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How Can I Decide Between Applying With SA Home Loans vs Banks? Contact Details and Calculators

     If you are thinking about buying your own house, I’m sure you’re trying to find out which is the best way to do it. If you are trying to compare SA Home Loans vs banks to decide which is the best option for your financial situation, this article will be of great help. As you read, you’ll get information about the loan options, terms and benefits you can get with SA Home Loans. Besides, I’ll go over the online calculators they offer and, the contact details you need to apply with them.

SA Home Loans Online Calculators

    I want to explain the online calculators and, how to take the most out of them. These tools are of great to organize your financials before entering the loan contract. You can take advantage and, calculate how much money can you afford on a house, for example.

    The Affordability Calculator helps you stay in your budget when you’re house hunting. With your monthly income information and, the repayment term plus the deposit amount you have in mind, the calculator will give you an approximated house value you should look for. The Repayment Calculator will process the price of the house you have in mind, the deposit and repayment term and, some information about your salary to show you the estimated amount you’d have to pay on the monthly instalments. The Switch Calculator can assist you on calculating how much money would you be able of saving in the case you decide to switch your existing bond from another company to SA Home Loans. And finally, the Refinance Calculator is the one you need if you already have an existing bond with SA Home Loans but, you need to refinance it. By this calculator, you’ll be capable of getting an estimated repayment for your loan.

What are the loans options offered by SA Home Loans?

    If you work with SA Home Loans, you have many services and products to benefit from. I’ll expand on the three main home loans they offer so, you can analyse each of them and, decide which is the best alternative for you. You can choose between these options: a) Variable Home Loan with up to 20 to repay the loan. The rate for this home loan is, of course, variable and it’s set up according to the borrower’s risk profile.

    There’s also the option of an b) Edge Home Loan, which it offers the same repayment period than the previous loan but, clients spend the first 3 years paying the interest and, just if they want, they can add capital payment. After that period, they pay the remaining capital until the loan is cancelled completely.

    Lastly, you can take an c) Affordable Housing Package. In this case, repayment has to be paid over 30 years and, borrowers must be 45 years old or less. As with the first option, the rate is variable and agreed according to the client’s risk profile.

    I’ll add that options a) and b) are available for switching. On the contrary, option c) it is not. So, keep in mind these alternatives with their terms and benefits to decide on your home loan.

SA Home Loans Information


R75000 – R 150000

Interest Rate

Rates are variable, fit to the client’s particular situation

Telephone Number

You can call the number 0860 24 68 10

Address in La Lucia Ridge

2 Milkwood Crescent Milkwood Park.


From 20 to 30 years repayment term.


Copy of ID, proof of income, bank statements

Email Address in George, Western Cape

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In the preceding chart, as you can see, there are some helpful information about SA Hone Loan to have at hand when you apply.

SA Home Loans Branches

Now. I’ll list some branches this entity has in South Africa for you to find one near your house.

            * To begin, the Head Office is located in La Lucia Ridge. In order to find it, you can direct to 2 Milkwood Crescent Milkwood Park. If you don’t want to get out of your house, you can reach them over the phone, (31) 560 53 00 or, the fax number, (31) 562 0362.

            * for those who live in KwaZaulu Natal, you’ll find a SA Home Loan branch in Durban at Units 5 and 7, 6 Abrey Road in Kloof. Of course, you can also call the number (31) 764 9240 or, email them to

            * There’re some branches in Western Cape. One of them is in George and, you can visit them to Beacon House, 123 Meade Street. The telephone number for this branch is (44) 803 8500 and, the email address,

What are the Contact Numbers?

Following, you can find some contact numbers

            - If you need to contact the Client Service Helpdesk, you can dial the number 0861 888 777, use the fax number which is (31) 571 3150 or, the email address,

            - To reach Sales Contact Centre, this is the information. Phone number: 0860 24 68 10. Fax number: (31) 56 5863. Email Address:  

            - Besides, there’s a section called Home Owner’s Cover Claims. To get in touch with them, there’s this 24 hours hotline, 0861 103 740 and, this email,

SA Home Loans requirements to apply

If you are an employed, pay attention to these points as, you must:

1) Submit a copy of your Identity Document and, proof of income.

2) Provide the company with your bank statements.

3) For switching, you need to submit the preceding three bond statements along with, Utilities, Levy statements and rates statements.

4) In the case you’re self-employed; you’ll be asked your business account statements, Annual Financial statements for the previous 2 years and, bank statements for the preceding six months.

I’m sure with all this information you can compare and decide whether is better to work with SA Home Loans or a common bank. Get all the details you need and, go after your own house.

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Questions and answers

Do they offer personal loans?

Yes, you can take up to R100000.

How can I make the transfer of the property into my name less stressful?

You can contact the Transfer Assist team calling the number 0861 000 376.

Does the online calculator show the official cost?

No, it’s just an estimated. Rates and fees are stated based on detailed information about the client.

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