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Can I Obtain Personal Loans at Finbond Bank? Calculator and Application

Are you searching for loans so as to cover your financial needs? Did you know many companies can help you with that? You just have to find a reliable one. I know a company you can trust on, Finbond Bank.

   For that reason, in the article you are about to read I will give you information regarding this company and its Personal Loan, which is the most requested loans by South Africans. Apart from that, I will give you data about other company with similar loans, Sanlam. Finally, you will be given contact information of both companies. I recommend you to keep reading the article as you will profit from it a lot.



     Clients that apply for a Personal Loan with Finbond can ask from R 500 to R 20 000, amounts that can be financed either in the long or short term, that will depend on the client´s possibilities. All their loans are totally backed up by the South African Financial Services Institution.

     In order to have access to their loans you must possess a perfect credit record, so in order to make sure you are a responsible client, the company has established an agreement with the National Credit At of 2005 in the country.

    As said before, you have the possibility of asking from the minimal amount of R 500 to R 20 000 and you can ask for flexible repayment terms that extend up to 24 months, a lot. The interest rates of the loans are fixed by the company at the time of the application and signing the contract. Moreover, their loans are unsecured, which means you will not need to select any collateral to sever as the guarantee of the loan.

 How can you apply for a Finbond Loan?

-You can begin the application online or in person

-If you apply online, you just need to click on the section called “Apply now” and start the application procedure

-The company will appoint one of their members to guide you towards the whole lending process

-Once your application is approved by the company, you will get the money in your bank account

 Such money can be used for any purpose you have in mind, with no limitations. Most people make use of this Personal Loan so as to improve their properties, pay education fees, and pay bills at home.

     As regards the requirements for this loan, you must submit certain documentation, such as your certified ID, pay sips of no more than 3 months older, bank statements of no more than 3 months and a proof of residence.


This is another great choice, very similar to Finbond Bank in terms of loans and conditions.

What are the features of Sanlam´s Personal Loans?

-No limit as regards the use people give to the money given

-Having access to maximums of R 3000

Find the best loan of South Africa

-Possibility of increasing the loan with additional R 1000 per month

-Receiving the money of the loan in your personal bank account

      All the different terms and conditions regarding this loan will appear in several languages, so that every client gets access to them and can fully comprehend the messages in the contract between the bank and the customer.

      Now, whenever he/she is ready, the client can decide to close the loan, with no limitations as regards periods of time.

      As a further benefit of operating with Sanlam, I would like to add the fact that in the company´s website you can make use of an online simulator whose function is the same as the one given to calculators.

Interested in requirements?

You will simply need to hand in different documentation such as your ID card, proof of residential address, employment statements from your boss and a proof of your income which states that your salary consists of more than R 2500. Also, remember that it is compulsory for you to be 18 years old or more.


Finbond Mutual Bank Contact Details

-You can apply for one of the company´s loans if you call their customer service on the following phone numbers: 086 000 4249 or 012 460 7288. You also have the chance of sending an SMS by typing the word “credit”. The phone number for sending that message is 45040.  By sending a message to that number a representative of the company will get in touch with you immediately.

-You can visit the company´s website so as to begin the application from there in a simple and fast way.

-You can go in person to one of the company´s offices in Porth Elizabeth located in the area of Korsten at the Standford Square. The exact address is 45 Cottrell Street.

-You can go to another physical office in East London, in the centre of the city. The exact address is Coronel Oxford and Terminus Street.

-There is an additional office in Johannesburg, in the area of Mashalltown. The exact address is 17 Harrison Street. It is located inside shop 4.

Sanlam Contact Details

-One of the physical offices of Sanlam in South Africa is located in Cape Town, inside the Maynard Mall, on the third floor of this centre. It is located in Wetton Road. There is another office in Bellvile, in the area of Eikenbosch, whose exact address is 55 Willie Van Schoor Avenue.

-You can also enter the company´s official website, so as to receive more details about their loans, begin an application and solicit for quotes based on your income. You can even obtain addresses of another physical offices of the company all over the country.

-You can also contact Sanlam by phone, if you decide to make a phone call to their free number designed for customer service, available to all South Africans:0861 44 00 44.   Please be patient and wait until one of their representatives answers your call, because in many cases many people phone and the lines tend to collapse.

