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Is It Feasible To Obtain a Better Life Personal Loan? Application and Contact Information

Better Life offers two kind of loans, which are Home Loans and Personal Loans. As both are two really interesting type of lending programs, in this article you will be given complete data regarding each of them.

Let’s start with their first loan:


It is a loan that the company has developed so as to help customers succeed in meeting their dreams when it comes to possessing their own home. How is that possible? The company has created a special agreement with different banks of the country, so that the loan is reliable and can give tranquility to each of its customers.

Why is Better Life Home Loan profitable for its customers?

It is one of the best Home Loans since the company has many experience in the field and exactly knows detailed information regarding to the application for the loan, and it is also committed to helping customers throughout the complete procedure so that they can purchase the house they want without problem. And, the good thing is that the guidance obtained from their professionals is free of charges. Excellent, right?

Take a look at the different reasons you can bear in mind so as to apply for this loan:

-Better Life will be in charge of obtaining the approval in the application procedure, which in fact is called Pre approval that means that you as a client will be able to get qualified before applying for the loan. Then, you can have access to several offers in terms of properties for sale.

-Better Life can be considered an expert in the home field and it will make sure that all their customers can make their dream come true. How is that possible? Well, they have specifically designed an insurance to protect you and your finances, as well as the property you will acquire in the future.

-The company will make sure you have found the right home for you and your family, and then, help you through the process as it will take care of all the administrative costs that are associated with these practices.

-The moment you start the application you will be able to apply to many banks in the country and that means less paperwork in the future.

-Better Life will find the best offer for you, which will adapt to your budget.

-Clients do not need to pay for the service provided by Better Life. That is the case with some companies that surprise you with some hidden fees.


When it comes to Better Life´s Personal Loan, is it obtainable through the agreement the company has with Direct Axis Financial Services. And, with a loan like this you can be sure you can obtain multiple assets for the home you have acquired with the Home Loan.

What can you use a Personal Loan for?

-Bond fees

-Moving fees

-Making deposits related to shortfalls

-Transfer fees

-Expenses generated by the use of holding possessions

You can obtain from R 5000 to R 150 000, but the company also gives you the chance to obtain additional R 1000 each month. Of course, the amount given will always depend on your financial circumstances.

REPAYMENTS: you will have between 2 and 6 years in order to complete the financing of the Personal Loan, which you will pay in fixed installments, whose rates are also fixed. Such rates are clearly determined and controlled by the National Credit Act of 2005, which is a credit regulator for all financial companies.

If you would like to apply for this second loan, you only need to start the APPLICATION. It can be done online by giving the company your information in the online application. And, if you qualify, one representative from the company will communicate with you to proceed with the application by phone.

If interested in knowing how much time clients wait for the completion of the process, you must know that in less than a week your application will be processed and you will receive your cash in your bank account. The company will inform you about your condition as an applicant for a Personal Loan

In order to qualify for this Personal Loan it is essential that:

-You are 18 years old or older than that

Find the best loan of South Africa

-You are a resident of South Africa

-You manage a good credit record

-You work in a place where you earn at least R 5000

-That you submit this documentation: a copy of your ID, proof of your income, bank statements and pay slips, proof of the place where you live and bank account details.



You can directly phone the following number from home: 0800 007 111. Such phone is available if you phone from 08:00 to 17:00 on Monday to Fridays. Of course, the company is closed on holidays and weekends, so try to phone during the week and a representative from Better Life will answer to your doubts and inquiries.


-One of the offices of the company close to Durban is located in the area of Berea at Musgrave. The exact address is Musgrave Road 95

-There is another office in Cape Town, located in Century City. It is inside Fusion Quarter and the exact address is Waterford Place, inside Block 4, on the 1st floor.

-There is an additional physical office on the company, whose details are provided in the following chart:


From R 5000

Interest Rate


Telephone Number



Centurion. Centurion Office Park inside Centurion Central. 1275 Embankment Road. Close to Gauteng

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays on business hours


South African resident and the documentation stated above


Another way through which you can contact the company is by entering its website, where there is information about the company, their loans and insurances, latest news about services and the financial field, an faq section and a calculator to check your affordability.

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In their website
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No it is not
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Yes you can

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