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Does Bayport Offer Auto loans? Requirements and Contact Information

    What is an Auto loan? It typically is a loan that enables clients to purchase the car of their dreams by paying different modest rates throughout the whole loan. But, in most cases it allows clients to finance any type of asset they possess, whose value is equal to those of cars.

   For that reason, in the next article I will give you complete information about the three types of loans obtainable in Bayport which function as well as Auto loans. Isn’t it great? Then, I will give you the contact information of this company in South Africa.

Three types of Auto loans just for you:


If you are looking for short periods of time to finance your loan, this one can be just for you since it will adapt to your needs. You can finance any kind of purchase such as buying appliances, objects for parties and also medical and expenses bills. You have from 9 to 42 months to complete the financing of this loan without problem.


If you want longer periods of time to finance your loan, you can have access to this loan so as to finish financing it in about 2 years, but you are also given the option of 1 year so that you can choose.

What kind of use can you give to this Short Term Loan?

-Paying educational fees

-Paying medical bills

-Financing a voyage

-Financing farming products and services

-Improving your business


If you are looking for really long periods of time to finance your loan, take advantage of this one. You have minimal periods of 36 months but also periods of 60. You can buy the car you always desired to possess, a new apartment and also offices for your existing company. What is more, by applying for this loan you get to receive assistance from the members of the company so that you are oriented in the whole procedure.

Now that you know about their three main loans, also used as Auto loans, you must know details regarding their system named MICRO GROUP LENDING, which is composed by 30 people that receive guidance for 6 weeks and then they get the chance of applying without troubles to one of the loans. The greatest advantage is that they can apply for several loans at the same time.

The application for a Bayport Auto Loan

-It can be completed in the company´s website or in one of their offices by talking to their members. You can also ask their members to phone you by filling a form in the website.

-You will only need to destine between 5 to 10 minutes to finish the application

-You receive guidance and also instant responses regarding your future eligibility.

-You will only need to apply once

-You must have documentation in hand so as to avoid delays in the application procedure and obtain your loan immediately


Bank statements, pays lips, all of which should be no older than 3 months, must be submitted to the company once you begin the application. You will also need to show your ID and a proof of residence. Your income and budget will also be crucial so as to determine whether you are eligible or not.

CALCULATOR: This is a great tool you get the chance to use in the company´s webpage so as to see whether you can really afford or not one of their loans. Moreover, you will be given details of the different installments, rates and so on. As an example, you get to choose R 50 000, and you can pay it in about 36 months, you will be made to make installments of R 2500.


-You can phone the company by dialing up the following phone number:  087 287 4000. Please make sure to give the company all the information that they request in you through the documentation required.

-You can try to send an email to the company to this address: If you choose this email, try to send a copy of the documentation they request you, so as to follow the procedure without problems.

-You can even send a fax to the number I will provide now, which will enable you to easily communicate with the company: 086 634 8360.

-You can enter from your computer to the company´s website or even like their page in Facebook so as to receive updates about their services and further offer you can take advantage of during the month.

 -There are several offices you can go to, one of those offices is in Johannesburg, located in the area of City and also Suburban. The exact address is: Marshall Street. Another office in Johannesburg is in this area: MarshallTown. It can be found precisely at 94 Fox Street. You can go to both offices during business hours, so if you are the type of client that really favors personalized attention please try to go in person and obtain there all the data you need about the different loans and also insurances.

 -In the following chart you are given information about another office located in Pretoria:


From R 10 000 to R 99 000

Interest Rate

Fixed by the company, depending on the amount

Telephone Number



Pretoria Central. Inside the Metropolitan Building. On 228 Pretorious Street

Working Hours

From 09:00 am to 09:00 pm


Gather all the documentation and please be patient while the transaction is completed.

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To conclude, as you have seen Auto loans can be found at Bayport and the good thing is that you have three options to choose, all of which will adapt to your personal and financial needs. It is just a matter of finding the one you can afford and you will be able to pay during the whole procedure.

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Can I finance the loan with my card?

Yes you can

Are there discounts?

For paying on time there are small discounts

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In their website

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