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What Are the Investect Bank Loans Available in Petroria? Branches and Interest Rates

Are you a citizen from Petroria? Is it time to recover financial stability? Stop wondering how! Here you have all the help you need. Actually, in this article you we will show you how to get the financial aid from Investec Bank in Pretoria, describing where to located branches, what are the results of calculators and how much interest you will pay.

                Investec was funded in 1974, and since that year, it has become one of the essential banking groups of South Africa. Fortunately, it offers loans to pay not only for personal but also for business needs with the most convenient financing. What is more, we will also develop some lines to other lending programs available in Pretoria, with their respective information about interest rates and financing.

Where Are Offices of Investec in Pretoria?

Fortunately, since it was created, Investec Bank has been expanding its frontiers and Pretorias has not been an exception. In fact, in this city, there is a branch of Investec in the corner or Atterbury Road and Klarine Street, in Menlo Park. You can all to the exclusive line of the office in the same time table: 12 427 8300. There is also another phone line open for general questions and comments that is 0860 110 161. In case you call from abroad, please dial up 27 11 286 9663.

                Let’s take a look at the wide variety of lending option that Pretoria’s residents have at hand from Investec:


With these exclusive loans for homes, you can borrow money to either buy a new home or to restore one you already have. Please note that you will be given the 100% of the value of your home financed. As far as financing is concerned, interest rates are competitive and financing terms can be adapted to personal budget. What is more, there are some initiation costs included that you can cover whenever you feel like. There are also some minimum monthly fees applied so as to cover administration fees.


With this kind of loans, you can borrow money to finance to finance whatever need that you might need. In fact, you can spend the money in a new car, to buy new properties or any other assets.


In addition to personal loans, if it happens to buy a vehicle, you can resort to exclusive vehicle loans. With this lending program, you can finance the purchase from luxurious car to special trucks with the most convenient interest rates. Of course you can acquire vehicle used for personal needs or business loans. In order to finance the lending program, there are fixed rates available with flexible term options.


As personal life is not the area of life that needs financial aid, we will also include in this post some loans related to business. In fact, Petroria’s citizens have the possibility of financing any asset that will be used in business so as not to avoid falling behind their competitors. There are interest rates and financing periods more than affordable that can be used to finance high purchases. Among the assets available, you can choose updated equipment, vehicles and even offices.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Have you just got your degree? Do you have to plan how to start your career? Don’t think about it anymore. Contact the bank as soon as possible and get money to buy necessary equipment, to rent offices or even more!

Other loans in Pretoria

6. Business Term Loans by Mercantile

It is a program that you can apply for if you have the opportunity to buy new equipment for business. It is important to highlight there Mercantile’s rates are fixed, for you can make stable payments during an agreed term.

7. Business Overdraft by Mercantile

This is an exclusive program that can be used to protect your account. In case you exceed the amount available, you don’t have to worry about it. The bank is ready to finance the extra money you need!

8. Car loans by Bidvest Bank

Exclusive lending programs for vehicles are really convenient. In fact, with Bidvest Bank, you can finance the purchase of vehicles of any kind in periods of up to 72 months.

9. Personal Loans by Bidvest Bank

In order to finance personal needs, there are personal loans for different sums of money to pay for education, to finance medical needs and so on. There are interest rates as low as 10.5% and financing periods that go range from 1 to 6 years.

10. Personal Loans by Nedbank

With Nedbank, you can finance homes in up to 300 payments and get from R1000 to R200 000 to pay for any other need in up to five years.

Contact information about the other banking companies

                An office of Mercantile can be located at 477 Charlotte Maxeke Street. For telephone assistance, please call 12 327 4671.

                A branch of Bidvest can be found in the Centurion Corporate Hub on Embankment Road.  You can also contact the office by phone dialing up 012 683 2620.

                In the case of Nedbank, in Pretoria, there is an office located in the corner of Church and Thabo streets. Please go during the week or on Saturday -only in the morning.

                To conclude, there is no way to keep on thinking about to finance any special need. You can count on the financial help of Investec Bank to afford not only personal but also professional assets. What is more, there are other companies in the city that also work at citizens’ advantage, such as Mercantile, Bidvest and Nedbank. Select the most suitable for you and go ahead!

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Questions and answers

Shall I pay initial charges?

Yes, there are some initial costs in Investec Bank.

Can I contact the bank from other countries?

Sure! Please call 27 11 286 9663.

Is there any office open on Sunday?

No, they aren’t.

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Nedbank has really low interest rates.

Investec representatives are highly specialized.

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