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Can I Obtain Mercantile Bank Loans? Calculator and Contact Details

If you are searching for the ideal loan to satisfy your financial needs, let me tell you I have what you need at this precise moment, the loans granted by Mercantile Bank. That is right, this bank, which has lots of prestige in the lending field, has designed several loans for the citizens of South Africa. Among those loans, we can find Commercial, Asset, Installment, Rental, Property loans and so on.

    In the next article, I will give you information related to each of the loan and then, the appropriate contact information of this bank in the country, including phone numbers, physical addresses and email addresses as well.

Before starting with the article let me tell you this company does not offer a calculator in its webpage, as it is the case with other companies. However, their members are willing to check your affordability in just some minutes.

What type of loans can I find at Mercantile Bank?


        This type of loan has been designed to satisfy any kind of commercial need you have at the moment. You can easily get access to facilities of your interest and then make different purchases for your business.

Let me show you its features:

-Flexible financing periods, as you can borrow money from the bank and pay whenever you can

-Interest rates that are really competitive

-Being able to handle your income as you want as you have in mind which is the interest rate to be paid and the financing periods available

-Finding a solution just for your needs, as the company will carefully evaluate several options before offering you them


       This sort of loan lets you purchase any type of asset that will make your company expand and get bigger, and those assets can be motor vehicles and also fleets. They can be obtainable through flexible interest rates and financing periods adapted to your personal needs. You will have direct access to several asset facilities and that of course can include lease, installment finance and more.

 What type of leasing can I obtain?

With Mercantile Bank you can easily access to leasing which will translate as saving money and not having to face depreciation of your assets. How does this work? Well, you will make use of a facility which enables you to lease several goods. You can choose which assets will be profitable to your business and then they will be purchased by the bank and can be used by you for a certain period of time. You will only need to pay for costs related to the rental of goods, and the bank will be the owner of those goods for the duration of the whole procedure.

You have many options in terms of leasing, such as purchasing the asset from the bank, selling or trading such asset by resorting to the bank, expanding the period of time of the lease you acquire for the asset and so on.

 What are its main features?

-Flexible financing terms, as you will choose repayment periods according to your budget

-Flexible interest rates that will not surpass those of other banks present in the market

Find the best loan of South Africa

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-Receiving an insurance for all the goods you have acquired and making use of the great benefit of competitive rates


   This loan has been designed to make you pay different monthly installments which are really affordable for durable and also moveable goods that your company needs at the moment of beginning the application. Then, the bank will buy those goods and sell them directly to you at a good price.

The features that comprise this loan are the same as the one mentioned above, but with the difference that after the last installment has been paid, you have access to the ownership of the goods.


     Through this loan, clients can easily have access to really attractive rental products in the market with the intermediation of a subsidiary company. Regarding those companies, the bank has provided a list of the products, as there are many: it can be an office automation, products related to telecommunication, products belonging to the surveillance field, medical equipment and machinery and also construction and computer equipment, all of which are really helpful for workmen.

What are its features?

-You will saving working capital as you won’t need to possess huge amounts of money

-You will be in charge of returning on net assets, which translate as improving your balance sheet and your income, and thus a better return on the different net assets

-You will be able to handle the life cycle of the assets you have acquired for your business, in terms of its length

-You will be able to choose from flexible financing periods and affordable installments that need to be paid each month

-You will incredibly reduce your debts and you will observe how you pay less taxes through the use of a balance sheet


   This type of loan serves you to enhance your business and expand it in the market through the money the bank gives you so as to finance properties. The bank is willing to find suitable properties for your business.

The main features of a Commercial Property Finance are these ones:

-You will enjoy flexible financing terms and different repayments that are adjusted to your budget

-You will be able to insure the different goods your company has acquired and you will have direct access to goods that are at a really good price

-You will pay interest rates that are fixed and adjusted according to the Prime Lending Rate



You can go in person to one of the offices of Mercantile Bank in Johannesburg, located specifically at 142 West Street. It is on the ground floor of the building. Its phone is 27 11 302 0300.


If you enter to the company´s official website you get the chance to fill in a form with your data

You can also send an email to this email address:


There is a special phone designed for customer service: 27 86 030 9250

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