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Questions and Answers

Can I get a loan with my child grant?
FinBond has some requirements that every applicant must follow with no exception if they want to be eligible for a loan. One of them, and very important, is to submit documents to prove you earn a regular salary. This is why, even though you might use your child grant to improve your loan quote, it won’t be enough to take out a loan with FinBond if you aren’t employed.
Need to pay debt, is there a Finbond loan to consolidate debts?
The loans that Finbond accepts to grant don’t need to have a purpose established beforehand. This means, you can use it to pay for whatever you need. So, if the amount you are approved for is enough to cancel your debts, you can do it. However, remember there are banks granting consolidation loans, which may be more suitable for you.
How much do I pay per month if I take a 5000 loan?
Your monthly payments will be agreed according to the period you choose to repay the loan and, the rate you get. For example, if your loan gets an 8% rate, which is one of the lowest rate and, we suppose you select 12 months to repay the money, each monthly payment would be of R436. On the other hand, if you get a higher rate, let’s imagine 23%, each installment of your loan would be around R470.
Are the offices open on public holidays?
No they are not
I need help with my university fees . Both my parents are on pension. Do they qualify for loan?
Even though Finbond does not have loans for students at university, they can still apply for a loan on Standard Bank and your parents can serve for sureties of your loan if they have an income R 3000 per month. You can apply for a student loan by phoning on 0860 123 000
I earn r 2500; do I qualify for a loan?
Whether you qualify for a loan or not with that income will depend, mainly, on the loan you want to take. That means that it depends on the sum of money borrowed and the repayment period chosen. The company studies those terms and, calculate if you can afford to cancel the loan properly.
Can you help me calculate how much will I pay if I took a loan for r 40 000 and pay it back over 24 months?
If you’re asking about Finbond, I must warn you they don’t lend that amount of money, as their limit comes up to only R 20000. Sanlam, on the other hand, will be capable of assisting you on this. On a R 40000 loan over 2 years with them, you’d have to pay around R 2250 per month.
How much do I pay per month on a loan for r 5000 for 6 months?
I’ll take a great company that allows to repay the loan in 6 months to answer your question: Capfin. They can offer you R 5000 to pay over 6 or 12 months. In the first option, the monthly payment would be of R1134.68 and, in the second option, to pay over 12 instalments, you would have to pay R 601.74 every month
What Can I do if I cannot continue paying for my loan?
You can ask for refinancing plans
Do I qualify?
If you meet the requirements we have mentioned in the article, which are simple and basic to verify your identity and source of income, you are half way to qualify for the loan. Apart from that, the entity will study your credit record and payments history to decide if your financial situation makes you capable of granting a loan.
I'm a Finbond client, can I have a R 20 000 loan for 24months?
Yes, you can! That amount and repayment term agree with the options this company offers for their loans. In fact, those are the maximum amount to borrow and months to cancel the loan. Just remember, you need to take some personal documents and you will be ready to take the money you need.
Hi can i apply for a personal loan of r200 000?
Hello, unfortunately Finbond offers its clients personal loans whose maximum is that of R 20 000. However, you can contact another company that does offer R 200, 000 loans by starting the application in its website: Capitec. Its phone number is:0860 10 20 43
I would like a loan of r 10000. Can I pay 1500 per month? it's for medical for my son
When you take out a loan, in most cases, you decide the terms to repay it. In the case of Finbond, for example, you can decide how much time you want to repay the money. If you need R 10000 and you want to repay R 1500 per instalment, you would probably go for a loan to repay over six or seven months, as long as the company agrees with it.
Can I find something suited to buy a house at Finbond?
The loan amount needed to pay for a house is much higher than the maximum quote Finbond offers on their loans. Besides, these loans should be paid in a short time and, the borrower don’t need to present a security. What this means is that you will only find personal loans at Finbond, not home loans.
I have a loan at Finbond of r950 and I'm paying r480 for 4 months, which means the money I'm paying is higher, why’s that?
Yes, that’s how loans work. When you borrow money form a lending entity, you’re using their service and, as for any kind of service, you’re charged some fees. In the case of a loan, you’re also charged with an interest rate. So, when you return that money, you also pay for the fees and interest rate. This means, the amount of money you return will be higher than the one you borrow. The thing is that, the longer you take to cancel the loan, the more you’ll have to pay.
I'm looking for a loan up to r1000 and to pay it off at the end of this month
