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How to Be Benefited by Accessing a Ubank Student Loan? Explore Calculators and Fees

If you are a student, then you must be probable exhausted and stressed from all the hours spent studying for exams, memorizing words, lectures, books and copies. There are so many responsibilities that it feels like 24 hours in a day are not enough. You have to take care of studying, revising, editing, finishing projects and complying with so many deadlines that you can hardly take care of your own finances. Whether you are paying all by yourself your courses or your parents are giving you a hand, you a need a financial organization that can deal with all these issues in an effective manner. Ubank is here to offer a package deal for you that comprises student loans, so that you can focus on passing your exams instead of on finances.

Where is Ubank located?

                Ubank can be found in South Africa. The branches are located mostly in places like:

1) Welkom

2) Theunissen

3) Botshabelo

4) Maseru

5) Hlotse

6) Losetho

7) Mount Fletcher

8) Ngcobo

9) Amberdale

10) Idutywa

11) Butterworth

12) King William’s Town

                All these places are scattered within a radio of 25 kilometers in South Africa, and each of them offers a branch for you to visit if you want to do business in person.

Which phone number should customers call?

                If they want to reach a common line in South Africa, they can call 0860008322(SA). If, on the other hand, they are calling from outside South Africa, meaning, they are making an international call, then they should call at 27115185780.

Which email address should customers use?

                They have the possibility of getting rid of their doubts and concerns by sending an email to You can also send directly a message through their website through Outlook. It is always important to find in an easy way the addresses that you need in order to reach Ubank whenever you need.

How do I apply for a loan?

                There are different ways available for you to apply for a student loan. You can do so face to face, by visiting the office in person. This might take some time for you to get there, but you will have a more personalized service and experience. On the other hand, if you decide to it online, you will save money by avoiding the traffic, but your service will be less personal. Either way offers advantages and disadvantages. Check which one suits you better.

Who is Ubank?

                Ubank is a company that has been active for many years now, upgrading their services and empowering its clients in different ways. They are aware of the fact that clients need a good company they can trust in, especially when it comes to students. The goal of Ubank is for you to have an array of services and financial products at your disposal, which you can make use of whenever you want and need.

Find the best loan of South Africa

What is Ubank currently offering in the lending industry?

                Although Ubank is not offering student loans per se, it is offering personal loans that can be used for the same purpose involved in student loans. These personal loans will enable you to pay your college debts, pay for tuition or even save money when you are high and dry.

How can students calculate their fees and payments?

                In order to calculate the repayment of a loan or fees, you can make use of Ubank’s calculators. Ubank has designed these calculators so that you can have a closer look at your finances, your situation and budget. They are not one hundred percent accurate, but they are quite reliable and useful for future prospects. There are two main calculators at Ubank:

a) there is a calculator for banking fees: if your aim is to lower the fees that are charged on each banking transaction, they you will find this calculator incredibly useful. It will enable you to get an estimate of the fees that you can obtain whenever you have to go through an ATM transaction.

b) there is a calculator for a personal loan: you will be able to find out the cost of the repayment of your loan.

                I will now go over through some instances and illustrations of how these Ubank calculators work.

                Since you must be particularly interested in finding out how a calculator for your student loan works, let us use the calculator for personal loans:

-First, you will have to determine whether it is a new loan or a top up loan. Then, you will have to state your situation regarding employment, meaning, are you permanent or do you have a contract? You will then proceed to complete the amount of your loan, with the minimum being R1000 and a maximum of R180000. Then you would have to decide what you term will be like. The minimum period is of three months and the top is seventy two months.

                Let us imagine that you choose a new loan and that you establish that you are permanent in employment. The loan amount that you desire consists in 7400 and you pick a term of 22 months. Therefore, your monthly repayments would be of 4717.98. Imagine now that the loan amount you want is higher, of 125000 and the term of your loan is of 40 months total. Your monthly repayment would therefore be of 5359.36. More examples of these can be accessed through the use of the calculator provided in the website.

                All of these values are not totally accurate but they are quite close to the original value. There can always be some variations, depending on the availability of the loan, the terms available for you and the deals Ubank has to offer. If you are thinking of applying for a personal loan to use it as a student loan, check all the actions you can put in motion and start paying your way to college. It is no easy job to study while taking care of finances, so why not let Ubank do this for you?

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Questions and answers

Can I use a Ubank personal loan to pay off debts?

Yes, you can.

Are there terms higher than 72 months?

No. That is the top limit.

Does it offer business loans?

No, unfortunately Ubank does not offer those kind of loans.

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