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Can I Apply for a Bayport Personal Loan? Calculator and Contact Information

Bayport, is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to finding the solution to your financial troubles. It is a company dedicated to solving their client´s issues and making them achieve their goals on time. The company has designed several loans, all of which can meet specific needs such as educational ones, building houses or apartments, expanding your business or company, using in in the agricultural field, paying personal emergencies you face in daily life and the list can go on forever.

     In the next article, I will give you information about the different loans found at Bayport: Short Term Loan, Medium Term Loan and Long Term Loan. Then, I will explain you how does their system work, details about the application and different requirements you must meet so as to be eligible. At the end of the article, you will receive information as to how to contact the company in the country.

As stated above, there can be found three type of loans:



This is the kind of loan you can pay in the short term, as it is called. It can help you meet any need, from paying your bills in your house or medical ones, funeral expenses, planning important parties or events for the family members and more. You can repay for this loan in periods that include 1, 3, 6 and even 9 months, a lot.


This loan has the wonderful characteristic of making you access to a loan that you can pay in the medium term, so you have plenty of time to complete its financing without complications in the future. In fact, you are given periods that range from 1 to 2 years. A lot of time to comply with the payments.

How can you use this loan?

-You can pay educational tuition

-You can pay medical expenses

-You can pay a trip

-You can purchase products you will use in your farm

-You can make your business bigger by purchasing certain products and appliances

-You have the chance of purchasing furniture for your house

So, if you are planning to improve your house or even the company you have just founded, you will benefit a lot from this loan believe me.


This loan can be paid in the long term, which gives you freedom so as to make the different repayments. You have from 36 months to a period of 60, which is a lot of time for every client.

Many clients make use of this loan so as to purchase a new car, a new house or apartment or even to found a new business or purchase a new physical office for their already existing business. What is more, you will observe that you will not be alone in this process, since the representatives of the company are here to guide you, give your assistance and some tips regarding the complete lending procedure.

The application for a Bayport Personal Loan

-You can do it online by filling one form with personal information such as your full name, phone number and then wait until the company phones you

-The application procedure will last only some minutes, which makes it very efficient and easy to use and handle

-In about some minutes you can get to know whether you qualify or not for a loan you are interested in

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-You need to register yourself in the website of the company and then check affordability


You will need bank statements from the bank you operate with, which cannot be 3 months older, recent pay slips, a copy of your ID and that is it. Moreover, your income plays an important role, since it is a way of defining whether you can afford a loan or not with your budget. Please give faithful information about your income, so as to have a real picture of what your budget is.

CALCULATOR: inside the company´s website you will find a calculator that enables you to check affordability. You only need to choose amount of money you would like to be given, the length of time and then the calculator will give you complete data about the amounts and also repayments. For instance, if you choose R 50 000 and you want to pay it in 36 months, you will end up paying the whole loan in august 2020 and the repayments will be those of R 2500 each month.


-One of the ways you can communicate with the company is by phone that is you dial up 087 287 4000 from home and make sure to have all your information with you so as to give it to the staff.

-You can also send an email to the company, to the following email address: with a copy of the documentation stated above, so as to proceed with the application right away.

-You can send a fax to the company with the copies of your documentation to this number: 086 634 8360.

-You can enter the company´s official website or even send a message through Facebook to the firm so as to get information about loans, insurances and also access to their fan section.

-There are many offices you can go to. In the following chart you have information about another office located in Pretoria


R 99 000

Interest Rate

Fixed by Bayport

Telephone Number



Pretoria, Pretoria Central, Metopolitan Building. 228 Pretorious Street

Working Hours

From 09:00 am to 08:00 pm


Being South African citizen and having all the documentation related to personal and financial data of the customer.

