How to Choose Car Insurance? | Tips to Get the Best Price

How to Choose Car Insurance? | Tips to Get the Best Price

How to choose car insurance? This is such a typical and frequent question that we tend to ask at some moment in our lives. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account when choosing vehicle insurance in South Africa. In this article you will clear all your doubts regarding what car insurance is, what does it cover, what to take into account, which are the requirements needed, whether it is compulsory and other frequently asked questions so that you can choose vehicle insurance with all the information possible. Let us begin with what it is.

Car insurance, where to start?

It can be quite hard to find a unique option when there are so many in the market or you to choose from. First things first, you need to know your insurance options to decide in a wiser way. Each company has its own policies, benefits and features. The more you know, the easier will be for you to pick an insurance option.

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What is car insurance?

Before we start showing you the different alternatives the market has to offer, every client should be acquainted with what car insurance is. Basically, it is financial protection given to you in case an accident takes place or your vehicle is damaged somehow. There are many options available of coverage and different ways to afford it. It works as a contract between the insurance company chosen and the person asking for insurance. In case of theft or an accident, the company will protect you against financial loss. You can access coverage for:

  • Medical: this has to do with possible funeral expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation and the treatment of injuries

  • Liability: this has to do with the legal responsibility you have towards others.

  • Property: in case they steal your vehicle or they damage it.

Coverage in general is priced in an individual way to allow you to customize the amounts to fit your budget and needs.  The policies are renewable and they are issued for a period of six months or even one year. The company will let you know when you have to renew the policy.

How to choose the best car insurance?

Choosing the best car insurance is sometimes appalling, especially for first-timers. If you are not careful, you might pick the wrong car insurance that will drain your pockets and frustrate you when your car is involved in an incident. You don't have to worry, though. This section will guide you on how to go shopping for the best car insurance. Here is what you need to do:

Know What You Need

The first thing when shopping for anything is knowing your needs. You have to choose either third-party or fully comprehensive insurance coverage when it comes to ensuring. A third-party policy only compensates for third-party damages claims. On the other hand, a comprehensive policy provides all of the third-party benefits while protecting you and your vehicle.

A third-party cover is inexpensive, while it costs you a few extra rands to buy a comprehensive policy for your good car. It will help if you determine what suits your needs. This is the first step towards selecting the best auto insurance plan.

Get Affair Car Insurance Deal

By now, you might think that it's not possible to get the best deal while it's your first time shopping for insurance. Okay, it might be a bit challenging to do so if you rush things. Take time and look for what the market is saying. Do so by comparing different options. You can check for quotes from several insurers to get the best car insurance.

Look out for discounts.

Discounts are the sweetest things you can get out of the insurance market. Most insurance firms offer timely deals and discounts. You must be looking to get your hands on these sweet deals. If you lack and get a good discount, your premiums will be significantly reduced, saving you a few rands. That's very important.

Search for a good deductible option

A balance between the premium and the deductible defines a car insurance policy. To be safe, you need to select your voluntary deductible keenly. This is a great step toward getting the best out of a car insurance deal.

Check the IDV

You can't land a good car insurance deal by doing shoddy calculations. Car insurance involves tonnes of calculation, and Insured Declared Value (IDV) is one of the maths that you must get right to land the best deal for your vehicle. Making sure your IDV is properly calculated will place you in a better position to find the best car insurance.

Check the claim process.

Getting your can safe doesn't just end with buying a cover. The claiming process is the most important part of insurance coverage, as you will need it the most when you are in trouble while on the roads. To land the best car insurance, you need to check the process and ensure that you understand how to go about it. Most importantly, the claim process should be suitable for you.

Check the renewal process.

Another significant area you need to be keen on is the policy renewal process. You don't want to dig into your pocket when your car is involved in an accident simply because you didn't renew your car insurance. These policies expire, so ensure you check with your insurer to know their renewal process to be safe when yours is outdated.

Register with an approved automobile association

Finally, getting into a policy deal with the right insurance company will save you a lot of drama. Imagine getting into an accident, and when checking with the insurance, you notice it doesn't exist. That doesn't sound very pleasant. Be careful and check that you are getting car insurance from a fully registered and approved automobile association.

How does car insurance work in South Africa?

