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Can I Get SA Home Loans Quick Cash? Contact Information and Features

     In the article you are about to read, I will give you information regarding the different loans found at SA. One of the most requested loans has to do with their Quick Cash Loans, I will start by focusing on that one and then I will continue by expanding on the company´s Personal Loan and Home Loans. Finally, I will give you contact details of the company in your country, so that you can start the application once you have finishes reading this article.

Quick Cash Loan

What are the most important features of a Quick Cash Loan?

a.You can get a maximum of R 75 000 in less than 72 hours

b.You can also obtain this amount: R 150 000 if you simply attach the documentation on time and you have  already finished signing the  company´s contract

c.You can easily get equity on your property

d.You can make use of the money for any purpose you have right now in mind, ranging from educational drives, medical  and business purposes

e.You can obtain the greatest competitive rate in the market in relation to interests

Personal Loans

What is a Personal Loan?

A Personal Loan at Sa Home is one whose maximum is that of R 70 000. You can start the application for this loan in one day and get the results for this application the same day. You can cover any need which belongs to the personal areas of your life. Most clients use this loan so as to get money to face emergencies with the doctor, their car and their homes.

Regarding the application, it can be done in three different ways: in person by going to one of the branches of the company, by phone: 0861 000 376 or just by sending one email to this So, those are the three means of communication between the loans team and the future client. After you have attached the different documentation and sent documents belonging to your financial data, you can get the results of the application in some days. Then, the company will send you the loan agreements. Simple as that.

What about Home Loans? There are two:

Transfer Assist

     With this sort of loan, you can directly ask the company for R 50 000 and by doing that you can finance all the costs related to having your property under your name. Those are processes that require lots of money, a situation in which you will be fine with this loan. So, any type of fee related to the procedure of transferring your home to your name, is covered by the company through its loans.

    Let me tell you how it works: In no more than a day you will apply for the loan and be given the money. You can choose between online application, over the phone application or in person application. Same documentation as the one for the other loans.

    Finally, Sa Home has its own 30 year Home Loan.

The greatest benefit of a loan like this one is that as you will pay for the loan in 30 years, the installments will be lowered by the company.

Lets see some of its benefits:

1.In about 30 years you will finish repaying for the loan

2.You will only pay installments with fixed interest rates, which means that the different rates established by the company are not subject to changes and can never change during the course of the lending program. This is an efficient way to avoid surprises in the middle of the loan.

3.The different installments will be based on your income and  financial circumstances

Find the best loan of South Africa

 4.There exists a wide range of age in order to have access to the loan: from 18 years old to 45. This way, the company makes sure that every client gets to pay the totality of the loan in their lives. So, if you happen to be more than 45 years old, you might consider applying for a different loan found at the company.

Moreover, getting this loan gives you access to an insurance to protect your property and also your finances, since not only your house but your money deserves protection from outside forces. But, please remember that this loan will cost much more than a 20 year Home Loan, since the financing periods is incredibly longer.


There exists plenty of means of communication to take into consideration when contacting the company:

-You can make a phone call from your home by dialing up the next phone number, which is not a free one, remember:27 (31) 560 5300. That happens to be the official number of the head office of this company, so their members have lots of information to provide you with. You can try sending a fax to this number, which is really useful during the application to send documentation:27 (31) 562 0362.

-You can also enter the company´s official webpage, where their members have created a special calculator where you can choose amount of money granted, financing periods and more. There is also an application section and also a way for you to send messages to the different directives of Sa Home.

-One of the offices of the company is in the great area of Pretoria, exactly in Mayville. The address of this branch is the following one:366 Fred Nicholson Street.

-An additional branch is situated in Porth Elizabeth, in the area of Mill Park. You can reach this branch by going to:159 Cape Road. This branch remains open on business hours on weekdays. The company is not open during weekends or public holidays.

In the preceding chart you have full data about another branch:


R 75 000, which is the minimum to R 150 000

Interest Rate

Fixed rates based on your income

Telephone Number

560 5500


Cape Town. In the area of Bo Oakdale inside Eagle House. 92 Edward Road. 3rd floor of the building.

Working Hours

Weekdays from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African citizen

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Questions and Answers

Will the money be deducted?
Yes it will
How can I communicate on weekends?
In the company´s website
Can I refinance the loan?
Yes, if you notify the company about your situation

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