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Can I Obtain an Izwe Personal Loan? Calculator and Contact Information

   Izwe, one of the most reliable companies when choosing a loan for South African´s needs, is said to be the ideal option in order to make modifications to your existing house, finance your children´s education at school or university and even to finance your current debts without problems. In fact, the bank has several loans with multiple terms and amounts, ranging from R 6000 to R 99 000. Regarding financing terms, the client can choose from a 9 month period to a 42 month one.

   Izwe has designed 4 main loans for their clients:


As you can imagine from the way this loan is named, you can see how your dreams of possessing your own home or rebuilding the one you have can come true easily.


This loan is aimed at helping parents to pay their kids´ tuition either at school or university. This program is really helpful for those parents that are really looking to give their children a good future when it comes to education and finding a good job afterwards. You probably know that education in this country costs a lot, a situation in which a loan will be ideal. Regarding the length of this loan, parents can choose a loan that lasts 9 months or one that lasts 42 months, which will of course depend on their financial circumstances.


This loan is extremely helpful so as to consolidate any debt you have and that is not letting you sleep well at night, because you are stress and too worried about this situation. Do not worry, Izwe can help you pay those debts with this loan. You will able to pay multiple debts with a single loan. Isnt it great? That is why this loan is called “Consolidation”, because it enables all of your debts to consolidate into just one.

What are the features of this loan?

-You will pay fixed interest rates

-You will pay less interest rates at the end of each month

-You will be able to secure your loan

-You can discuss the loan with the consultants of the company

-You can pay multiple times so as to complete the financing as soon as possible


With a loan like this one you can spend your money on whatever object, purpose, and asset or need you have in mind right now. For instance, you can buy a present for someone special or even pay for the emergency costs of an accident on the road. You never know when you will need extra money so as to solve your daily problems. What is more, many clients make use of this money so as to finance their holidays in a good way, without needing to cut their money in daily expenses.

This loan enables clients to ask from R 6000 to R 99 000, which they can pay in about 9 to 42 months.

If you are interested in applying, please enter the company´s webpage.


-You will observe the payment dates on your contract

-You must pay each of the installments of your loan on time

-You must contact the company if you can no longer pay for installments

-You can be given alternatives when it comes to further payments

-You will need to pay administration fees for not complying with repayments

-You will appear on the Credit Bureau if you not pay the installments on time

-Your credit record depends on your behavior with this loan. So, do your future loans with other banks.

As regards the application (online), you will need to give certain information so as to check affordability, such as your name, id number, information about your job, your phone number, the phone number of the place you work for, your email address and data about your salary. But, you can choose a second type of application, which consists in filling a short from with your phone number and requesting the company to contact you right away.



    When it comes to the application procedure, you must make sure that all the documentation required by the company is really visible and clear, so as to distinguish the different data requested by the consultants of Izwe to their clients. Please gather all the documentation, since the loss of one of them will delay the application procedure and you will need to wait tons of time until the application starts.

Before finishing with this article, let me focus on three important tools so as to master your finances, available also at Izwe:

1 - DISPOSABLE INCOME CALCULATOR: The aim of this calculator is to check if you will be able to pay for the loan and the period of time the company gives you so as to complete it each month

2 - ONLINE BUDGETING TOOL: This is a really helpful tool when it comes to saving money and not spending it on silly things or things that are not necessary at the moment for you. With a budget, you can decide how much finances you will destine to certain purchases or needs.

3 - LOAN CONSOLIDATOR TOOL: Use this tool to calculate the sum of your debt and then determine what amount you will need to pay each month.



There are many offices of Izwe in South Africa:

-One of them is located in Johannesburg, in the area of Parktown, on Terrace Road. Close to this one you can find an office in East London at 3 Gladstone Street

-There is another office in Cape Town, in Cape Town City Centre, which can be found at shop 25 Grand Central, on Plein Street.

-Another office can be found in Pretoria inside the Thaibault Building, whose exact address is 225 Pretorius Street.

-There are two offices very near to each other: one in Polokwane at the Polokwane Central in 58 Schoeman Street and the other in Gauteng inside Houghton Estate, exactly in the Houghton Estate Office Park. The exact location is 2 Osborn Road.


R50 000

Interest Rate

Depends on the client, Fixed

Telephone Number



Durban Central, office 1401, 14 th floor at Sa Eagle Building

Working Hours

09:00 am to 08:00 pm


SA citizen, documentation with personal and financial data

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