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Where Can I Find Offices of Bayport in East London? Requierement, Possible Quotes and Contact Information

Are you in East London? Are you in need of money? It is time to find out the best solution for you and your family: Bayport. This company has been in the South African market for more than ten years in an attempt to help citizens to improve their lives. It offers customized services to its clients so that they can fulfil their potential, either in their personal life or in their business. Nowadays, there are near 500 offices all around the world, with exclusive ones in our country, especially in East London. Here, you will collect information you need about Bayport loans, including rates, possible quotes, addresses and requirements.

Can I Find Bayport Representatives in East London?

As many cities of South Africa, there is a branch of this important institution so that its citizens can visit for more personalized attention. Actually, the address Buffalo Street and Union Street (a corner in the city). Let me tell you that representatives are available during the week and in weekend only up to midday. At weekends, they are available from 8.30 in the morning to midday. During the same hours of attention, there is phone line open which is +27 43 492 0408. You can even schedule a visit!  

Is There Any Other Way to Contact the Company?

Sure! First, take advantage of the internet. For assistant through this medium, don’t hesitate to write to the following address: Another address available for exclusive South African’s citizens is Another way to contact the bank is by phone. Call 087 287 4000 and get assistance from well-prepared staff members. You can also take advantage of the fax line, which is 086 634 8360.

               Let’s take a look now at the five different lending options that you can choose to improve you quality of life:

- Personal loans: with this program, you can obtain money to build your dream home, or even renovate your current one. What is more, you can use it to consolidate any other loan you have so as to avoid being burden with debts. The maximum amount of money you can borrow is R120 000.

- Long term loans: the advantage of this program is you will get the money by cash. The money will be ready so that you can buy a new car or even invest in business. Financing periods go from 36 months to 60 months.

- Medium term loans: with this loan you will also obtain the money by cash, but the period for paying it back will be shorter. In fact the possibilities go from a minimum of one year months to a maximum of fpur years. The money can be used to pay for education fees, to buy products for farming, to make business grow or even to change furniture at home.

- Short term loans: this is another quick cash solution that can be used to afford any unexpected fee, a funeral, medical charges, weddings and even more. You can also use the money to invest in crop planting. The only requirement is that you have to pay off the loan in 9, 6, 3 or only 1 month.

- Byport Micro Group Lending: this is an option for those who are willing to attend group classes. It consists of a course of about 6 months, where there are between 15 and 30 members learning how to run a group together. Once the course finishes, members will be able to apply for loan from GHS 100. If the members of the whole group pay their loans on time, GHS can increase up to 2700.

- Baypor Micro Asset-finance loans: are you a business person? Do you have a transport business? If it is time to buy an asset for your enterprise, go head. You can sign a lease agreement with Bayport so as you can get a vehicle that will successfully improve your income while repaying it. Please bear in mind that one the loan is paid, the vehicle will belong to the driver.  

How Can I Apply for a Bayport Personal Loan and Which Are the Requirements?

Applying for a Bayport loan in really easy. You can resort to any of the options mentioned above, or you can choose online application. In fact, you visit the official webpage, and fill in the application with your name, surname, phone number and a consultant will contact you as soon as possible to continue with the process. As far as requirements are concerned, there are certain documents that are essential. First, you need a bank account and consequently, the last three bank statements so as to guarantee that it is operating. Secondly, you need recent pay slips so as to show that you have a steady income that will let you pay the monthly quote. And last but not least, you need a copy of your ID to prove you are a South African’s citizens.

Let’s see now a char where you can find the main details about the loans and the Bayport itself :


around R 120 000

Telephone Number for assistance

087 287 4000

Address in East London

Crn of Buffalo Street and Union Street

Working Hours

From 8.30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon

Financing Periods

From 1 to 60 months


Last pay slips, last bank statements, South African ID

Online Application


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               To sum up, let me tell you that living in East Loan can be really advantageous since Bayport is at hand. In fact, you can receive money either in your bank account or in your hands meeting just a few requirements. Will you continue waiting to make your dreams come true? Borrow the money you need and enjoy they life you and your family deserve.

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