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Are People from Pietermaritzburg Eligible for Personal Loans? Branches, Operating Hours and Rates

Is it time for a break and you don’t have enough money? Do you have to pay for children education? Are you thinking about buying a new car? If you live in Pietermaritzburg, the solution is just around the corner. After carefully investigating about the wide variety of companies that offer financial services in the city, we selected three so as to reveal as many details as possible: Standard Bank, African Bank and Nedbank. Here, we will show you loans, how to apply for them, information about rates and different financing options.

1. Personal loans granted by Standard Bank: Standard Bank lends money that can be used to afford whatever purchase, from furniture to vacations. With this company, you can ask for interest rates that go from en minimum of 10% to 25%. Interests and principals can be financed in periods that go from 12 to 60 months.

2. Personal loans granted by African Bank: this company lends amount of money that go from

R500 to R200000. The sum of money can be financed with interest rates that go 10.5% to 28%. Once you got the money and the interest rates calculated, you can repay the money in terms that go from 3 to 72 months.

3. Personal loans granted by Nedbank: the minimum amount of money that you can borrowed is of R1000 and the maximum can reach R200 000. You can use the money to buy PCs, to improve your home and even to cover unexpected expenses that appear on the road. Clients may choose among fixed or variable interest rates and financing periods that range from 1 to 5 years.

4. Consolidation loans granted by African Bank: if you already have a series of loans open and you are tired of due dates, African Bank will help you solve this problem. You will be able to combine all the loans and set one single due date. Payments terms go from eighteen to seventy-two months.

5. Home loans granted by Standard Bank: Standard Bank has a special program to finance home acquisition for first time buyers. It lends money for the 104% of the home value so that after paying the home, you will have 4% extra to finance extra charges. If you already have a home, you will just get the home value. In both cases, financing periods can last for 20 years and interest rates will never be higher than 24%.

6. Home loans granted by Nedbank: Nedbank not only lends money to finance home purchase, but is also offers programs to finance building. What is more, you can also borrow money to improve whatever room you what. Nowadays, you can choose either fixed or variable interest rates and financing terms can last up to 300 months.

7. Vehicle loans granted by Nedbank: as having a car is also part of personal needs, it is appropriate to include cars in this list. Nedbank offers loan to pay for new or second hand cars. The bank will require an initial deposit based on the model of the car. Financing periods available go from 1 to 6 years.

8. Business loans granted by Standard Bank: if you are thinking about how to improve business or there is a possibility of investment, you can count on these exclusive Standard Business loans. You can borrow money from a minimum of R50 000 and the maximum will be based on the assets you have to secure them.

Find the best loan of South Africa

9. Business loans granted by Nedbank: as Nedbank takes into account all the aspect of life, it also offers loans to finance business. You can use the money to fund your start up, or you can improve a current one with the most important benefits. Financing periods can reach up to 10 years.

Where is Standard Bank located in Pietermaritzburg?

There is an office of Standard Bank in the area of The Msunduzi. It is exactly located at 188 Longmarket Street. If you live nearby, please visit it, or call it by phone at 860 123 000.

What is the location of African Bank in the city?

There is a branch of African Bank in Capital Center. The exact address is 7 Longmarket Street. Should you prefer telephone help, please call 33 897 8400.

Where Can I Find an Office of Nedbank in Pietermaritzburg?

When it comes to Nedbank, there is a Nedbank Centre in the area of Wembley. It is on Boom Street. For telephone help, the exclusive line of the office is 33 355 3550.

                In addition to face to face interaction and phone assistance, the three companies offer application online. You just visit the official webpage, select the desired program and click on the corresponding bottom of “Online Application”. You will be redirected to another tab where you will have to complete a form and in a few minutes, money will be ready in your account. What is easiest than getting money from the comfort of your home?

                To sum up, from all the points developed above, it is possible to affirm that money shouldn’t be a problem for those who reside in Pietermaritzburg. There are many companies that work at its residents advantage so as to provide them with the money they need. Some of them are Standard Bank, African Bank and Nedbank. Don’t hesitate to select the one that have the most convenient programs for you, and go on… Make your dreams come true!

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Questions and Answers

When is online application available?
This service is available 24/7.
Are there programs to finance business?
Sure! Nedbank has convenient business loans.
Are financing terms flexible?
Yes, clients can choose what they prefer among the available limits.

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Find the best loan of South Africa