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Can I Obtain Personal Loans at Finbond Bank? Calculator and Application

Are you searching for loans so as to cover your financial needs? Did you know many companies can help you with that? You just have to find a reliable one. I know a company you can trust on, Finbond Bank.

   For that reason, in the article you are about to read I will give you information regarding this company and its Personal Loan, which is the most requested loans by South Africans. Apart from that, I will give you data about other company with similar loans, Sanlam. Finally, you will be given contact information of both companies. I recommend you to keep reading the article as you will profit from it a lot.



     Clients that apply for a Personal Loan with Finbond can ask from R 500 to R 20 000, amounts that can be financed either in the long or short term, that will depend on the client´s possibilities. All their loans are totally backed up by the South African Financial Services Institution.

     In order to have access to their loans you must possess a perfect credit record, so in order to make sure you are a responsible client, the company has established an agreement with the National Credit At of 2005 in the country.

    As said before, you have the possibility of asking from the minimal amount of R 500 to R 20 000 and you can ask for flexible repayment terms that extend up to 24 months, a lot. The interest rates of the loans are fixed by the company at the time of the application and signing the contract. Moreover, their loans are unsecured, which means you will not need to select any collateral to sever as the guarantee of the loan.

 How can you apply for a Finbond Loan?

-You can begin the application online or in person

-If you apply online, you just need to click on the section called “Apply now” and start the application procedure

-The company will appoint one of their members to guide you towards the whole lending process

-Once your application is approved by the company, you will get the money in your bank account

 Such money can be used for any purpose you have in mind, with no limitations. Most people make use of this Personal Loan so as to improve their properties, pay education fees, and pay bills at home.

     As regards the requirements for this loan, you must submit certain documentation, such as your certified ID, pay sips of no more than 3 months older, bank statements of no more than 3 months and a proof of residence.


This is another great choice, very similar to Finbond Bank in terms of loans and conditions.

What are the features of Sanlam´s Personal Loans?

-No limit as regards the use people give to the money given

-Having access to maximums of R 3000

-Possibility of increasing the loan with additional R 1000 per month

-Receiving the money of the loan in your personal bank account

Find the best loan of South Africa

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      All the different terms and conditions regarding this loan will appear in several languages, so that every client gets access to them and can fully comprehend the messages in the contract between the bank and the customer.

      Now, whenever he/she is ready, the client can decide to close the loan, with no limitations as regards periods of time.

      As a further benefit of operating with Sanlam, I would like to add the fact that in the company´s website you can make use of an online simulator whose function is the same as the one given to calculators.

Interested in requirements?

You will simply need to hand in different documentation such as your ID card, proof of residential address, employment statements from your boss and a proof of your income which states that your salary consists of more than R 2500. Also, remember that it is compulsory for you to be 18 years old or more.


Finbond Mutual Bank Contact Details

-You can apply for one of the company´s loans if you call their customer service on the following phone numbers: 086 000 4249 or 012 460 7288. You also have the chance of sending an SMS by typing the word “credit”. The phone number for sending that message is 45040.  By sending a message to that number a representative of the company will get in touch with you immediately.

-You can visit the company´s website so as to begin the application from there in a simple and fast way.

-You can go in person to one of the company´s offices in Porth Elizabeth located in the area of Korsten at the Standford Square. The exact address is 45 Cottrell Street.

-You can go to another physical office in East London, in the centre of the city. The exact address is Coronel Oxford and Terminus Street.

-There is an additional office in Johannesburg, in the area of Mashalltown. The exact address is 17 Harrison Street. It is located inside shop 4.

Sanlam Contact Details

-One of the physical offices of Sanlam in South Africa is located in Cape Town, inside the Maynard Mall, on the third floor of this centre. It is located in Wetton Road. There is another office in Bellvile, in the area of Eikenbosch, whose exact address is 55 Willie Van Schoor Avenue.

-You can also enter the company´s official website, so as to receive more details about their loans, begin an application and solicit for quotes based on your income. You can even obtain addresses of another physical offices of the company all over the country.

-You can also contact Sanlam by phone, if you decide to make a phone call to their free number designed for customer service, available to all South Africans:0861 44 00 44.   Please be patient and wait until one of their representatives answers your call, because in many cases many people phone and the lines tend to collapse.

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