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Can I Obtain Izwe Cash Loans? Requirements and Contact Details

Before expanding on the different sections of this article about Izwe Cash Loans, let me remind you in this company all their lending programs can be paid in cash, which constitutes them as Cash Loans. In fact, this company has designed four different loans for the citizens of South Africa.

  Let’s start by focusing on each of them and their characteristics. Then, we can move on by mentioning how the application works and which are the repayments for the four loans.



This loan is just for you if your biggest dream has been to possess a beautiful house on the hills or a big apartment in the city but you cannot afford to spend so much money on such valuable assets. That can be true thanks to this loan.


This loan is extremely useful if your dream is to finance without problems your kids´ education either at school or college. It is really important for parents to care about their children´s future, thus they should invest in their education appropriately. The company can give parents loans whose duration ranges from 9 months to 42 and they will be paying fixed interest rates for the money they are given through this program.


The main aim of this loan is to help families consolidate any kind of debt that has become a problem in their financial lives. With this loan they can pay as many debts as they can, which is an effective and fast way of paying multiple debts with the support of only one loan.

What are the features of this Consolidation Loan for you?

-You will only need to pay fixed interest rates

-At the end of the loan you will be able to pay less interest rates

-You always have the chance to secure your loan

-You can talk about the loan with the different consultants of this company

-You can pay various times which translates as completing the financing as soon as possible


With this loan you can expect to cover any type of general need you have at the moment, be that you’re holidays this summer, your winter vacations or even an emergency you had on the road that requires huge amounts of money. The company can give you from R 6000 to R 99 000, which as you can imagine constitutes the limit you have access to. Again, you have between 9 and 42 months to complete its financing without problems.


-The different dates of your payments can be observed in your current contract

-Each of the installments need to be paid on specific dates

-You need to communicate as soon as possible with the company if there is an impediment to continue paying the rates

-Alternatives in terms of payments will be given to you

-You will pay extra fees for not complying with the rates

-You need to possess a good credit record for future loans, which is essential to keep in order through payments on time

Now, let’s focus on the application procedure. If you choose the online application, you will only be required to give the company information that has to do with your personal name, phone number, and phone at work and so on. You will also need to give the company your mailing address as well as email address. The same application can be completed over the phone or in person. What is more, the company enables you to fill a form in their website so as to ask for their consultants to contact you in the meantime.


Please remember that for the application to be completed, it is essential that you have gathered all the documentation the company asked you to so as for them to have your personal and financial data on time. This means that if you have submitted all the documentation when required, the process can continue without delays in the course of the application procedure.

Before I come to an end with this article, I will like to mention the three most important financial tools available at Izwe if you want a Cash Loan:


1 - DISPOSABLE INCOME CALCULATOR: The objective of this calculator is to see if you will be able to finance for the loan and comply with the period of time the company offers you so as to complete it as arranged at the beginning of the contract.

2 - ONLINE BUDGETING TOOL: This is an extremely useful tool when it comes to saving your money and not spending it on trivial things or things that are not essential at this instant for you. With a financial plan, you can choose how much cash you will predestine to definite purchases or requirements.

3 - LOAN CONSOLIDATOR TOOL: Make use of this tool so as to calculate the totality of your debt and then regulate what sum you will necessitate to pay at the end of each month.


Apart from communicating in the company´s website, which you have access to through your computer, you can go in person to their offices:

-One of the physical offices is located in Johannesburg, exactly in the area of Parktown. This office is found on Terrace Road.

-There is a second office in Cape Town located in Cape Town City Centre. The address of this office is shop 25 Grand Central, Plein Street.

-Another office is situated in Pretoria at the Thaibault Building. Here you have the exact address: 225 Pretorius Street.

Below you have information about another office located in Durban:


R50 000

Interest Rate

Depending on each client, always fixed

Telephone Number

010-206-7400 (free phone number)


Durban Central. Office 1401. Located on the 14 th floor in Sa Eagle Building

Working Hours

09:00 am to 08:00 pm, business hours


South African citizen, submitting documentation with personal and financial information

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Sure, with the general loan for instance

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Yes it is

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Yes you will

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