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Can I Obtain Investec Loans? Calculator and Contact Information

    Are you looking for affordable and convenient loans that will help your financial problems? Are you aware of one of the most reliable companies in South Africa? I am talking about Investec Bank, one of the preferred banks due to the quality of its services and the effectiveness of its products.

    In the following article, I will give you an explanation with the different kinds of loans that are obtainable at this company, such as Home Loans and Personal Loans. The Personal Loans category is divided into several other loans. Then, I will give you the contact information of this company in South Africa, as there are many ways to contact the bank in your country.


As you can imagine, a home loan will help you buy the house you always wished to possess and at the same time, restore one you already got.

Let me show you its features:

-You can obtain the totality of the property you want to finance, so the 100% of it is obtainable

-There are financing terms that will be adapted to your individual needs

-Interest rates will always be low and quite competitive, when compared to other rates

-Although the bank will charge you initiation costs, they will be paid by you whenever you can, so no need to worry about that

-Your application can be approved in a period of hours, you do not need to wait a lot until being approved

-The company has created a special customer service to orient you and guide you towards the whole procedure. Such service functions 24/7

-There will be a monthly fee you need to pay which will be totally waived from the account you possess with the bank

-You have the possibility of transferring as many funds as you want from the account you have with Investec, which will translate as having complete access to more money online

-You have almost a year to make use of a portion of your facility, which is a lot in fact

-You are allowed to pay for any beneficiaries from the comfort of this home loan


     This type of loan will help you finance the car you always wanted to acquire, further properties and other valuable assets that otherwise it would be impossible to attain without some financial help. You can even use the money to become a better professional at your field and also make your professional portfolio improve.

    So, if you have in mind what type of car or asset will adapt to the life style you are currently wishing to have, let the company help you with a Personal Loan. Any type of assets you want to acquire can be easily obtainable thanks to Investec, including assets for your professional and your personal life.

    Inside Personal Loans we can find Asset Finance, Motor Vehicle Finance, Professional Practice and Equipment Finance and Specialised Finance for Investment Purposes


This loan has to do with the different assets that will improve not only your business life but also your personal area. For such reason, Investec grants business loans whose rates and financing periods are very affordable, which will enable clients to make direct purchases, without complications. For instance, these clients can purchase a new office, equipment for their business, a new place to begin an industry, motor vehicles and other type of assets that will surely improve your lifestyle. There are also loans for assets that are not common or included in Personal Loans. For those loans, you will need to get in touch with the company´s members.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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 Regarding payment options, they are fixed and they will individually adapted to you. Moreover, there exists a surplus which will immediately make the interest rates you pay decrease.


If you have already discovered what kind of car would make you happy, what you need now is the money. With this type of loan you can easily acquire from a luxurious car to a truck. And, those vehicles can be used for business or personal purposes.

This loan comes along with fixed installments and flexible plans which will be defined based on your financial status. Moreover, the bank enables you to withdraw money, make multiple deposits, using online banking and a list of rates which is daily updated.

As an additional fact, the company gives you the benefit of accumulating points called Investec Points, and they can give you more than 200,000 points with the company if you choose McCarthy as your car seller and dealer.


This is a finance through which a business can be created and carefully planned. So, with this money you can start buying a place for your business, necessary equipment or a practice. Moreover, you can even expand the business you already own this this finance.


This is a way through which the company can help you with the investments you make. For instance, the company can help you with the rates corresponding to your investments, or with the increase of the liquidity of them. Moreover, the company will give you tips and advice when it comes to taxes and laws, since it has a specific group of legal counselors  in order to make your investments and your taxation in the most effective way. Funding’s and international savings are also considered in this section.

With this loan you can easily acquire a commercial property, the setting of a private business, any holding your business needs and also aircraft.

Now, even though there is no calculator in the company´s website, I will give you a list with the most important rates, for you to get a general idea of fees:

The Prime Lending Rate tends to be of 10.50% and the Investec Mortgage Rate is the same. However the Investec Jibar Linked Lending Base Rate is of 8.41%.

Contact information about Investec

-You can phone the company on its free phone line:0860 110 161. There is another phone line if you are calling from abroad:27 11 286 9663.

-You can access the company´s official website where you can send emails, ask the company to contac

-You can go to one of its offices in Johannesburg in the area of Sandton, whose exact address is 100 Grayston Dr.

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