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Does Standard Bank Offer Convenient Loans? Rates and Phone Numbers

How to make the right decision when there are so many options at hand? This is what happens whenever we have too many possibilities around us. So many companies are offering their loan services and users simply do not know what to choose because they do not know what is best for them. If you are reading this article, it is very probable that you are in search of loans in South Africa. A very well known company there is Standard Bank. Learn about the company, what it offers and the benefits you would access if you worked with them.

What options does Standard Bank offer?

Standard Bank is so diverse that it has multiple options to bring forward. It displays:

  • Home services

  • Credit cards

  • Car financing

  • Personal loans

  • Student loans

Through home services, you can enforce the following actions:

  • You can buy a house or build one

  • You can check the property guides

  • You can extend the homeloan that you have

  • You can make use of calculators

  • You can set up and access bond or manage your bond

Through personal loans, you can:

  • Compare the different personal loans at Standard Bank

  • Make use of a personal loan calculator

Through credit cards, you can:

  • Get to see all the different cards and compare them

  • Manage your credit card

Through car financing, you will be able to check different solutions and explore car finance calculators.

How does the loan calculator work at Standard Bank?

                If you are looking forward to calculating a monthly repayment, loan calculators can help you at Standard Bank. To find out the amount you would be paying per month, simply enter the amount of the loan. Then, select the number of months for your term. Then, choose the rate of preference. Let us observe some instances of calculators at Standard Bank.

  • If we had a loan amount of R786, the term in months is 18 and the variable interest rate is of 19,5%, then your monthly repayment would be of R130. As from the first of November, the interest together with the fees would be of R87.

  • If we are talking about a loan amount of R925 with a loan term of 54 months and a rate set at 14%, then your monthly repayment would be of R97. As from November the first, the fees with the interest would total up to R 80.

You should always remember than these calculators are a way of showing you, as an illustration, of what a future repayment looks like. This does not mean that the loan repayment of the loan you get to choose will be exactly like that.

Find the best loan of South Africa

What are the different types of loans available at Standard Bank?

                Standard Bank offers:

  • Revolving loans

  • Overdraft

  • Term loans

Each of these loans has its set of benefits and conditions set by Standard Bank. Standard Bank also enables you to compare the different loans. A revolving loan enables you to accesses your funds by the moment you have repaid 15% of the loan you have. You can even increase the original established amount as time goes by. You can apply for a loan with a monthly income of R8000, a loan limit of R300 000, with 60 months to repay, and with an interest rate that is personalized. On the contrary, a term loan enables clients to get a monthly repayment that remains fixed and allows you the freedom to choose the term of preference. You can apply for a term loan with a monthly income of R3000. You would have 72 months of flexibility to repay the loan. The loan limit in this case is of R 150 000. The interest rate would be as well personalized. Now, if you were to prefer an Overdraft, in that case your loan limit would be of R200 000. The months to repay the loan would be recurring and the rate would be personalized as well. You could do this with a monthly income that starts at R 8000.

What’s Standard Bank’s email address?

                Although there are no email addresses available or at your disposition at Standard Bank, you can send an email through their website. Simply go to the “contact us” section and hit the “email us” button. This way, they enable you to send an email directly from their webpage.

Which number should I contact?

                There are different telephone lines available to you in order to contact the company at any moment. If your aim is to report a stolen card, then you should call at 0860 109 075. Otherwise, if you simply want to get in touch with Standard Bank, call at the number included in the table:


Standard Bank will evaluate your application. You might be asked some bits of personal information and you may have to forward some documents in order to apply.


0860 123 000



How does the loan approval work?

                In general, this is not a difficult part of the process. Once you have forwarded all your documents and handed in your personal data, Standard Bank will proceed to evaluate your online application. If everything is in order, then the bank will contact you by email, phone or the communication form that you stated in your application. If you receive the email or phone call, then the bank will try to designate a day for an appointment so that you can sign the conditions of the contract. Once this phase has been completed, you will receive the money amount that you asked for in your bank account.

                In conclusion, Standard Bank has options for students, for regular clients, for home owners and business people who are looking forward to expand their companies or personal projects. Whether you need a loan to cover the expenses of your daughter’s education or you need to build a new home, Standard Bank can help you get there in no time.

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