The kind of loan you need is called payday loan. These loans are granted for rather a small amount of money and, it should be canceled on a short time. They are the perfect solution for those moments in which you need money urgently as, they don’t usually require many documents and, are issued online. Two great companies for this loan are Cash Converters and FinChoice.
What must I have to borrow money at Findbond with Sassa card?
Every applicant must have their ID, certified by the government; payslip, from 3 months previous to the request; bank statements, also from 3 months previous to the request and, a proof of address, also certified properly. Then, you can take a chance to see if your credit score is high enough to make Findbond accepts your loan application.
Can I get a loan from 5000 up to 10 000?
Yes! Actually, Finbond specifies a maximum and a minimum amount of money to borrow and then, the client decides how much to ask for between those limits. Remember, you’ll get fixed instalments to repay the loan so, that will give you certain security to cancel the loan without incurring in debt. Knowing this, will help you decide on the sum of money to borrow.
Say I ask for a loan of r1000 how much interest will banks charge me?
The interest rate charged on loans are decided by the company. That decision can be made only when the bank knows certain pieces of information about your credit history and, about the terms you want for your loan. Let’s say you want to pay that loan over 24 months. You may get an 8.5% interest rate. But, rates can go up to 25% approximately, according to your credit information.
Does Sanlam offers refinancing programs?
Yes it does
I already have a loan with Finbond and I need an extra amount of r 10000 for six months; Is that possible?
You will have to get in contact with Finbond for them to analyse your particular situation to decide over a new loan. If you have been paying back the different instalments on time, and have already paid a quite a few of them with no problem, you will have more chances to get another loan approved.
Is it possible to borrow r2000 and pay back in ten months?
Yes, it’s possible but, it will be confirmed after Finbond processes your information to verify you have proper financial backup to take up the loan. You must have in mind, the amount of money you would have to give back to the company will be higher than the amount you borrowed due to the interest and fees charged. Therefore, you should wait until Finbond informs you about the total cost.
So, I have 2 loans on my name. Can I still get a loan by Finbond?
You will always be approved for a new loan as long as the sum of money you get every month is high enough to cover the loan’s monthly payments. However, there’s another point to pay attention to when it comes to getting more funds. That would be how well have you paid your existing loans and, how good is your credit score.
I need a loan to get a new car
For such purpose, the best option for you will probably be to get a vehicle loan. In this type of loan, that car you buy is used as security of the credit. This means that you will be allowed to drive it but, until you cancel all the payments, the car will belong to the bank that issued the loan. Once you finish repaying the money, the car will be officially yours.
Can I get a loan of 2500? How much is the interest rate and how many months do I have to pay it back?
Of course you can! Finbond’s repayment term can be as long as 2 years, that’s to say, 24 months. As regards the interest rate, it will be stated by Finbond at the time of applying for the loan. This is so because the rate charged will depend on the terms of the loan and, your credit record.
Can you relend from a loan?
Every loan granted is approved after checking the applicant capacity to repay all the money on time. As a result, only those applicants earning enough per month qualify to get money borrowed for a second time. So, if you need to ask them more money, you should make sure to have a high salary to back up both loans. The bank may request you to finish repaying your existing loan after asking for another one, though.
have zero credit score, can I get a loan up to 4000 and pay it 3month?
The first requirement you will come up to when asking for a loan is to had already built a credit score. That score is used by lending companies to decide two important points: 1) to know if you cancel your liabilities properly and, 2) to know how much money can you be trusted to take. In your situation, you might try asking for a payday loan, which can be cancelled in just 30 to 60 days. Although these loans tend to have higher costs, they are granted with less requirements.
Where can I get a personal loan?
When it comes to getting a personal loan, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Basically, you must consider the type of loan you need, for example, the amount, the period to repay the money, the purpose of the loan and so on. Once you have a clear idea of that, you can go over some entities to see what they offer. Some banks that are well-known to be great companies are African Bank, Better Home and Absa.
How much do I need to earn to get 20 000?
As the final decision is based on several factors, it would be difficult to state a minimum monthly salary as requirement. This is so because, for example, if you have taken loans in the past, Finbond will pay attention to those payments to see if you took a responsible payment behaviour and, based on that, they will decide on the term for your new loan.
