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Find the best loan of South Africa

Are Personal Cash Loans Obtainable at EC Finance? Calculator and Contact Information

   Are you searching for reliable options when it comes to financing your assets? Did you know you have a wonderful company at your service? That is right, I am talking about Ec Finance, which has designed many loans to satisfy your needs in a quick and easy way, guaranteeing that you will be able to get the money the same day in which you apply for the loan you choose.

   For such motive, in the next article I will give you all the information you require about this company´s loans and also information about how to contact Ec Finance in South Africa. Moreover, I will show you that this company has a calculator available to client so that they can check their affordability before applying for any loan.

    Ec Finance has designed flexible repayment options in order for their customers to be able to meet their needs and also in a simple way apply for a loan, without complications. In fact, the company is willing to tell their clients whether they are found eligible or not in no more than 6 hours, not so much uh? Now, depending on your credit score, you will be able to receive the money the same day you apply for the loan or not.

    Before getting deep into each of the loans, how does that fast application work?

Well, you can receive as said before, the money within hours in your bank account. If, for instance, you decide to apply for any of their loan on any weekday, you will receive the money requested in just some hours, as long as you have applied before 03:00 pm. If you apply after that time, you will have the money for the other day. The same applies if you decide to apply on a public holiday, you might need to wait until the other day.


   The company offers loans whose amounts range to a maximum of R 120 000 and you can receive approval within the same day. Now, the loan will always depend on your credit record and the company will offer you one month financing periods for this loan, but you can also ask for periods of 60 months, a lot.

   In most cases, these loans get to be paid on the same day you apply for them and you always have the possibility of asking for a loan from home that is beginning an online application without having to move from your house.

    Now, for these loans the company will not ask you for guarantees since all their loans are really secured, which means you do not need to choose your house or your car so as to apply for this loan. And, the company decides on the amount on the loan based on your current financial situation and your income, those are crucial facts that determined whether you are eligible and how much money you have access to.

     Another important fact, worth mentioning of course, is that you do not need to go under the experience of a credit assessment, as it is the case with most banks or financial companies. Only earnings are the basis of loans, so you will need to show the company you are currently working when applying for the loan.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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What are the requirements for this Personal Loan?

-Being a South African citizen or resident

-Being 18 years old or more

-Being currently employed when starting the application

-Raising at least R 2000 each month at your current workplace

-Having a bank account in order for the company to debit the money from

-Submitting your ID to prove you are from this country

               Let’s go to the most interesting part of these loans, the fees.

     You need to know that the fees as well as the interest rates applicable to this loan will always be dependent upon the company and your financial situation. It usually happens that high interest rates are applied to loans that consist of a lot of money, so many risks are taken by the company. But, if you happen to possess a perfect credit score, that is you have a perfect experience with another lending provider, you can have access to lower interest rates, since you are taken to be a responsible client. So, the company stresses the importance of being responsible and reliable when applying to one of their loans. You need to show you are capable of repaying for the loan on time.




   Let me show you how the calculator at this company works if you are interested in obtaining a Personal Loan. This calculator enables you to determine how many payments you will make so as to complete the financing of the loan you have chosen. Of course, the rates will depend on the amount requested by you and your credit references. If you tend to appear in the black list, that is, you have a bad reputation in terms of previous credits granted, the interest rates will increase a bit since the company is taking enormous risks by giving you the credit.

   In this calculator, you will need to choose the amount you want, and then you will observe the duration of the loan in months as well as the ARP, that happens to indicate your interest rate.


    One of the ways you can contact this company in South Africa is by entering its website, where you get to obtain information regarding these loans, applying for a loan without help from their staff, sending a message in their contact section and also making use of the company´s calculator. What is more, you can start reading the company´s blog, in which there are lots of comments and information about financial services and products.

    You can also contact the company in person that is by going to their office in Cape Town, located at 11 Long Street, just in the center of the city. And, there is another branch in Johannesburg, at the Coronel Hoek and Plain Street.

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Find the best loan of South Africa

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