Compare top 10 Best Loans – Hippo Fast Application

Compare top 10 Best Loans - Hippo Fast Application

When you are not sure which loan is best for you and where to get the most convenient quotes of the market, you can count on Hippo. This online company lets you compare the best loans in South Africa. Here you will learn what kind of loans you can apply for through Hippo, how to compare quotes and loans, what documents you need, and all related information.

How does the Application Process Work for a Hippo Loan?

Since 2007, Hippo has been helping South Africans find the best loans and other financial products, such as insurance, medical aid, and flights and accommodation. This company uses cutting-edge technology and this is clearly evidenced by its online application. To find the best quotes in the market for the type of loan you want, you only have to enter your ID and indicate the amount of money you want to borrow and the period of time in which you think you would be able to comfortably repay the loan.

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Compare 10 Personal Loans Quotes with Hippo

Hippo works as an online loan comparison site. Their experienced web designers work hard in designing a platform that lets you find the best personal loans in the country within minutes. It’s an all-in-one solution. Forget about taking the trouble of visiting each web from the different credit providers. With Hippo, you can find the best loans in only one platform.

How does this work? Well, after you fill in the application as we explained above, Hippo will provide you a list of the banks and other lenders ordered by the price of the product. There will be a brief description of each loan, the benefits they offer, and the approximate rate you may get. Once you’ve decided which provider suits your needs best, you only have to click “I’m interested” so that the provider you chose gets back to you with an offer.

Are you already impressed? Wait, we haven’t even told you the best part: Hippo does not charge any fee to users. It’s free!

Can I take out a Personal Loan for Debt Consolidation with Hippo?

Having too many bills to pay and two or three loans at the same time may not be a healthy financial behavior. You might lose track of what you have to pay, to whom, before what date and so on. A wise decision would be to take out a personal loan through Hippo and use the money to pay off all those bills or loans. In that way, you would end up with only one interest rate, one lender, and one maturity date.

Can I Compare Payday Loans with Hippo?

When the month is coming to an end, so is your salary. What happens if you have an emergency and need instant money to cover that gap? A payday loan can be perfect for you. With this financial tool, you borrow a lump sum of, for instance, R2 000 and you have to pay that amount back, plus interests, the following month. With Hippo, you will not be able to compare payday loans since they search for personal loans with a minimum repayment term of 12 months.

How to Compare Study Loans with Hippo?

You can use a personal loan to pay for your studies. You can use the money you borrow for whatever reason you want. However, you would be the one in charge of paying your tuition fee to the university or school you attend, to paying for the equipment you might need and so on. If you are looking for a loan specifically designed for studying, you might want to take a look at the study loans offered by Absa Bank and Nedbank. In this site, you will find articles about those products.

How to Find the Best Car Loans with Hippo?

You walked by a car dealer and fell in love with a car; you want it so bad, but you cannot afford it right now. Are you going to walk away from your dream car? That you are unable to make a lump sum to buy a car doesn’t mean you cannot buy one. You can find car loans that will help you buy your car in installments. Hippo helps you find the best loans to buy your car in South Africa.

What Kind of Business Loans can I find with Hippo?

With Hippo you can find a great variety of options for financing your business needs. If you have a small to medium business these loans can help you grow and finance your goals. You will have to provide Hippo with information about your company, and the system will work to show you the best options available for you. You can find loans to finance equipment, secured loans, short-term loans, unsecured term loans and other financial products specifically designed for businesses. 

2 Benefits of Taking Out Home Loans through Hippo

Find the best home loan with the lowest interest rate with Hippo. Their platform will show you the different home loans offered by major banks of South Africa from which you can choose. The most obvious benefit of taking your home loan using the platform provided by Hippo is that you will be able to find the cheapest home loan, but there are other two amazing advantages we want to discuss with you:

  1. You can do this for free. Hippo does not charge you any fee for using their platform.
  2. You can be pre-qualified and know how much money you will have available.   

Are there Positive Reviews about Hippo Loans?

This online company has very positive reviews about their service. There hundreds of comments emphasizing how quick their service is. Many people point out that they were able to save money thanks to Hippo’s platform. Moreover, the few negative comments that we were able to find, all got replies by Hippo’s staff members asking the individuals to provide further information about their claim so that they could refer it to the appropriate department. A company that takes the trouble to answer their client’s complaints is a trustworthy one.

What is Hippo Personal Loans Contact Number?

If you’d rather talk to a staff member of Hippo, you can leave your contact details in a form they have designed specifically for that aim. After you fill in that form, a staff member will contact you to answer your questions.

To find the best online loans in South Africa, one of your best options might be Hippo. With their platform, you will be able to compare different options to finance your house, your car, your studies, or whatever you want to buy. It’s easy, quick and free.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Is Hippo a credit lending company?

No, Hippo is a company that provides a platform for clients to compare different options with regards to personal loans, home loans, and insurance. They will show you the main characteristics of the products offered by Hippo's providers from which you can choose from. Ultimately, once you make a decision, you will be dealing with a different company.

I want to take out a loan but I don't want to tell my spouse since it is a surprise, should she be aware of it?

You absolutely need to have your spouse consent to request any kind of loan since she will also be held liable for it in the event you are not able to pay for it. This is regulated by the National Credit Act, which regulates all credit transactions in South Africa.

Are all credit lending providers present in this site?

No, not all of them. Hippo makes every effort to partner up with as many financial service providers as it can, and has an extensive list of them; but not all providers of the country can be found at Hippo, though. However, this company is constantly updating its list of providers to serve best to their clients.

When you apply for a personal loan, is there something called insurance fee that you have to pay upfront?

The private lending company Hippo does not charge any upfront insurance fee or any type of commission in order to apply for a loan. You can start with an online application, and you can obtain between 1,000 rand and 350,000 rand. The repayment period can vary from 7 to 72 months. 

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