Getting EC Loans in South Africa | Calculate and Apply

Getting EC Loans in South Africa | Calculate and Apply

Looking for loans is not that easy as it may sound. There are so many options out there that you might feel at a loss as to how to decide which one is more convenient. That’s where we step up and help you out by giving you objective information about the credit companies that are trustful and reliable. In this opportunity, we will talk about EC Loans. When you finish this article, you will have all the data to ask for a loan at Easy Cash Loans in South Africa.

2 Things you should Have in Hand to Fill in EC Loans Online Application

Easy Cash Loans aims at providing all South African with the opportunity of accessing finance. Their belief is that everybody should have the possibility of being able to afford the things they need or want. For this reason, EC Loans has created a completely straightforward on line application where you will be required to provide your personal and financial information.

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Not all credit companies allow clients to apply online. By designing this online application, EC Loans reaches out to greater number of South Africans that might need to access loans. With this method of applying, it does not matter where you live, as long as you are a resident of South Africa, you will be able to request an EC Loan.

There are two main things that you will be asked to provide information about when filling out the application for a loan with EC.

  1. You will have to state the name of the company where you work.
  2. You will be requested to enter your bank account information.

 How to Use EC Loans Calculator?

Before talking about how to use EC Loans Calculator and why it is so useful, we should make some points clear. We want to make sure you understand that there are certain qualifying criteria you should meet to be granted with a loan at EC Loans. This company only provides loans  to South Africans who are over the age of 18 and that are fully employed with a salary above R2 000. Also, those who want to apply for EC Loans will have to provide ID, proof of residence and bank account details where their salary is deposited.

Now that you know if you meet the requirements, you are ready to start considering taking out a loan with EC Loans. Before you rush and set out to fill out the application form, you should take advantage of EC Loan Calculator. It is very easy to use since all you need to do is enter the amount you need to borrow, the interest rate and the number of months in which you would repay the loan.

The calculator will show you the approximate amount of money you would have to pay each month to pay off the loan. This is very useful because it will help you plan in advance and avoid ugly surprises.  

What Kind of Reviews are there about EC Loans?

When we are unsure about a product or a company, we can turn to reviews published online to see what people have to say about them. There are very positive comments about EC Loans. The fact that they process loan applications quickly is really appreciated by customers. Also, many people thank EC Loans for providing them the opportunity of getting a loan since they had been turned down by many other credit companies.  

You could also ask around to the people you actually know. Maybe you have a relative or a friend who had already requested a loan at EC Loans and has a lot to tell you. You might feel more confident if you find positive comments from people you know well and trust.  

If you know this company or you have already asked for a loan to EC Loans, we urge you to use our comment section to tell us all about it. There are many readers who will absolutely benefit from your input.

Is EC Loans Legit?

What makes a credit lending company legit? In South Africa, the credit market is regulated on the terms of the National Credit Act. This law provided the foundation for the creation of the National Credit Regulator. This governmental institution is the authority that makes sure that companies abide by the rules established by the NCA. Easy Cash Loans is duly registered with the NCR, so you can enjoy the peace of mind of asking for a loan to a trustworthy company.

To be registered with this agency means that credit companies must abide by its rules and regulation. For example, the NCR imposes limits on the percentage credit companies can set on interest rates. Also, the NCR publishes all the information regarding the credit companies allowed to provide financial services in the country.

3 Characteristics of EC Personal Loans

Ok, we’ve got to the point in which you know how to apply for a loan at EC Loans, if you can rely on this company, and how to use their online loan calculator. It’s time to start talking about the credit facilities that EC Loans has to offer you.

One of the financial tools that you can find at this company is personal loans. This type of loans is meant for individuals to use as they see fit. You can use it to buy something you need, to take a vacation with your family, to pay for your child’s school. Personal loans are versatile and so how to use the money you borrow is completely up to you.

Now, let’s see 3 characteristics of the personal loans offered by EC Loans:

  1. Personal loans at EC Loans are unsecured in nature. This means that you don’t have to give the company any kind of security to back up your loan.
  2. You will be able to borrow a maximum amount of R120 000 and the minimum term of repayment is one month and the maximum is 84 months.
  3. You will not be requested to provide the original documents to start your loan application.

Does EC Loans Offer Payday Loans?

The end of the month can be a hard time for many families. Your salary has a limit and sometimes that limit is not enough; specially, when unexpected events take place, such as needing money to buy medicine or to fix a flat tyre. These are situations that require immediate solutions and you just cannot wait till your salary is deposited into your bank account.

