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Is There a Low budget Home Loan Available to Apply For?

    Low budget loans is a traditional financial firm that has set in the marketplace in 2004. It was generated by a succession of bankers whose major aim was to make sure customers could have access to bearable and consistent loans so as to cover their chief needs with their small budget.

    In the subsequent article, you will be given all the data you need regarding the loans found at this company, which can also be considered Home loans, since the company enables users to cover home needs with them.

Why should you pick Low budget Home loans?

-The company is devoted to making sure clients enjoy life

-Offers up-to-the-minute application processes for the yielding of funds

-Reasonable loans

-Unfailing loans

-Customers can apply for two loans at a time

-Transparent services are obtainable

-Accountable credits

-Loans are wholly secured by this institution: National Credit Regulator

-Terms and conditions of the credits are seen in the agreement

-It permits blacklisted customers to get admittance to its loans with no difficulties, as the company trusts that customers must be yield a second chance.

What are Low budget Home loans made of?

    This is a company whose chief loans are low budget loans, those that be attained by the different employees of the country that are searching for financial support when stuffs at home are not doing fine and money is not abundant. Such loans are described by their transparency, because the customer will constantly be offered comprehensive information concerning each facet of the credit as well as the many rights that the future client has access to.

    Now on the subject of the uses Low budget Loans are given, I must first make reference to the fact that numerous customers find relief in these loans because they can effortlessly amalgamate their debts and must not wait a long period of time for the endorsement of the application. Another frequent use is seen when a business proprietor is trying to make the company enlarge in the marketplace, state in which new pieces of equipment and physical offices are required. Consequently, Low budget Loans can serve for personal purposes and constitute a Home loan, as it happens with people that want to build their first home or expand their summer house. And, it can also serve business purposes.

In the following list you have the different loans available in this firm:

1. Quick cash loan

2. Online loan

3. Instant loan

4. Urgent loan

5. Home loan

Regarding the application, it is essential that you know it is a fast procedure.

 I will now explain some of the features of Low budget Loans:

-Low budget Home loans can make clients acquire as much as R 3000 00 but there are smallest amounts accessible, for instance R 1 000.

-Customers can commence online application, meaning they do not need to go to a physical agency of the company and wait many hours in line

-Customers can start using the calculator and obtain detailed data about repayments and fees.

- Customers are always offered financing periods of 180, but this period of time can be extended with the aim of benefiting the customer

-Short Term loans can be extremely helpful for any kind of need the customer cannot cope with its income

-Interest rate is forbidden to surpass this percentage: 60%

Summaryzing, customers can attain this minimum: R1000 or a maximum of: R 3000. The application steps will take less than 5 minutes and it works like this: the consumer visits the company´s website and clicks on the application section.  Super easy, you see?

Now, focus on the requirements for Home loans:

-Being employed in a full time period

-Having a perfect credit record

-Holding a photo of your ID book

-Not having debts when starting the application

 -Current pays lips and bank reports

-Evidence of your place of residence

    If you are attracted to knowing how much cash you have access to in terms of  affordability or how many payments will you make in the future, you must enter the firm´s webpage and complete the form with your personal and financial information. And if you want a thorough description of such examination of affordability, the calculator can also give you data regarding interest rates and additional fees the company has set. Please recall that the diverse facts you see are well-defined by the National Credit Act, which is an act that guards every loan contracted in the country.

Let me show you with an illustration how the calculator functions, since it is really simple to use:

 If you wish to get R 1000, the company will suggest three repayments and the tariffs will be R 399.61. That rate also comprises the interest rate. So, you will end up paying this amount: R 1399.

Contact Information of Low budget Home loans

    If you are in extremely need of money because you must cover your basic needs and you are exhausted of not knowing which business to call since you don’t trust on them, let me tell you Low budget is an ideal company to take into consideration. Take note to the different means of communication that you can use to communicate effectively with their associates:

-You can send an email to the memberships of the company with the aim of asking for more information about Home loans. The email address is this

-You can also telephone the firm by dialing up its free phone number, which empowers clients to communicate irrespective of not having credit in their cellphones. This is the number for such call: 086 107 3072. Please dial the numbers and wait until one of the representatives answers your call.

-You can also go yourself in person to one of the company´s physical headquarters. In this table you have all the essential information:


R 3000 is the maximum

Interest Rate

Fixed and flexible

Telephone Number

012 -809 -0333


Park: Lombardy Business. Unit 24. Graham.

Working Hours

From: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Statements from the bank, proof of residence, pays lips, ID

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