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Is it Possible to Get a RCS Personal Loan? Features and Contact Information

    A personal loan is one of those loans whose aim is to make sure the client can meet every type of need they can encounter in life. So, if you are looking for amounts of money that will cover those needs, let me tell you that is possible thanks to the support of RCS. RCS, which is one of the most outstanding banks in South Africa, has developed a Personal Loan in order to give clients the financial steadiness they aim to reach.

   In the article you are about to read, I will give you all the information you need regarding RCS Personal Loan, and that includes its requirements and features. Then, I will provide you with some additional data about these types of loans so you have no doubts about this service. Finally, I will give you the contact information of RCS in order for you to start operating with this bank.

RCS Personal Loan

    As stated above, a Personal Loan is designed by the bank to guarantee that your daily needs are well taken care of. So, if for example you wish to finance the education of your family, your house and even the means of transport you use on a daily basis to get to work and school, you can trust on a Personal Loan.

In order to be eligible for a Personal Loan, the bank will let you know some of its requirements:

-You need to be 18 years old, which is the majority of age requested by every company

-You must submit your identity card to prove you are from South Africa

-You need to create a checking account so as to make transactions

-You need to have a job in which you earn a minimum R 2000

-You need to give RCS all your bank information

Now take a look at the features of this loan:

-The client can begin the application from home without going to a branch

-The client can have access to up to R 215 000

-The client can get the funds in 24 hours or less than that

-The client will pay interest rates that are lower than the ones for other loans

-The client can solicit a prequalification stage

-The client can apply either by phone, email or at a physical office

-The client has freedom to complete the financing in up to 60 months

Moreover, the bank will give clients the chance of obtaining insurance to take care of their finances. And, an important point to bear in mind is that the client is not required to put forward collateral for the loan, as the NCA is enough.

Additional data you might be interested in

     Once the bank approves the amount of money you asked for, you can have access to the money in no more than two days, but sometimes the process can take more time due to all the paper work. Moreover, the interest rates always tend to stick to a maximum. This means the interest change is willing to change but up to a certain amount.

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Now, you should also know that it is extremely important that you make every payment as agreed with the bank, because if you do not comply with a payment, the following month the bank can charge you additional fees.

Finally, the bank is allowed to make you pay extra fees for its service whenever you bank account is active and functioning at present. But do not worry because the bank will notify you when these changes are made, so there will not be any surprises at the time of financing the loan.

Contacting RCS is quite simple and easy since there are many ways through which you can get in touch with this company:

-In person

This option is just perfect for those citizens that believe in face to face contact so as to get many details in person.

   One office of RCS is situated at one of the most well know building, known as Liberty Grande Building, which is found in Cape Town. The exact address of this office is the following: Voortrekker Road and Jakes Gerwel Dr.  You can even phone the company instead of making a visit to the office. So, please dial up this number: 27 21 597 4000 and get all the details you need about a Personal Loan.

     RCS´s head office is also available for clients and non-clients. It is found in the Raapenberg Road, at Golf Park 6. This office is located at Mowbray.

Those two branches are not open during weekends, so if you wish to contact the bank on a Saturday or Sunday, you can always make use of the other means of communication explained below:

By phone

    There is a specific phone number the bank has created for inquiries and doubts that the citizens of South Africa might have: 0861-729727. That is a free number and sometimes, when the lines collapse, your call can be answered by an automatic machine in order to orient you towards the area you wish to speak.

    You also have the possibility of sending a fax directly to the bank, so as to begin the application as soon as possible. The fax phone number is 021-597-4727.


     This bank, as it happens with every banking company, has its own website. There, you can get details about insurances, other type of lending programs, and the bank´s cards. You can even send a message from the webpage and begin the application procedure either for a loan or insurance. Such webpage is quite complete.

     To conclude, if you were looking to meet your personal needs with a bank you could rely on, RCS can be just what you were looking for. This bank, with its affordable rates and fees can be the solution to your financial troubles. Get in touch with the bank´s professionals and see how your life and the lives of your beloved ones can change forever!!!

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Questions and answers

What is the lowest interest available?

It will depend on the amount of money you request. It cannot be more than 28% of the total value of the loan

Can I send an email to the bank?

Yes, that option is available in the bank´s website

Are agents resourceful?

Yes, they are willing to answer all your questions

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