and send it to the email their representatives they give you. Then, the company will organize a meeting with its members so as to discuss your personal case and see if you are able to afford the loan you are interested in. Of course, apart from giving them the documentation they ask you, it is crucial that the company examines whether you are employed or not, and this can be done if you are willing to give them the contact details of your employer or your place of work.


   This is one of the client´s preferred loans, since they get to obtain the money they need by choosing valuable assets they possess, but they will not need to sell them of course. It is really useful in occasions where clients are short of money and there is an emergency that cannot wait. You simply need to choose one of your assets and it can be your vehicle, a piece of jewelry, an electronic device and so on. All of them serve so as to secure your loan.

   In about 15 minutes you will be able to receive the money you need, which is why this is another fast loan available at Cash Converters. The company will make sure to keep you assets in a safe place in 30 days after the loan has started and you have repaid for the installments, you get to obtain your assets back.

These are the requirements: choosing an asset you consider valuable and that is working, submitting your ID, your driver´s license or even your passport. And that is it.


    This constitutes another useful loan for clients since they can have access to R 2000, which they can repay in about 3 months, so also a short term loans. Clients that apply for this loan are given the money in about 30 minutes. The requirements for this loan are really similar to the ones for the other loans: submitting a personal document, bank statements, pay slips, contact details of alternative people and and your Smart Id Card.

If you are interested in any of these loans, you should know the company gives clients a special card called Cashiers Card so as to control their finances and get access to many financial transactions and procedure. It works as a virtual wallet. Such card can be used with this loan and clients can obtain their money directly in their Cashiers Card. Moreover, clients will not be made to pay for fees for using this card and there will not be balance rates. The service is for free.


Let me show you how easy it is to contact Cash Converters in South Africa:


The company´s website is divided into several sections, such as the one that helps you through the selling process, purchasing process and also a section to send a message to the representatives of Cash Converters. You can even find your nearest branch. Moreover, there is a form you can fill so as to begin the application


Phone the following number for inquiries or application: 87 820 4060.

Or, send an email to this address:


     One of the branches is in Pretoria inside Queens Corner Shopping Centre, whose exact address is Coronel Soutpansberg Road and Stead Avenue, in Shop 6.

     Close to this branch there is one in Kempton Park inside the Festival mall in Esther Park. Its address is Coronel Swart and Kelvin Street, found in shop 145.

    An additional branch is found in Polokwane in the area of Polokwane Central. It is located at Thabo Mbeki Street

    And, there is another branch in Durban:


R 4000

Interest Rate

Fixed and secured by the National Credit Act of 2005

Telephone Number



Durban, Durban North. 53 Adelaide TAMBO Doctor. Inside shop 32 in the Kensigton Square

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays 08:00 am to 07:00 pm


South African resident and documentation in hand

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