Apply for your Konga Loan | Fast – Simple Calculator

Apply for your Konga Loan | Fast - Simple Calculator

Are you the kind of person that has everything under control? Your house is in order, your car is as new as the first day you got it, your work is done in proper time and your bills are never behind. All of a sudden, your car might get broken, for instance, and as you need to fix it, yo start jumbling with bills. Before you have a panic attack, I want to tell you the easiest solution to that: a payday loan. Here, you’ll read about Konga Loan which is a company perfectly prepared to help you keep everything under control in the most unexpected scenario.

First thing first, you might be wondering what is a payday loan? Briefly explained, this loan is issued for a rather small sum of money to repay it in just a month, that is to say, when you receive your paycheck. So, you can use it to take care of that unforeseen circumstance.

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Is Konga Loan Legit?

The most important detail to pay attention to when asking for any kind of loan is to know that company is working on legal terms. In order to know this, you have to check if that company is registered. As regards Konga Loan, they are registered under NCA so you can ask them a loan knowing you are in good hands. The main advantage is that the cost of your loan will not be higher than what is established by law.

Is it true that Konga Loans are fast to get?

Yes! This is true. The fact that Konga works online allows them to offer a quick service online when South Africans apply for a loan. Besides, they worry about improving such service to make applications more and more easy for their clients. Clearly, they are aware of the fact that those who look for payday loans are usually in a hurry to get the funds and so, they do everything they can to speed things up.

Sure, there’re 2 steps you can take in order to accelerate the process before requesting the loan:

1- If you check you have all documents Konga asks for, you will save time.

2-Calculating your loan quote will show you the cost of it which will help you think about changing the amount of money borrowed to fit your budget. Remember it’s essential you are sure you can pay the loan on time.

To focus on this last step, I will show you an example:

If a client asks for R1900 and, cancels the loan in just 10 days, that client might pay around R2300. But, if he or she pays for it in the maximum loan term, 35 days, the cost might reach up to R2400. This way, you can see if you should take a higher or lower amount of money, and if you can repay it earlier or not.

How does Konga Loan application work? Can I complete the application form online?

Luckily for you, I can help you to go over this process in the fastest way. You can click on the “COMPARE” button you’ll find on this page and start your online application at Konga. Also, you can compare other banks’ options to check if Konga Loans has the best rate for you.

The form you need to complete will request you some information related to your identity and your job income. Then, they also need some basic information about how you manage your salary. They do this for two specific reasons:

  • First, they have to verify you can repay the loan.

  • Second, they offer 4 different tiers depending on that information. You might be on one of these categories: Start, Silver, Gold or Vip

What are Konga Loans’ terms and conditions?

When a lending entity offers cash credits, there are certain features that work in a specific way. Each company decides how to lend money and the terms for the transaction. I’ve told you already, this company issues payday loans and because of that these are the principal characteristics of loans at Konga:

  • The longest repayment term reaches up to 35 days.

  • The process is carried out online.

  • The requirements are as simple as proving your regular wage.

  • The interest rate is charged per day.

Now, I should refer to the different categories I mentioned in the previous question as they are related to how Konga loan terms work. Firstly, you will always begin on Start as new client. Then, while you continue using Konga services, you will update your category. Bear in mind, it will occur only if you are responsible on your loan payment. The benefit is that as you go higher on your tier, you’ll be allowed to enjoy from higher loan amounts and longer terms.

Konga 24 Loans: Reviews

To close this article, I can focus on Konga Loans reviews. I have provided you with how these loans work and the most important features, and now you will have some opinions about this company:

Payday loan companies tend to work in a similar way. You take the money and cancel it in just few days. However, at Konga you’ll find they have some special characteristics that can make a great difference. Focusing on their tiers, you know you can have some great benefits if you cancel the credit on due time. Then, having a fast loan procedure is always an advantage when you are looking for a payday loan. Finally, Konga loans simple requirements are a plus. As long as you are a legal citizen of our country owning a bank account in South Africa, you are welcome to apply for one of these loans. Of course, remember you need to have documents supporting that information.

To conclude, there’s no reason for you to worry about an unexpected event complicating your perfectly controlled life. By just asking Konga Loan for help, you can solve any kind of problem and keep on with your daily routine. As you are the one in charge of making the final decision, you can read about other companies before deciding: Cash Converters and Cash Crusaders both offer this type of loan, for example. Besides, I’ll be glad to answer any specific question you have about Konga to help you decide.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Will I get the money the same day I apply?

Yes! Konga works as fast as issuing the loan as soon as you apply. They can send the money to your bank account in few minutes.

What’s the interest rate for a Konga loan?

Konga charges 0.16% on their interest rate. Don’t forget, you will pay that interest rate per each day your loan lasts.

Can I take just R500?

Yes, Konga loan quotes start on R300. The maximum loan quote, though, is limited for new clients. However, you can expand that limit if you pay your first loan with no problem.

Can I use a number that my wife registered with? Cause she didn't take the loan and my phone is still on repairs so we are using the same phone at the moment

If you have already registered with a number at Konga in order to apply for a loan, you are advised to make use of the same cell phone number and account. Otherwise, you will have to create a new account and register a new number, different from the one your wife registered with.

Can Konga Loan lend money to military personnel?

Of course, Konga Loan can lend money to military personnel as this company offers cash credit instantly by providing an online service. One of the main requirements is to provide the right documentation, such as proof of income, a valid South African ID and a South African bank account where the money can be deposited. 

Why do you ask for banking app pin?

Please, be careful about sharing personal information such as your banking app pin. The well-known financial company Konga offers payday loans, which works by using an online platform. This company works on legal terms and is registered under NCA. Usually, they will not ask for this kind of sensitive detail. You should verify the legitimacy of the request. 

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