Betterlife Home Loan – Apply for a fast and practical loan

Betterlife Home Loan - Apply for a fast and practical loan

If you’re eager to stop paying rent and buy your own home, I will help you by referring to one of the most popular companies in South Africa when it comes to getting home loans. I’m talking about BetterLife Group. As they have come a long way, they have made it possible to offer citizens all kinds of financial services. Because our main interest are loans, I will focus on this product. Actually, you’ll read about BetterLife Home loans, and also, about personal loans they offer.

What happens after I complete my BetterBond home loan application form?

Completing a loan application is not something difficult to understand. All you have to do is to provide the entity information about your identity, job and finances. But what happens after doing it? Well, that depends on the company you’re asking the loan to. At BetterBond, it goes like this: once your information is sent, they read it to check the requirements are satisfied, and they present the application to many banks on your name. They do this without extra cost for you. After that, those banks go over your application to study if you can be a possible client to give a loan to and, if you are, they submit you a loan offer. The result of this process is you’ll have few or several loan offers to choose from. That decision should be made based on the specific requirements each bank asks and, mostly, on the interest rate and terms they set for your home loan. This way, you can choose a loan offer you think is reasonable.

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Is there a special bond calculator I should use to get a BetterBond loan in South Africa?

As taking a home loan involves a lot of paperwork and fees, there are many sorts of loan calculators to use before choosing your home loan provider.

  • There’s, for instance, a calculator that shows you an estimate of your monthly instalments and the total cost of your home loan based on the purchase price of the house.

  • Another home loan calculator can help you know your loan budget to stick to it. Taking your monthly salary into account and your normal expenses, you’ll know how much money can you ask for your home loan.

Those are the most known home loan calculators, but there are other options too:

  • You can have information about the transfer cost for your bond.

  • If you can’t decide whether you prefer making a deposit on your home loan, you can make up your mind after you use a deposit savings calculator.

  • Besides, making additional payments can also be calculated beforehand.

All these home loan simulators are of great use when analyzing your options.

BetterLife Home Loans, how about client’s reviews?

About BetterBond reviews, there are a lot to pay attention to. On one side, I have gathered some comments that refer to the friendly and polite service BetterBond’s assistants offer. Their customers say they’ve taken the time to explain everything to make sure there are no misunderstanding in the home loan procedure.

In addition, having a pre-approval from BetterBond home loans when applying is a plus. Credit providers trust on BetterLife Group and so it makes loans approval easier.

Which is better if I compare SA Home Loans vs BetterBond to get my bond?

We all know how beneficial it is to compare products and loan providers when starting the bond search. There’s another great option, SA Home Loans, many South Africans choose, so applicants usually try to compare these 2 entities. The thing is, you are the one who must detect which is better for you. Let’s see what you can get at SA Home Loans:

  • many types of loans to meet multiple home loan related needs.

  • there are home loans offered for any kind of applicant: first time buyers, low income workers, and more.

  • special products to repay the home loan on 30 years, or a variable interest rate, for example.

The only way to decide which of these entities is better to get a loan for your house is to perfectly know what are you looking for.

Is it True BetterBond also offer personal loans?

Yes, it is! BetterLife also offers personal loans. BetterBond works with Direct Axis to issue their personal loans, so you know you are in good hands. If you earn R5000 minimum, you can qualify for a personal loan at BetterBond. Of course, I assume you’re old enough and residing in South Africa. Remember, you always need documents to support this information.

A good feature to highlight is that, as BetterBond grants fixed personal loans, your payments won’t change along the way.

What are BetterLife Home Loans contact details?

Finally, I want to give you contact information to get in touch with the company if you need to. Let’s see some of their branches around the country.

  • BetterLife home loans in Bloemfontein: You might go to Collins Road number 7 or dial the number 430 – 7888.

  • If you need a home loan or a personal loan in Port Elizabeth, there’s a BetterLife office in Regency House which is located at 35a 3° Avenue.

  • Another main city, Johannesburg, has also a BetterLife home loan branch. Those living here will find it in the first floor of Wiltenel Building located in the corner of Kingfisher and Duiker Street.

  • In Durban, on the other hand, BetterLife home loan branch is placed at 95 Musgrave Road.

  • Centurion is another city where you’ll find a BetterLife home loan office. It’s placed at 1257 Embankment Road. Once there, you need to go up to the first floor.

  • In Cape Town, you can go to Waterford Place and find block 4 to reach BetterLife home loan office.

  • At last, BetterLife home loan in East London is at 10a Smart Road.

BetterLife Group has proved to be efficient when it comes to offering loans. No matter if you want a home loan to get a new house or a personal loan to pay for smaller things, you can have them in mind. Just remember that if you understand how home loans work, you’ll understand which is your best option. So, in case you have doubts, please leave it here so I can help you.

Preguntas Frecuentes

How can I contact the bank on a Sunday?

In their website

Is automatic deduction charged?

No it is not

Can I phone during the morning?

Yes you can

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