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What Do Direct Axis Loans Offer? Check the Application Online and Requirements

Direct Axis is a well known financial company that supports responsible lending and works in tandem with other financial providers to give you the best financial service experience possible. For twenty years, this company has excelled at providing convenient loans to its users. Hereafter follows an article that will explain everything you need to know about Direct Axis, the loans it displays, and the terms and conditions it offer, requirements and more. You will also find a small table that summarizes some of the most important details that need to be taken into account.

What are the benefits of applying for a loan at Direct Axis?

            It is no wonder why clients keep on choosing this company over other financial options.

  • On the one hand, the loan application is carried out online: it is straightforward and secure, with no complications or complex instructions to follow.

  • Another amazing benefit is that the repayments remain fixed at the current establish rate, which means that it will not change during the term of your loan.

  • The terms for repayments generally range from twenty four months up to a total of six years.

  • You would receive feedback of your application in no time and you would receive the money that you so desperately need within only 48 hours in your bank account.

Are there any requirements for clients in order to apply for a loan at Direct Axis?

            Clients are asked to meet the following requirements:

  • They should have an outstanding credit score

  • Your income per month (which should be regular) should be of a minimum of R5000.

  • They should provide Direct Axis with the details of their bank account where they receive the salary

Do clients need to forward any kind of documents at Direct Axis?

            Yes, they must forward:

  • A document that can confirm the client’s residential address

  • A neat copy of your ID (it only applies for South African citizens)

  • The bank statements or pay slips of the last three months

What does the process of application consist in at Direct Axis?

Find the best loan of South Africa

            The process is streamlined and quite quick. Simply enter Direct Axis website and you will find a button that reads “online application”. There you will chose one of the options: loans, insurance or pulse. This gadget will enable you to find out whether you qualify for a Direct Axis loan. Introduce your surname, name, cellphone, ID number and your gross income per month. Then make sure to hit the button on which it states that you accept and understand the conditions. You can even make use of this gadget in order to upload the documents they may require from you.

What does a loan offer at Direct Axis?

            A loan at Direct Axis gives you the possibility to get the money you need to use it for particular goals and necessities. For instance, you can carry out home renovations, take a holiday, and change your electronics for newer ones. If you have access to a personal loan at Direct Axis, it means that you will have direct access to flexible solutions. Besides, loans at Direct Axis are generally unsecured which means that Direct Axis will not use your assets (home or cars) as collateral. Clients should bear in mind that all the applications that take place go under examination and are subject to credit approval.  These loans come with a personal protection plan. It is a plan designed to protect you and your balance in different ways, especially at events such as permanent disability or even death. Your risk profile will determine the level of coverage. If you do not want this option or are not interested enough, you can change it for a policy of you preference.

Is there a Direct Axis Loan Table that could summarize the details of the company?


Direct Axis has set many requirements for clients to meet, especially regarding a good financial history and recent bank statements that can prove that you have a regular salary.


0861 02 03 04


No email available

Are there any terms and conditions established at Direct Axis?

            Direct Axis established some terms and conditions for those who wish to apply online. They should not be under debt review, over indebted or under sequestration. If an order of court has declared that you are mentally unfit, Direct Axis will not allow you to get the  loan you applied for. You must provide information that is real and true. At the same time, you would allow Direct Axis to verify any sort of information that they may require. The company might send you an email to contact you about possible future applications.

Does Direct Axis offer other sort of loans?

            Direct Axis is characterized by offering insurance loans, debt consolidation loans, personal loans, medical aid and further financial help.

Is there a loan calculator at Direct Axis?

            Yes! The company offers you a gadget that will help you find out possible future costs and values that are at play in your loan. It will allow checking the value of your monthly repayment. All you have to do is choose the term for the repayment and the amount of your loan. That way you can calculate your monthly repayment. For instance, if the amount that you desire is R103,000 and the term that you prefer is of 6 years, then the initiation fee would be of R1207,50, your service fee per month would be of R69.00 and the rate would be set at 27.5%. This would imply a monthly repayment of R3402.73. This gadget can help you make safer decisions and void possible financial risks.

            In conclusion, Direct Axis can help you grab your financial future by hand and have more control over your expenses and costs. It will provide you with the necessary financial aid and will forward interesting and flexible solutions to your debt problems. Get the loan you need from Direct Axis!

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Questions and Answers

Hello. I sent my 3 months bank statements as a proof of my payment last week. I just want to check if it was received and, how should I go on?
Direct Axis will take some time to go over those documents for two reasons. One of them, they need to make sure they are valid, which shows they’re responsible with their clients and, the other reason is to make sure you qualify for the loan amount you are asking for. Once they check everything, they’ll get in contact with you to let you know the final outcome of your application.
I would like a loan to buy a house
The loan amount for a Personal Loan with Direct Axis can be as high as 200.000 rands, which may not be enough to buy a house. If you need to get your own house, it would be more practical to work with a company that issues Home Loans like, for instance, SA Home Loans. They offer excellent loan products thought specifically to help South Africans get the house of their dreams.
Years back, I had a consolidation loan. Now it has been canceled but I still have debts to pay. Is it possible to borrow r1800 to make a once off debit the following month?
Those loan terms are not suited for Direct Axis as; they grant loans starting on 5000 rands and, their loans should be paid between two and five years. It seems that what you’re looking for is a payday loan. These short term loans are granted for such small amount to pay off in less than 6 months. What’s more, some of them are repayable in the client’s following pay day.
I need to extend my loan with you to r 150000 please.
You can’t be sure if that’s possible until Direct Axis takes over your information to verify the status of your loan. On one side, it’s important to know how many installments had you paid so far and, if you hadn’t fallen behind with any of them. All in all, the company needs to know for sure, you won’t end up owing them a great amount of money.
Do I need to live and work in South Africa to take out a loan?
Yes, you need both of them to qualify for the loans.
How long does it take to recieve the loan when you have sent all the documents. Do you also pay loans weekends to my accounts if approved?
From the moment Direct Axis gets your documents, there may be few days until you finally get the money. They will verify everything is ok and, they will let you know the outcome of such revision. Keep in mind, they can ask you for some extra documents so, make sure you have everything you need to speed the process up. Then, you might have to wait for 1 or 2 working days to have the funds in your account.
What’s the monthly cost on a R110.000 loan on 4 years?
As you’ll get the official cost only after having applied, we’ll assist you with an estimate to help you know how much money you’ll have to repay. There’s a monthly fee charged for the service of R69 (which tends to be equal for any bank). Then, if Direct Axis states a high interest rate of 27.5%, you must have R4302.30 each month to cancel the instalment. Apart from that, you’ll encounter an Initiation Fee of around R1207.50.
Do I need collateral to apply for a personal loan?
No, you don´t need it because this loan is unsecured.
Do I need to bring any paperwork to apply for a personal loan?
You will need to provide proof of residence and a copy of you green bar coded identity book.
I want to know if I qualify for a loan with Direct Axis
Direct Axis’s qualifying criteria for a loan gathers 3 points: credit record, monthly income and bank statements. To start, if your credit record is good, your income is R5000 or more and, you get that income through your bank account, you can start the application. Then, obviously, you must prove your identity, address and income by presenting valid documents.

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