This is a frequently asked question in South Africa. Insurance works in different ways all over the world, and South Africa is no exception. In South Africa, you simply look for an insurance company you trust and choose an insurance option that suits you. It can be:

Some companies offer other alternatives that you can use. One you have made up your mind, it is time to get a quote. Proceed by leaving all your information to the company such as full name, email address, telephone number and insurance of preference so that the company can evaluate your personal situation and issue a quote as soon as possible. Then, the company will get in touch with you and then there is the paperwork left. Some online companies allow you to attach the documents online and some other companies still prefer the one to one conversation.

Car insurance, what does it cover?

In general, coverage differs from agency to agency. There are different degrees of coverage. The minimum always involves liability.  You can apply for comprehensive insurance, insurance for dent and scratches only, insurance against damage or against hijacking or theft. There are insurance packages that include all the different coverage and tend to be the most expensive ones but they make sure that you are covered even when travelling long distances.

What to check before taking out car insurance?

Before making any decisions regarding car insurance, you need to take into consideration certain details and factors that may make a difference. Before choosing an insurance provider, you should check:

  • Type of coverage: does it include liability, comprehensive insurance, personal injury protection, collision, motorist protection?

  • Factors such as your credit score and the model and age of your vehicle

  • Have you checked deductibles?

  • Does the company offer any sort of discount?

  • What is your payment capacity?

Is car insurance compulsory in South Africa?

Surprisingly, it is not compulsory. The law in South Africa does not require you to insure your vehicle. However, it is strongly advised that clients insure their vehicles since road accident statistics speak for themselves. There are more than 15,000 deaths per year, so companies advise clients to hire insurance packages, at least a minimum coverage. If you decide to take an insurance policy on your vehicle, it will protect you against damage or theft, but you will remain unprotected if there is an accident. Vandalism as well as theft is quite frequent, so you need to stay covered.

How much coverage do I need for car insurance?

The coverage for car insurance is something really personal and subjective. It depends on each client’s situation and financial condition, their capacity for paying insurance, their debts, their needs and desires. What every client definitely needs is coverage, at least a minimum cover to keep you safe down the road. In order to know how much coverage for car insurance you need exactly, you can turn to an insurance agent who will do their best to help you out. These people are trained to find you a great insurance deal. For instance, they will tell you that you can go for a basic cover but you won’t be covered one hundred percent, for every situation. This option is always cheaper, but riskier. Then, there are other alternatives such as comprehensive insurance which covers all different possible scenarios and that makes it a more expensive possibility. 

Are there any car insurance requirements in South Africa?

When thinking of car insurance, there are always some requirements that need to be attained in South Africa. There may be differences depending on the company, but in general they all involve paperwork. Companies have to verify every little detail. Some of the information given can be verified online. The only way, for example, to get a quote meant for vehicle insurance is by providing paperwork. The company will give you documents too.

  • You will have to provide vehicle information

  • Give your company the current declaration page which works as insurance evidence on your vehicle

  • Give the company your social security number

  • Provide the company with your driver’s license

  • They will check your bank information in order to insure you. In order to automate your payments per month, the company will take a look at your banking behavior.

  • Voided check

  • Proof that you own a house

  • Proof of membership

  • Report card

  • Proof of company vehicle

What is unintentional violation cover?

Have you ever heard of this expression before? It may seem familiar to you; however, many people still do not know what it refers to. The unintentional violation cover is also known as non compliance and it takes place when the cover consumer is sold when applying at dealerships for financing motor vehicle. It is not an easy concept to explain but it is more frequent than expected. There are millions of cases in which the consumer finds himself or herself financially compromised because of the lack of awareness of the risks that were covered in the motor portfolio in short term.

What are the main benefits of car insurance?

The main benefit is that wherever you are, and whenever you are in your vehicle you stay covered. This means that in case there is an accident, hijacking, a theft or anything of the sort, the company that you hired will keep you safe from costs regarding accidents, scratches, dents, fires or other events. If somebody hits your vehicle while driving on the road, the company will have your back and you won’t have to worry about those costs since you are already paying for insurance. It will give you a piece of mind to know that you are safe and that even if you cause an accident, something can be done to solve the complex situation. Besides, when3 you stay longer with a company they tend to give you special benefits and discounts such as premiums or better rates.

