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What Are the Contact Details and Telephone Numbers of Santam Car Insurance?

Santam Car Insurance Contact Details and Telephone Number

Are you tired of shopping around for your car insurance? Are you getting a lot of information yet still doubtful about your options? Get in touch with Santam insurance and things might get easier and safer.

Why Should I Choose Santam?

Santam is a long-experienced insurance company that has been in the South African market since 1918. It is widely known for its prudent approach to vehicle insurance. They always carry their umbrella, just in case of a casual rain. Read this article to find out how to contact the company and learn more about what it has to offer.

How to Get Started?

You have at your disposal many ways to get in touch with Santam from the comfort of your home. This company has been around in the market for almost a hundred year and knows how to be in close contact with its clients. Its online presence includes their user-friendly webpage,, professional LinkedIn profile and their own insurance app for Andriod and Apple. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinedIn and Youtube. They are quite concerned about advising drivers and those insured to help them be safe and stay safe.

Santam's Headquarters and Offices

Santam has its head office in South Africa at 1 Sportica Crescent, Tyger Valley, Bellville (7530). It also has a regional office in Sandton at 11 Alice Lane (building 2), Sandton (2196), South Africa. And its second head office is located in Namibia, Nr 1 Ausspann Platz Complex, Dr. Agostinho Neto Road, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek.

The offices contact numbers are:

  • Bellville head office: 021 915 7000

  • Sandton regional office: 011 912 8000

  • Namibia head office: 00264-61-2928000

Contact Information and Details

- Phone Alternatives

For the sake of bringing efficiency to their customer services, Santam has separate lines for separate concerns. Whether you would like to learn about the personal insurance, commercial insurance or agricultural insurance, you will get to talk to a specialized representative on the phone. You can also leave your feedback, both compliments and complaints, dial the claims and emergency line and contact the short-term insurance Ombudsman. The customer service lines are:

  • Personal Insurance: 0860 444 444

  • Commercial Insurance: 0860 558 003

  • Agriculture Insurance: 0860 247 400

  • Complaints and Compliments: 0860 102 725

  • SOS claims and emergency line: 0860 505 911/ 011 853 6681. This line is available 24/7.

  • Short-term insurance Ombudsman: 0860 558 003


A webpage worth checking out

All the company contact information is displayed on the Contact us section of their webpage, easy to visualize and read. It is also categorized according to the reason why you would like to contact them. This speeds up the processing and settlement of your enquires. The online options are available to clients and non-clients to do any of the following:

  • Get an insurance quote

  • Leave comments

  • Make an enquiry

  • Submit a claim

  • Amend your insurance policy

  • Refer someone

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- Santam App with BE SAFE functionality

Access information and insurance services on the go with Santam app. It is available for Android and Apple users. You never know when and where you will need your insurer to cover you and keep you safe. So have your insurance app handy. It is organized into three functions:

1. Be Safe: This option allows you to stay in contact with your family, friends and anyone you choose. It allows you to opt for sharing location information, sending alerts and sharing your schedule. Are you going on holidays? Are you away for the weekend? This might be a good idea to take the necessary safety precautions.

2. Accident & incident reporter: This tool can be used to inform and document accidents directly to the company with no delay. It allows for actions such as recording audio messages, uploading pictures of the incident and calling the police. With this functionality, you can initiate your claiming process right after you had the accident.

3. Drive-in centre locator: This feature gives you instant information about the location of repair centres in South Africa partnering with Santam. You can have your car assessed at a basic drive-in centre or have it both assessed and repaired on a dual assessment centre. This will avoid you the hassle of having to look for available car centres and will definitely facilitate the processing of your claim.

- More options? Check out social networks

Over 24000 people follow Santam on Facebook; it has almost 12000 followers on Twitter; Santam 1001 days campaign on Youtube has over 280000 views with their last video published 2 days ago with over 550 views. Santam is not concerned about the insurance you get for your car, but on making sure you, your property and your business are safe. The Santam 1001 days campaign, for instance, is an opportunity to get real advice from entrepreneurs for your own start-up. It has been created following the belief that the first 1000 days of a new company represent the greatly challenging period.

- Santam Card?

Just a short note on this interesting option you may want to consider. With Santam, personal line clients can have their own insurance cards for non-motor claims. Claims payments and cash-backs can be loaded to your card. If you have any enquires relating this car contact Tutuka on 0861 111 234. For claims queries, call Santam's call centre on 0860 505 911 as shown before.

Summing up

Santam knows well how to keep the client informed, safe and satisfied. Their worry-free insurance services ensure you will be able to contact the company at any time, from wherever you might be. Their customer service lines are well organized, the same as the webpage Information is visually displayed to allow for an easy and quick reading. Besides, as a differentiating asset, Santam fosters the permanent communication with the clients through interesting articles, videos and tips on driving and being insured.

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Questions and answers

Can I get a quote online?

By selecting the Get quote option, you can leave your contact information to be contacted by Santam.

Do they ask for your ID on the Get quote option online?

No, you will only need to provide your full name, e-mail address and phone number.

Who are personal lines clients?

Personal lines clients are those insured with car insurance, home contents insurance, building insurance or watercraft insurance.

Please supply me with your claims dept telephone number, thanks.

The claims telephone number of Santam is the following one and functions on a daily basis from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm : 0860 444 444

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