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Are There Any Loan Calculators to Use at Land Bank? Explore The Possibilities Today

            If you are looking for loan calculators, there are plenty of financial companies that will provide you with this amazing tool. If you were hoping to find these calculators at Land Bank, I’m afraid I’ve got bad news: there are no loan calculators offered at this company. However, it does offer a lot of benefits, loans and financial deals than can’t be found in other companies. In this article, I will give you a detailed description of the possibilities you can come across at Land Bank and the calculators you can find at other institutions.

Who is Land Bank and what is it story?

            Land Bank is well known for being a leader in financing agricultural matters in South Africa. It started to grow in 1912. Land Bank is interested in providing clients with personalized financial services for regular customers and farmers. The aim of this bank is to be a highly recognized agricultural bank.  Their main mission is to create a competitive and an adaptive agricultural area in order to work with stakeholders.

What are the values at Land Bank?

            Land Bank is interested in enforcing a series of values for their company. They are five:

1. to empower

2. to be proactive

3. to contribute to society in a meaningful way

4. to remain accountable

5. to create and organizational synergy

Which products and services do they offer?

            Land Bank offers a series of services and financial products that are meant to help you with your farm, your agricultural business or personal project. Their products and services are divided into three main categories:

  • banking for commercial development

  • corporate banking

  • LBIC

What does banking for commercial development include?

            It includes an array of services:

  • Loans in short term

  • Loans in long term

  • Deposits

  • Establishment loans

  • Direct lending

  • Installment finance

  • Term loans that are medium

  • Guarantees

  • Special mortgage loans

  • Large live stock

  • Facility for wholesale finance

What does corporate banking include?

            In includes two main options: loan facilities that are revolving and loan facilities that are long in term.

Finally, what does LBIC offer?

            It offers two main possibilities: products and boards.

Exploring long term loans: How are they?

            These types of loans are generally used for agricultural expenditure, working capital. It allows you to take care of these matters:

  • Improving, constructing or purchasing buildings

  • Purchasing of land

  • Asset improvements that are fixed, such as irrigation or even water storage to be used by water user associations or manufacturers of different sort.

  • Capital expenditure related to computer software and equipment, vehicles, equipment for telemetry, wine tanks, forklifts, silo infrastructure and facilities for storage.

  • The term for these loans can be negotiated. They can be of three and twenty five years. Requirements will be taken into consideration.

Find the best loan of South Africa

How can I contact Land Bank?

            You can contact this bank by email, phone or social media.

-You can call at this number: 0800 00 52 59. It is free of toll.

Where is it located?

            Its main office is located in Eco Glades 2. The block is located in letter D, and its specific address is 420 Witch Hazel, which is an Avenue.

            Although this company does not offer a branch locator program, it does offer in a description at their website all the different addresses of the different branches.

Loan calculators at other companies: how do they work?

            As it was mentioned before, you will read about a company in South Africa that offers its clients the possibility to use a loan calculator. These facilities enable clients to calculate or determine certain values of importance. Standard Bank is one of the financial institutions that provide other clients with calculators so that they can access an estimate of their monthly repayment. You can always reset the inputs in order to change the values. Let us evaluate the calculator for assessing these values:

  • Imagine that your loan amount consists in R 200. Your interest rate is variable, and it is set at 10,25%. The term in months is 12. If these are the values, then your approximate monthly repayment would consist in R 75, for a period over 12 months.

  • If your loan amount consists in R 500 and your rate is set at 9%, while your term is of 18 months, then your repayment per month would be of R 87, over a period of 18 months.

  • Imagine now that the loan amount you are interested in is of R 1000. Your interest rate is set at 5% while the term in months is of 24. Therefore, your monthly repayment would be of R 101.

As you can see, this is the way in which loan calculators work. They provide you with whatever values you may need. It is important, though, to bear in mind that these values are just approximates, they are estimated values. They are not totally accurate.

How can you contact Standard Bank?

-the number you can call is 0860123000.

-the email address you can turn to is the following:

-It is available from Monday through Fridays, from 8am to 9pm. It also remains opened during the weekends, in the morning as well as in the afternoon.

-If you need to report a fraud, do not hesitate to call at this number: 0800020600.

Both companies offer different features. Standard Bank in South Africa is one of the many companies that offer loan calculators. On the other hand, Land Bank might not offer calculators but it does provide clients with agricultural loans, benefits and equipment that come in handy when you are setting up your own business. You can always get in contact with the agents at any of these companies to inquire more about the loans, products, and even accounts that might benefit you. Evaluate the available options and choose the company you believe will benefit you the most. Land Bank always has its gate open for clients like you.

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Does Land Bank provide agricultural loans?

Yes, it does

Are there loans in long term?

Yes, there are different options.

Can I get a short term loan at Land Bank?

Yes, you definetely can.

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