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Business Loan vs Personal Loan, Which One to Choose?

    As you probably know these are two different kind of loans that can help you with your financial needs a lot. The first one, a business loan, is focused on making sure all of your needs regarding your enterprise are totally satisfied while the second one, a personal loan, aims at covering your personal needs at home and in your daily life.

    In this opportunity, I would like to make reference to Standard Bank loans, which in that category have included their Business and Personal Loans. For that purpose, this article has to do with the three different loans obtainable at Standard Bank.

What can I get from a Business Loan?

    The main benefit of this sort of loan is that you have total control of your loan from home. Moreover, you can use as much as 80% of the totality of your property. And, you have freedom of up to 20 years to complete the financing of the loan you are given. It is also worthy to mention that the interest rates set by the company will not be changed during the course of the loan.

What are Home Loans made of?

-You can obtain a loan to improve your home or get a new one

-You can be given amounts of up to R 100 000 which can be paid in comfortable ways

-Interest rates set by the company are totally fixed and unchangeable

-You have up to 10 years to complete the financing of the loan but the company can also offer you 20 years financing periods

-You can choose to apply for a loan on your own, that is to say you can be a personal customer and still get access to Standard Bank´s loans

Pay attention to the requirements for this loan:

In the first place, the bank will ask you to pay for an additional insurance so as to make sure you and your finances are protected and will not suffer damages or changes that can affect the loan.

In the second place, you must be around 18 years old or more and you know why? Simply because the company requests clients to be the majority of age so as to be eligible and responsible for the loan they grant customers. What is more, the company also wants you to have a decent income, so that your salary must be of up to R 3500.

Lastly, the company will ask you to apply for a second insurance so as to protect your household and make sure it does not suffer any modification or changes

     Pay attention to this detail: the bank can demand you for other sort of guarantee that has to do with your personal statistics and your financial situation.

You can find this loan in three dissimilar ways:

-In person: you must bargain the adjacent office to your household and then once you recognize its initial times you can go in person and dialogue to a representative close by.

-Online: you can just enter from your processer to Standard Bank´s webpage and in the piece named “Apply now” you can inaugurate your application.

-By phone: you can chat on the phone to the bank´s managers so as to start the submission for the Home Loan. They will help you with the application development.

Now, the Personal Loan, one of the most requested one:

    You can acquire a Personal Loan with Standard Bank, which can aid for abundant purposes, such as gaining a new household, disbursing your school´s training, your outings and also your amount overdue. Numerous clients also make use of this advance to buy a new carriage or even to bargain a summer household so that they can go with their relatives to a house far away from their backgrounds and ease and enjoy their personal days as they are thought to.

If you are worried about the financing rapports of a loan like this, you should to know that the period of time will be conversed with Standard Bank. In addition, the interest rates are always inferior to the rates of other advances.


You can get in touch with the bank´s mediators in their workplaces:

   One of them is situated in Carlton Centre Mall, 150 Commissioner Street, whose telephone digit is this one: 27 11 354 9300. This agency now opens from Mondays to Fridays in the course of business times.

   One of their subdivisions is located at this address:  78 Fox Street. Its telephone is: 27 860 101 341. This branch is accessible during days of the week from this agenda: 09:00 am to 04:00 pm.


Maximums of up to R 90 000

Interest Rate

Fixed and unchangeable

Telephone Number

271135 6128


Heerengracht Street. Area of Foreshore. In Cape Town

Working Hours

From 9:00 a m to 5:00 p.m


Financial and personal documentation. Majority of age also

Email Address

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-You can also get in touch with Standard Bank by telephoning the succeeding number: 0860 123 000.  This number is unrestricted and your call will be retorted directly.

-You can contact the bank by means of its official web page. It is disjointed into many sections. One of the sections is committed to their loans. Moreover, you will have sections for applying online and items for sending online letters to the bank´s mediators so as to obtain express replies from them.

   To conclude, it can be said that a Personal Loan and a Business Loan can turn out to be quite useful for clients that are trying to make ends meet and have some issues with trying to have total control over their finances. Standard Bank happens to be a great option to bear in mind if what you are looking for is to get a loan that will change your life and the lives of your family. I can assure you that this company will make a significant change in your life for the better. How about contacting them? Try it now!!

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Will I have to pay for the insurance?

It is given by the bank

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Yes, installments are monthly

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Yes it is

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