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Questions and Answers

Do I qualify?
Qualifying for a Bayport loan is only a matter of complying with the following requirements. Every client has to be the owner of a SA ID or Smart ID and, present a copy of such document. In addition, they have to be employed permanently and present bank statements for the previous months. In addition, Bayport applicants have to receive payslips for their job and, give a copy of it to Bayport. These requirements put you one step closer to get the loan.
Can i apply for a loan as i m under debt review?
Unfortunately, you must first make sure you have a clear or good credit record and then you can apply for the loan and not waste time. You can check your credit record at your bank.
I would like to burrow 50000 but for 5yrs, how will be my installment each month?
If your credit score helps you get a low rate, 9.25% for example, you will probably have to pay R 1044 per month. But, if you get a higher interest rate, let’s say 23 %, the cost of the loan per month may reach R 1410. These are just examples to estimate on your monthly installments as, you will know how much to pay when you go through the entire loan procedure.
Can I be contacted?
If you enter Bayport web page, you will find the option to ask them to get in touch with you. By providing them with your personal and contact information, they will have one of their agent calling you to discuss over your needs. Of course, there’s always the option to go to their branch to have a conversation in person, if you like to have a face to face interaction.
Can I apply for a loan with my old account?
As long as it’s still active, of course you can. You can log in and, as your information is already uploaded, they only step left to do is to updated for Bayport to have real data about you. Then, you can go on with the steps to get money borrowed. If you find out your account has been closed, don’t worry as you can open a new one and go over the process.
Do I qualify for a personal loan?
In order to know if you qualify, you ought to go over Bayport’s loan application. If you meet the basic requirements mentioned in the article, you’re one step closer. Next, the entity will put your information under some checks to find out if you can afford to pay for the loan. If your credit history is good and you have enough income to settle the instalments, you won’t find any problem to be granted the loan.
I need a personal loan of r50 000. Can I have it?
Sure! Start by calculating the cost of the loan based on the terms you choose. For example, if you want to pay the loan in 18 payments, you would have to pay around 3,900 rands each of them. But, if you want to cancel the credit sooner, let’s say in 12 payments, the cost per month would be 5,400 rands approximately. Once you’re sure about the terms, you can send Bayport your information for them to approve your request.
Hi! I am asking a loan of r10.000, thank you
If you have already decided Bayport has the loan you want, you can get online and apply for a loan with them. To start, you must register to open your Bayport account to manage every detail of your loan. Then, you complete the application with your information and expect an answer from Bayport shortly.
How much should I pay per month if I borrow R 10000 over 24 months?
We can use that information to calculate simply an estimated cost of your loan but, bear in mind, the final offer will be the one Bayport states based on your credit history and other information. A 10 thousands rands loan payable for two years will have monthly instalments of 674.06 rands approximately. From these monthly payments we can calculate the total cost of the loan in around 20,221 rands.
How do I know if I qualify? If I’ve already signed the contract form means I qualify?
It depends what form are you referring to. At the beginning, you find the application form which serves to help Bayport know your information. After Bayport answers that form and you submit the documents, they will inform you if you can apply for the loan. When you sign the contract means you get the loan but, pat attention to what the contract states to be sure.
What are requirements when applying for a loan. I have just started a good job and I don't have yet a pay slip as my salary is being transferred to my bank account and I need a loan. My name is Makhosi 0631911940
Hello Makhosi. Basically, the requirements asked refers to prove the clients is older than 18 years old, is from South Africa and has a stable job. this very las point is really important and, the client needs to be paid for at least the previous 3 months. So, if you just started working, you may have to wait for a few months before applying.
Do I qualify for r30000 loan if I'm earning r3400 per month?
Bayport has one exclusive budget calculator to assist you on this matter. You will have to submit your income but, they also ask you about the expenses you pay every month (cellphone, electricity, credit cards, etcetera). At the end, you will see how much of your salary is left per month to know if you can afford paying for a loan.
If I earn r5900 can I get a loan?
Your minimum earnings requested may vary according to the loan amount you want to ask for. Let’s see an example to clarify this. For a loan quote of R40,000 to pay over 2 years, the approximately monthly payment would be R2,633. So, your income must be high enough to cover that amount plus the regular expenses every citizen must pay every month so as to avoid getting problems repaying the loan.
May I pleased be informed about Bayport loans?
We can certainly do that! This bank has a maximum loan request of 250000 rands and, the whole process is carried out online. If we refer to the requirements, they’re like with any other company: SA Identity Document, proof of address, having a steady job and submitting payslips supporting that information. As with any other bank, your credit record is the piece of information they take to set the loan amount available for you.
How much will I pay monthly if I borrow r20 000 for terms of 36 months?
You can use Bayport online calculator to know the cost of your loan. In this case, you’d have to pay R1,100 per month and, the total cost would be around R39,645. If you can choose to pay the loan in less time, you’ll have the chance to save a lot of money. For example, with 6 months less, that is to say, to cancel it in 30 months, you can save around R3000.
Can I have a consolidation loan?
Yes! You just need to check you meet the characteristics to qualify for a loan and then, start the process to apply. Once you get the money, you use it to cancel all the debts you accumulated and, from that moment on, you’ll have only one installment to cancel per month. By doing this, you’ll see your finance will get much organized.
Can i get R 30.000 loan if my salary is R 8000.00 a month?
