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Are there Investec Home Loans Available? Contact Information and Features

    Investec Bank, one of the leading banking companies in your country, South Africa, has designed a variety of loans in order to satisfy not only your business needs but also your personal ones. For that reason, I will show you all their loans available, among which can find Home Loans.

    I will start this article by focusing on the company´s Home Loans, which are the most recommended for clients looking for affordable properties. But after that, I will expand on the other loans, which can serve as a complement of a Home Loan and can help you with further purchases of assets, vehicles and so on. Finally, I will give you the contact information of Investec.


A Home Loan is designed to be one that will suit you the need of possessing a wonderful house or even making your own house even better than it is.

I will list now the different features of an Investec Home Loan:

-The company can give you access to the totality of the property chosen

-Financing terms are usually adapted to your financial circumstances

-Interest rates are fixed by the bank and remain fixed throughout the whole finance

-You have freedom to pay for all the costs generated by the company whenever you are able to

-There is an application procedure that can be carried out in only some hours

-There is a 24/7 customer service available, to assist and help you in the whole process of lending

-There exists a monthly fee you are in charge of financing, but it can be easily waived by the bank

-You are given access to an additional bank account with Investec

-The company gives you certain freedom when it comes to making transfers to other clients. Moreover, you have access to the funds you possess in an online way

-You can make use of any portion of the facility you own that has not been used before

-You can finance beneficiaries from home, without having to go in person to the bank´s physical office

Having said that, I will show you how the other loans can effectively help you with further needs you may experience:


     With Personal Loans you are free to purchase any type of asset you have in mind, be that a car, another property or any other asset that costs lots of money and you cannot afford on your own. Moreover, this loan can be really useful when it comes to improving yourself as a professional.

     If you are interested in buying a car, for instance, the company can really support you with their Personal Loan. Or, you can purchase equipment, appliances and more.

     Personal Loans are divided into three loans: the Asset Finance, the Motor Vehicle Finance and the Specialised Finance for Investment Purposes, all of which will suit a particular need.



      As you can probably expect from its name, with this loan you have chances of buying any assets you would like to afford. The interest rates will be fixed and the financing periods are always adapted to you, which I guarantee you are very convenient. With such money you can buy a new office for your business, a vehicle, equipment and so on. These assets can be helpful not only for your business life but also for your personal life, as you can buy for instance, a boat in order for your summer holidays. There is also a list, in the company´s website, with further assets which are not so common but the company wants you to afford and enjoy them without worrying about money.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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   When it comes to the payment options for Asset Loans, you need to know that each payment is fixed and will always be defined according to your financial situation. Furthermore, the surplus cash will be beneficial to you, since it will mean paying less interest rates in the long run.


     This is the finance recommended for clients that already know what kind of car will satisfy their desires. They can buy any type of car they want, from a really costly and new car to a second hand car. These cars can be used for your personal or your professional needs.

You will need to pay installments which are fixed and will be determined by the money you possess when applying for the loan, so your financial status plays an important role. You can even withdraw money from the bank, make as many deposits as you desire and also start using mobile banking.

There is an advantage of applying for this loan that has to do with points the bank gives you, which translate as important discounts. What is more, if you choose McCarthy as your car dealer, the company can give you up to 200, 00 points.


     This loan enables clients to make many investments, by reducing its risks and also paying for the lowest rates possible. Moreover, clients have the chance of observing how the liquidity of the investments is dramatically reduced due to the support of Investec.

With such finance you have the opportunity of acquiring a property for commercial purposes, buying a new place for your business or even holding the needs your current business is experiencing.

Now, although you will not find an online calculator in the company´s webpage, I can give you the different rates corresponding to the company, so that you know beforehand what to expect from them:

The Prime Lending Rate is usually of about10.50%. The Investec Mortgage Rate is also 10.50% and the Investec Jibar Linked Lending Base Rate consists of only 8.41%.

Contacting information of Investec

-You can make a phone call to the company by dialing up: 0860 110 161. There is a further phone line if you are calling from another country: 27 11 286 9663.

-You can gain complete access to the company´s official website where you can direct emails or request the company to contact you.

-You can go in person to its main office in Johannesburg situated in the area of the wonderful Sandton, whose exact address is the following: 100 Grayston Dr.

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Questions and answers

Can I pay for the loan in cash?

It is better by automatic deduction

Is mobile banking available?

Yes it is

Is the company open on Sundays?

No, only on weekdays

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