You do not need to stress out, though; there are always solutions to our problems. One way to solve this problem is a payday loan. This financial instrument allows you to ask for a short term loan that you will have to pay back when you receive your pay check.   

Easy Cash Loans does offer this credit facility. However, unlike their personal loans, you cannot request it online. You will need to contact the EC Loans to start your application. At the end of this article you will find all contact details to reach out EC Loans.    

Can you Request a loan at EC Loans Online in Roodepoort?

Easy Cash Loans works hard to maintain an updated system that allows South Africans to request loans online. For this reason, you will be able to request a loan with EC Loans from any place within South Africa, including Roodepoort, Johannesburg, or East London, for example.  

What is EC Loans Contact Number?    

There are many things you can do online with EC Loans. However, if you prefer to talk to a staff member of EC Loans to clear some doubt or to inquire about their payday loans, you can absolutely do so on 087 236 6461.    

What are Easy Cash Loans Contact Details?

In this article, we have tried to fill you in with all the information you need to know to ask online for a loan at Easy Cash Loans. We hope we were able to cover all your doubts; but we know that other questions might come up. You are absolutely invited to leave your questions at the end of this text. However, if you would prefer to talk to Easy Cash Loans directly we will provide you the contact details for you to reach them.

  • E-mail:
  • Address: 14 Bloem Street, Kraaifontein, Cape Town

Finding a credit company to ask for a loan can be difficult for some people in South Africa. There are some credit institutions that ask for requirements that are impossible for some individuals to meet. Easy Cash Loans makes its mission to help these people out. The aim of this company is to provide a wider access to finance to South Africans.

This text was meant to give you details about EC Loans. You are able to request its services since you know what kind of loans they offer, what qualifying criteria you need to meet, and how to contact them in the event you need to take out a payday loan or ask a question.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I obtain a debt consolidation loan?

You can consolidate debts with this loan

What is the minimum of interest rate?

The minimum interest rate corresponds to 32%

Can I contact the bank on a public holiday?

In their website you can communicate with them

Good day, I applied for a loan at EC loans and I also received a debit check from my bank which I approved but no money in my account, yet the debit order is active.

If you already applied for a loan EC Finance, the money will be deposited in your bank account depending on the time of your application. If the debit order is active, then you need to check.  Please, consider that if you apply between 8,00 and 3pm on a weekday, the money will be available in a few hours later in the day. If you apply after 3pm on a weekday, then the money will be deposited by 8am in the following morning. On a weekend or public holiday, you will have the money the next working day. 

How fast can you know if the loan is approved or declined with EC loans?

EC Finance Company offers a range of cash loans specifically designed to satisfy the need of the clients. The application process is quite easy and simple. Generally, the company accepts or declines the loan application within a period of 6 hours. Based on your personal situation and your credit history, you can be paid out on the same day. 

Will I receive the money after the debit check, or do I still have to wait?

If you are referring to receiving money from a loan with EC Finance, usually the company, once the loan application has been approved, deposits the money into your account within hours. Also, consider that the time is taken to do this will depend on the loan agreement established with the entity. However, the best option is to contact the customer service department to verify whether you receive the money after debit check. 

I accepted the debit but nothing yet. How long will it take to get the loan?

If you accepted the debit order for a personal loan with the private company, EC Finance and have not received any notification, then the recommendation is to contact the customer service department to check what is going on. Usually, it takes about a few hours to process and analyse your loan application form. 

Hi, there. I am confused. I applied for a loan at EC LOANS yesterday, I also received a debi check for EC LOANS from my bank, I did approve it but still got no money in my account nor did I get any notification saying that all is in order and that the money will be transferred. So what now? The debi check on my bank account is active, but why didn't I get my money, and how long must we wait for it then, and how do I track my application or go check on my profile?

If you are not sure what has happened with your loan application with EC LOANS because you have not received any notification, but you have the debi check active, then the recommendation is to contact the customer service department or to track the loan status online by providing your ID number and phone number. 

Good day. I applied for a loan using EC online loans. I did the debi check, but it has been days now, and I have not received any information regarding my loan. Could you please assist me urgently?

In this case in which you applied for a loan using EC online loans, and you did the debi check, but it has been days now that you have not received any information, the suggestion is to contact the company straight away. For sure, the agents will be able to inform you about your loan status. 

When will I receive my loan? My application was done in September 2023. The debicheck was deducted on 29 September 2023, but till today 12 October 2023, nothing. No correspondence from you.

If you have not received your personal loan with EC Finance and your application was done in September 2023, then the recommendation is to visit the nearest local branch in order to check the status of your application. Please, remember that usually the process takes up to 48 hours. Also, if you have not received any correspondence, you should contact them straight away. 

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