You can apply for a loan at Bayport of R 30 000 and repay for it in 4 months by financing monthly installments of R 677
If one`s credit profile is not yet updated at Transunion but obtains the paid up letters, will that hinder an approval somehow?
Yes, in fact, that situation may affect the approval of the loan application because the bank has to make sure the information about you is real and current. Besides, they won’t lend money unless they can verify the client’s payment capability and, as you know, credit profile is of paramount importance to do that. You may have to wait until your credit profile is updated to make sure.
Is the company in Johannesburg?
Yes it is
If want to borrow r30000 to pay for 18 months, how much is gonna be my instalments per month?
If you want to cancel R 30000 in 18 months, you may pay R 2,440 each of the instalments. At the end of the term, you would have paid an approximated total amount of R 43,936. Despite everything, these are just approximated calculations as, your rate will be affected by your particular information. That’s why, this estimated quote can guide you on your loan but, you must apply to know the official cost of the loan you need.
Can I finance a loan with cash?
Yes you can
I want to apply for a loan but I can’t reach the form
You will only be allowed to get and complete the form once you start the application. To start it, please, contact Bayport Financial Services and let them know you’re interested in one of their loan products. You can call them on the phone to find out about your options, you can go to a Bayport branch to ask for the form or, you can go through the process online.
I wish to apply for a loan to consolidate my African Bank loans, can u assist me?
Sure! We can tell you there are few banks prepared to consolidate your debts. One of them, and very popular, is Direct Axis. If you decide to get their product they will be in charged of cancelling your debts, which means, you won’t have to worry about all the hassle that involves. Then, if after paying all your loans, there’s still money from the loan left, they let you spend it on whatever you want. One of the benefit is you’ll receive fixed repayments.
I need a loan of r50000. How can I pay for it?
The repayment term that Bayport Financial Solutions has to offer their clients goes from a minimum of 6 months up to a maximum of 72. You can decide, among those terms, how to repay the loan. For instance, if you choose 24 months, the total cost would be of R71,998 more or less. If you want to pay it earlier, the total cost would be lower.
I want a loan. How much is going to be my monthly instalment?
The payments vary as regards the amount the client needs and, the term to repay. I’ll show you an example with Bayport for you to have in mind. For a loan of 60000 rands to cancel over a year, your installments to pay would be of 6,425.77 rands every month. This means, the total cost of the loan may be around 77,109.26 rands.
I was applying for loan but I don't know what to do next. Can you help me?
Yes! As we don’t know where you get lost we’ll simplify all the steps for you. The first step is to use Bayport calculator to decide on the terms. The second step, is to generate your own Bayport account providing them information about your identity and to contact you. The third step is to complete the loan request from your Bayport account, submit the documents they’ll ask and, wait until you get Bayport’s response. From then on, one of their consultants will guide you until you get the money and pay it back.
How much do I have to pay for the calculator?
That is a free service
How much for a R76.000 loan at Bayport to pay in 30 months?
As a general estimation and taking into account the terms you’ve just said, we can define your monthly payments on R3,783.86. All the same, that cost will be affected by the interest rate Bayport sets for you. That rate is always decided according to the applicant’s risk profile. So, if you have good credit history, you have chances of getting a lower rate.
Can I apply for a Bayport loan?
If you are capable of presenting your SA Identity Document, the last bank statement, and the copy of the last pay slip you received, you can start your loan application to see if your credit history allows you to get the money you need. Keep in mind, all documents must be current and valid in order to serve as proof of your identity and of your salary.
I want a loan for December so that I can meet all my needs
Bayport Financial Services can lend you up to a maximum of 200,000 rands. Their service includes going through all the steps in the simplest online procedure. From getting the quote up to even submitting the documents, you can do it from your house. Feel free to use their calculator first, to manage the terms of your loan that best suits your budget.
How can I apply for a loan online?
You can apply in the simplest way! Begin by creating your account at Bayport. You’ll start this step just with your email address, cell phone and ID number and your name. As simple as that, you have your own account to ask for the loam and, later, to manage it through it.
Can I apply for a loan of r500. If so, how much will I pay?
Not with Bayport, as their minimum amount to borrow is a thousand rands. If you consider to high up your loan up to that minimum, the cost of the loan will depend on the months to pay for it. For instance, if you pay 1000 rands in 6 months, you’d have to return 1,779.79 rand. But, if you extend the repayment over a year, the total cost would be of 2,360.04 rands. That’s why, the less you take to repay it, the less amount you’ll have to return.
Why dont you help people that working for mining
Hi please call me nd let me know if i qualify please my phone number is 0847343362 my name is jacqueline martins thank u
Can i apply for 6month loan at bayport well i have other loan at other place
Can i get a loan of r15000 if my salary r940
Can i apply for a loan of r30 000 and what will be my installment?
Hi i am in need of a loan
Hi. I recently paid up all my debts and i would like a fresh start and get a car for myself. Can bayport help even when my credit score is low
Can i apply for personal loan
I slindile i want to apply for a loan
Can i apply for a second loan with bayport
Can i have a loan please
Hi there i wanna apply for loan,you can call me 0739104357 ,manase bentele
My name is aubrey gaesite permanetly employed and i will like to apply for a personal loan on a long term, will you kindly assist me, my cellphone number is 0721720779 thank you
I'd like to apply for a loan
I'm looking fore a loan if you can help me pleas
I wnt money to buy house r100000
Can i please for a loan as requeste
I took a contract phone with bayport i didn't pay well ended up garnished can i still apply for a loan?

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