If I take R 1500, how much do they take every month?
The monthly instalments you must pay for the loan will depend on the term Finbond accepts to grant the loan. On one hand, you have to pay attention to the interest rate they set for the loan. On the other hand, there are fees they charge to cover the entire process. Finally, it depends on how many months you have to cancel the loan. When you add up the money borrowed, the rate and the fees, you have to divide it for the number of instalment you’ll cancel the loan.
I have a three months loan with Finbond, I paid one month. Can I borrow again while am still owing two months?
Probably, you cannot. As you have taken a short term loan of only 3 instalments, Findbond would require you to cancel those 2 instalments left before thinking about asking for a new one. There are, however, some companies that allow refilling your loan with extra money under certain conditions. All the same, it’s recommended that you finish paying the first loan, to get some balance after asking more money.
Can I borrow 5000?
Yes! You can request Finbond for a loan from as low as 500 rands to as high as 20.000 rands. You just have to make sure your credit score is sufficiently good and present the documents you need to prove your personal information. This information includes where you live, what’s your monthly income, your identity and age.
Can I loan at FinBond with Postbank Card?
FinBond Mutual Bank is operated to benefit their own depositors. However, you don’t have to bank with FinBond in order to get approved. this means that if you already have another entity, you may apply and get the loan confirmation either way. The important points are to meet the requirements and to have proper credit score to afford the service.
I have a funeral, how can i pay for it?
You can sustain funeral expenditures by resorting to a Funeral Loan. For instance, you can contact ICS Credit and apply for their funeral assist, through which the company can offer you financial support to cover funeral services such as transportation of bodies, coffins, cremations and also the setting up of the graveside. You can access to special discounts by being a client of this company. I recommend you to phone them on 0870210776
If I take a r 2000 loan with Sanlam and pay it back in six months’ time, how much would I be paying per month, and what would be the total amount to pay back?
Unfortunately, Sanlam doesn’t offer such low amount of money as their minimum to ask is R 5000. However, if you need only r 2000, you can think about a payday loan. This kind of loan is thought for small amounts of money to repay in a short time. Cash Converters is one of the companies offering this loan.
I have a Sassa account which is my only source of income. Do I qualify?
Whether a client qualifies or not for a FinBond loan varies according to some key factors. Among them, for instance, we can mention the client’s source of income. If you have only one source of income, FinBond may find it a little difficult for you to pay for your monthly expenses and, cancelling the loan as you should. In other words, they may not see you as a qualified client for a loan.
Is it possible to get another loan if your existing loan is almost paid up
Sassa loan maximum term and amount what documents needed
Are the offices opening on saturday?
Looking to grow business
Can i qualify for a loan?
I just wanna know if its possible to get a loan from finbond if you get child support grand from sassa?
I'd like to know if i can apply for a loan with finbond bank
I want a loan for a farewell
I am currently your customer and would like to get a loan of up to r200000 to pay off my account with nedbank which is in arrears and all the other debts to have only one repayment. Is it possible to get one from the brits branch in the north west province?
Can u please contact me i have a problem nd i am a client of finbond can u pls cal me 0820532533
How much is the interest
I want to fix my car
I'm looking for s loan which l can afford to pay back
Is this process secure from fraudulent
Please can you put my loan up to r3000 started a business and i really need to register it and buy things for the place. My name is camillah muhammad
Hi i would like to know if i can get a loan with you all
Ican qualify 40000
How much money can i qualify for if its a first time
How macho is it per month
Personal loan please of r 60 000
For a loan of r3 000 for 12 months ,what is my instalment, i'm earning r2 500?
I want 3000 loan for six monks loan,how much am i going to pay every months for six months ,and all is how much is the intrest
Can i get a personal loan?
Can i qualify for a loan
My name is zukiswa makasi i have a child support grant with 3 children and i did have a loan with finbond can i apply again
Do i qualify
I want to borrow money for my debt
I was a client before but i have to go to eastern cape i think i still have a balance to pay but im not sure
I nomsa brenda ndlebe manner ineed lone now can you give me
Please :in serious need of a loan to the amount of r20 000 . Residing in upington and currently dealing with finbond in upington(local)according the staff my profile doesn't allows a term loan. Id:6601030050081 . Contact me :0635954534. Please help me. What can i do to get such an amount approved?
Can i borrow money from you,?

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