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Can I Apply for an Unsecured Loan With Wonga? Reviews, Quotes and Requirements.

     Have you got an unplanned expense? Are you trying to pay it but you can’t afford it? What you need is to apply for an Unsecured Loan. In this article you will know about Wonga Loans, I will present you its quotes, requirements and some reviews from their clients. It will be really helpful for you to understand how it works and how can you apply for it.

What is an unsecured loan?

    I should start by explaining what an unsecured loan is. This type of loan is commonly used when the amount of money you need is not much, for example, up to R 5,000. As it is a small sum of money the repayment term is also short and you are not required any assets as a collateral. However, keep in mind that failure to repay the loan would lead to consequences, as is still a contract you need to comply with. You should have this tip in mind to make sure you can cancel the loan in due time before applying for it.

    In the case of Wonga Loans, as they are for small quantities and for shorter periods of time they are unsecured loans. This means that you don’t have to tie any asset to the loan, so you don’t have to worry about your previous properties. 

What are the requirements?

    If you want to apply for an Unsecured Wonga Loan you should make sure you fulfil the next requirements. To start with, you are required to own a South African I.D. Second Wonga asks their clients to own a cellphone number as they work through this gadget. Third, they request client’s bank account details. And finally, they need a proof of your income for the past three months to verify you enjoy work stability and that you can afford to pay the loan. As you can see the requirements are not many, and they don’t represent a big obstacle.   

How to apply for an Unsecured Loan?

    Applying for a Wonga Loan is fast and easy. As the whole procedure is online, you can avoid doing errands around the city or queuing for hours. The entire process would take only 5 steps that I will explain to you one by one:

    1. Go to Wonga website and use the quick online calculator in order to decide how much money you want to ask for. How does it work? You enter the amount of money and in how much time you would like to repay it, and the calculator will compute the complete cost of the loan. You can try as many times as you need to feel confident with the loan. Once you are assured of the loan amount and repayment term you click “Apply Now” and you start the application process. This first step is really important for you to feel confident of sustaining the loan when the time arrives.

    2. You will be led to a secure online application form you need to go through. You need to complete this form with the information I listed in the requirements.  They would be your employments details - like your monthly income, for example- together with your monthly expenses, your I.D. number and also information about your bank account. Wonga gathers this personal information to know if you are applicable for the loan you requested. The outcome will be communicated to you briefly, so you will know right away if you can count with the money.

    3. If you are approved for the loan, Wonga will confirm the information you submitted. The most important is your income, so you will be required to present some documents to back up what you claimed in the application. For example, your bank statements or recent pays lips would serve to check clearly your income for the past three months along with your personal details.

    4. Once they have checked everything is in order, they can complete the transaction and send the cash to your account for you to use it as you need to, letting only one step missing to finish with the process.

    5. This step would be when Wonga collects the installment from your bank account. Your obligation in this part of the process is to make sure the money is available on the date you agreed in the contract in order to avoid negative consequences.

Wonga Contact Details and Important Information

Next, you'll find key information about Wonga Loans


From R 500 up to R 4000.

Interest Rate

0.1% per day.

Telephone Number

0861 966 421


33 Bree ST, Cape Town City Centre.

Working Hours

Weekdays-7:00/19:00- Saturdays: 8:00/13:00


SA I.D., cell phone number and work stability.


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Keep in mind they have two email addresses for you:  in the case of having queries about the application you can write an email to But, if you have specific doubts about repayments terms and instalment you can write to

Wonga Clients Reviews

    If we pay attention to their clients, we can have a real idea of how the service Wonga offers is, so let’s take a look at some reviews from them.

    The first benefit they mention is, of course, the facility and speed of the loan. Some of them even assure they were in possession of the cash loan within an hour from the beginning of the entire procedure. Of course, if you have already worked with them it would take a shorter time as you already know how to apply and what you need.

    On the other hand, you should bear in mind that some clients state that repayment gets really expensive in the long term, so they advise you to do your best to repay it as fast as possible.

I’m sure that now that you have read this article you are in a good position to make a smart decision with your money.

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I got a job 3 months ago, can I apply?

Can my 16 years old brother apply?

Not yet. He must be at least 18.

Will I find extra charges?

No, as long as you pay the loan on time

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