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Can I Get Dial Direct Personal Loans? Features and Contact Information

About Dial Direct

Dial Direct is an insurance provider whose roots date back to 2003 in South Africa. Even though this company started operating in the financial market a few years ago, it has gained much prestige because of its expertise and credibility. Why does this company have so much prestige in the country? Because of the he variety of services and products, all of which are carefully designed for every citizen. What is more, this is a company that apart from making the lives of its customers easier, it offers important discounts to those that have started operating with the company when it was founded.

Dial Direct´s Personal Loans

     As you probably know, a Personal Loan is not only useful in emergencies in which you need to cover your medical expenditures or when there is an incident on the road, but you can also make use of the money to make improvements for your house, repairs, buy a new summer house or even to finance your summer vacations. So, a Personal Loan offers a great chance to cover any type of need you might have in life. Moreover, there are certain products and services that can be obtained with important discounts depending on the day you acquire them.

  Now, a Personal Loan can also be the most suitable option for you, since it is a reliable way of acquiring money. Why is that? Because in most cases, people tend to ask for higher wages at work and are rejected, they ask for money to a friend or a relative, or they even sell their most valuable possessions for very poor prices. Which is why, in order to take advantage of the money you have and to be able to pay for the loan when convenient, acquiring a Personal Loan with Dial Direct is a great alternative. What is more, by soliciting a loan within a company, you will avoid uncomfortable situations with family members, friends and bosses.

  One of the great advantages of Dial Direct Personal Loans is that they are simple and quick to obtain. That means, that if you are experiencing an emergency, you can expect to have the money in hand. And, regardless of the purpose you have in mind or the type of income you have at home, you can still obtain the loan you desire.

  When you apply for a Personal Loan, you can access to a maximum of R 100 000, which will be immediately transferred to your bank account in no more than forty eight hours. What is more, you can choose financing periods which are defined by the amount of money granted and how your finances are going.

   Now, moving on with the application procedure, it is very easy and fast. You will only need to enter the company´s webpage and complete the online form with your personal information, such as your full name and your cellphone number. Then, you will receive a call from an agent of the company. Besides, you can even apply by phone, if you dial up 0860 10 45 80. However, you can simply call on that number to ask for information, not only to apply. So, if you want further details please bear that number in mind. Once your call is answered, you will get all the data you need from a dedicated negotiator of the company, and if you choose to begin the application, you will receive which steps to follow. You can choose between R 2000 and R 100 000 and select financing periods that range from 12 months to 5 years.

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Take a look at the different requisites you need to comply with:

-Possessing the number of your South African ID

-Possessing perfect credit record

-Possessing a monthly wage of more than R 3000

-Showing you are employed in case you work on your own

-Giving the data of your bank account, to show that your wage is transferred there

Closing Remarks

   Dial Direct is one of the best companies in terms of insurances and loans, which is not only worried about your security but also about your serenity. All their services are supported by the National Credit Act, which is surely a guarantee that their programs are secure, authorized and reasonably priced. Moreover, the amount of money you can be granted will first need to be approved by the company, based on your income. That way, the company makes sure you are perfectly capable of making the payments.

Lastly, another advantage Dial Direct gives you is the possibility of acquiring a special insurance to protect you if something goes wrong, which is called Personal Protection Plan. This insurance will come along with the loan you are granted and its main objective is to make you pay for the remaining balance there exists in cases in which you cannot afford to do it. This is typically recommended in case you suffer an accident, a disease or a disability.

Contact Information

One of Dial Direct´s physical offices is located in Johannesburg, in the area of Dainfern, exactly in 1 Telesure road.

There is another branch in Bloemfontein, in the area of Westdene, whose exact address is 97 President Reitz Avenue.

You can also contact the company by phone, if you dial up 0861 007 367, which will immediately transfer you to the customer service of the company. Please be patient and hold on until one of the company´s members takes care of your call.

There is also a website you can enter to as to ask for a quote, make claims, contact the company, and get information about products such as insurances, programs and more.

Having said that, it can be said that Dial Direct Personal Loans will sure make a significant impact and change in your financial status. I totally recommend you to contact the company so as to receive appropriate guidance and start applying for the loan that will benefit your life!

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Questions and answers

Is debit order accepted to finance the loan?

Yes it is

How can I close the loan?

By calling customer service or going in person to an office

Is it possible to obtain two loans?

It depends on your financial status

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