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Can Krugersdorp Citizens Get Bayport Loans? Information and Application

   Are you one of those clients that reside in Krugersdorp? Are you looking for financial help? Thanks God you arrived here, you will be given complete data about financial support. How is that? Through one of the most successful companies in terms of lending programs, Bayport. This company happens to be present in Krugersdorp, which is why in this article you will receive tons of information regarding their three loans and also the contact information so as to communicate with them right away and start enjoying the life you deserve.



What can you get from a Short Term Loan?

With this loan, you can easily finance daily expenses such as the ones you spend your money on by going to the hospital when you are ill, funeral expenses when someone dies or even paying for emergency costs when there is an accident. The good thing is that those costs can be covered in the short time, and you will end financing the loan in no more than 9 months.


This is the preferred loan by most clients since it does not represent lots of time to finance the loan but at the same time the client is not given only a couple of months. In this case, the client is given about 2 years, but it can choose periods of 1 years as well.

What type of uses can clients give to this loan?

-Paying expenses

-Financing medical bills at the doctor

-Financing medicine

-Paying school tuition

-Paying airline tickets and expenses



I believe the most important aspect of this loan is that clients are given total freedom when it comes to the repayments, since they have periods of 60 months, but of course they have available periods of 36 as well. As the client has more time, the amount of money is higher, which means that it can be used to buy the car the client always wanted to possess, a new house in the beach and more. It also happens that some clients buy new furniture for their homes or even offices if they have a business and they want to expand it on the market. So, for big purchases as the ones mentioned before, you can rely on this Long Term Loan provided by Bayport to the citizens of Krugersdorp.

Now, let’s move to one of the most interesting part when it comes to obtaining one of the loans mentioned above: The application for a Bayport Personal Loan.

There are certain things you need to know about the application:

-The client has access to a personal online calculator in Bayport´s official website so as to check affordability and determined installments, periods of financing and additional information corresponding to their loans.

-It can be done in person at one of the company´s offices or in their website, where the client is being offered a simple form to complete with personal and financial information

-The company will let the client know in a matter of minutes if it is qualified or not for a loan

-The money will be deposited after notifying the client of its eligibility.


As you probably know, this company, as any other company that offers loans, will request you to submit your personal documentation as your ID, bank statements and pays lips that constitute financial documentation. Moreover, you will be asked to gather information related to your job, so that the company is aware of your income and how much money you have available so as to sustain the loan you have chosen at the beginning of the application.

Before giving you the contact information of this company let me briefly mention how their calculator works, so that after reading the article you can try it on their website:


The moment you enter the company´s website you will observe an online calculator, which has the aim of giving you precise information about your affordability and help you decide which loan will suit your needs best and solve your financial problems. For example, if you want to ask the company for R 50 000 and you need about 3 years to finance it, the company will make you pay installments of R 2500, which of course are monthly ones. That means, that in three years you will finish financing the loan.


-You can communicate with this financial company by phone, if you choose to dial up the next number from your house: 087 287 4000. Remember this is a free number, thus the lines gets collapsed so you might have to wait a couple of minutes until their representatives answer your call. Be patient!

-You can send an email to the company and wait until they read it and give you the final response to it. The email address is the following one: If you have already started with the application, this email address will be completely useful so as to send the documentation they ask you to.

-There is a fax number available to you as well, so keep it close: 086 634 8360.

-Inside the company´s webpage, apart from having access to the calculator I mentioned, you can begin the application, look for additional information about loans and also data about other financial tools available at this company.

Now, in the following chart let me give you information about Bayport´s office in Krugersdorp, so that you can contact the company in person:


From R 50 000

Interest Rate


Telephone Number



Krugersdorp, inside the Standard Bank Building. 39 Human Street

Working Hours

From 08:00 am to 08:00 pm, only on weekdays


Your personal and financial documentation in order

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Bayport together with the National Credit Act

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