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Can I Have Access to Grindrod Bank Online Loans? Contact Information

     Grindrod Bank, one of the most transparent and reliable banks South Africans resort to, has expanded its services and incorporates several loans, that can of course be attainable online.

     For such reason, in the article you are about to read now, I will show you the different loans you can obtain online with the support of this company, and I will also give you information regarding different type of deposits that can be made in this company, so as to manage your loan is the best way possible. Finally, I will give you the contact information of this company so that you can obtain one of its loans.

Grindrod´s Online Loans

   You will observe that there are several options related to lending programs this company offers to businesses and also private clients that operate with the bank. Through those loans the company can make its customers increase their finances, invest better and become competitive in the market. What is more, the different members of the bank have plenty of information to give you the support and assistance you need in such lending procedure.

    One of the loans this company has created is their PROPERTY FINANCE, which is an online loan that helps customers purchase properties which serve for commercial purposes. In fact, there are mortgages available, whose value consists of about 70 or 80% of the property the client has chosen.

     Another loan, also granted by the bank has to do with MEZZAINE FINANCE, which is the result of merging the traditional mortgage you know together with an equity funding you have invested in. You will be given the best choice in terms of real estate properties. The Mezzaine Finance enables you as a client to make deposits, transfers and any type of transaction you can think of. Moreover, you will be able to notice how your capital can return to you after you have made investments.

     The last loan the company has developed is called DEBTOR FINANCE, which you can expect from its name to be a loan that helps customers to experience an improvement in their cash flow. Sometimes it happens that loans comprise short financing terms, which means that the client is not benefited in the long run as he spends lots of time paying back for the loan. For such purpose, this loan´s financing periods tends to be quite short. In fact the financing periods takes no more than 4 months, that is the maximum.  Most businesses really choose this option whenever they have several debtors.


-You will experience a dramatic change in your cash flow, since the company takes care of 80% of the debtors book you possess

-You can easily negotiate as you will be given discounts and you will be able to fairly compete in the market with other partners and businesses.

-The surplus cash can enable effective negotiations

-An increase in your capital will be observed the moment you start operating with the bank


Find the best loan of South Africa

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-Your business must be really well established in the financial market

-Your debtor´s book must be superior to R 10 million

-Financing terms cannot be of more than 3 months, that is the maximum permitted

-You must make sure your business is effectively managed and is finances are well kept

-Having a perfect organization of your finances and assets

-Collaterals will be requested only to business stakeholders, not common clients

-The most benefited fields from the bank are the manufacturing and the wholesale sector, as the company guarantees them that their cash flow is unlocked by their members



Through Cash Deposits, the company enables clients to make investments in cash that can be done in the short or in the long term. How does that work? Well, the bank is willing to establish negotiations for you to have access to the lowest banking rates available. There will not be bank charges as it happens with other banking companies. Moreover, the company will only make you pay for fees for making use of deposit products, not other type of services.


Through this kind of deposit, clients can easily withdraw their finances and they will not need to pay extra charges for such service, as long as they have notified this to the bank in a period whose minimum is of a month and a maximum of six months.

Please bear in mind, that in the bank´s webpage you will find plenty of information regarding the different deposit rates that the bank has established for its customers. And, if you wish to get a quote, simply contact one of the representatives of the company.


Call Deposits are easily obtained the moment you open a Call Account with the bank, which gives you access to making deposits in the short term by paying for interest rates that are pretty low. Moreover, you can make more than one deposit and you can make use of the money in an instant, way, without having to wait lots of time until the money is transferred.

Now, in order to use a Call Deposit, you must deposit a minimum of R 50 000 and you need to notify the company in a period of about no more than a month. There will be an overdraft rate of about 10% and you are able to invest at least R 100 000. Moreover, you can invest as much as R 5 million


The most important feature of this kind of deposit, is that the money you deposit only lasts for a fixed period of time. There will be an interest rate determined by the bank, which will not change during the course of the deposit. However, in order to make such deposit you must deposit at least R 50 000.

Contact details of Grindrod for an Online Loan

-You can fill in a simple form found in the company´s webpage so as to receive a quote and a reply from its members

-You can go to one of its branches in Durban, in Stamford Hill. The name of the building is Kingsmead Office Park. The exact address of this branch is 5 Arundel Close.

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