Can I insure a second hand car?

Yes, this is definitely a possibility and a convenient one to keep you protected. Many people wonder whether it is cheaper or more expensive to insure a used vehicle. What will determine this?

  • The level of coverage

  • The model of your car

  • The insurance company

In general, insurance for new vehicles tends to be a little bit more expensive but it is not always the case. You may have to take into account other factors that may have an influence on the price.

Is there quick car insurance in South Africa?

If you need quick car insurance, you can get it in South Africa. However, the processes for getting car insurance usually take time because it generally needs of paperwork. Some agencies make sure that the process is fastened by allowing you to provide all the necessary information via online, through their websites. Other insurance companies only allow you to provide the paperwork in person and so you need to go to the company and ask for an appointment.

Does car insurance have vat in South Africa?

In South Africa, car insurance does not have a vat. Vat is one of the most common taxes; however, it is not applicable on insurance. Instead, what is applicable is IPT, which stands for Insurance Premium Tax. The main feature of this tax is that it is subjected to change and it can´t be recovered. There are current rate standards and higher rates regarding IPT, but you should know that they constantly change the rules from company to company.

Are there any questions regarding car insurance?

There are some commonly and frequently asked questions by clients regarding car insurance. They typically wonder:

  • How much does insurance cost?

  • What does it cover?

  • What do I need to provide in order to get it?

  • Can I ask for premium insurance?

All the answers for these questions may change depending on the car insurance company. Some options are more expensive, some are cheaper. Customers need to provide specific personal data about themselves and their credit profiles.  

What questions can I ask a car insurance agent?

You may ask about the possibilities you have, which are more or less convenient based on your personal situation. You may also inquire about quotes and insurance costs that may have an impact on your payments. They will guide you to obtain a good insurance deal.

Can you insure a car that is not in your name in South Africa?

It is possible to insure a vehicle if there is any way to prove an insurable interest. In general, it is quite difficult to achieve. If you are not listed as the driver of the vehicle, you have the possibility to pay the insurance for it.

Does the color of your car affect your insurance rate in South Africa?

Although it may seem like a minor detail, the color of your vehicle is actually more important than you think in South Africa. There is a relationship between the color of your vehicle and the car insurance and it may have an impact on your premium. Premium payable regarding vehicle insurance is higher for those vehicles that come with metallic paint or a darker color.

Can I cancel my car insurance immediately?

What you need to bear in mind is that you always need to be covered, just in case. Therefore, if you are thinking of cancelling vehicle insurance immediately, you may have to pay a penalty because of the circumstances in which you are cancelling it. In order to avoid possible penalties, you can ask for a vehicle insurance cancellation. You will definitely be charged a fee if you cancel your vehicle insurance after having purchased one.

How are car insurance rates in South Africa?

In general, the rates in South Africa for car insurance vary from insurance company to insurance company. Some agencies offer special rates or premiums for the customers who have remained with the same company for years. Other agencies offer rates and promotions in particular days, always determined by the conditions of the market. You will have lower rates depending also on the insurance package that you choose. If you pick comprehensive insurance, the insurance rates tend to be higher.

Are there any car insurance renewal tips?

In order to save money, there are some car insurance renewal tips that you can take advantage from. Let us see some of them:

  • Compare the different policies: it is hassle free and you can do it online

  • Make sure to read the fine prints, it is actually more important than you may think

  • Make sure to calculate the value of your vehicle

  • No claim bonus

  • Make sure to claim higher deductibles

Are there any car insurance contact details?

If you are looking for companies in South Africa that offer car insurance, then it is plenty of them. You can find companies all over:

  • In Johannesburg, in Safrican House, 21 9th St. The number is +27 11 778 8000 and the company is called Safrican

  • Hollard is in Soshanguve and you can reach it by calling at +27 76 315 7933.

  • Santam is located in Kroonstad and you can reach it by calling at +27 56 212 3237

How does clientele car insurance work?

Looking for insurance may be time-consuming and problematic. Clientele car insurance works as a different insurance that is way friendlier than other options. You may get this with a simple phone call or SMS. You can also apply in some companies online. In South Africa, the options change depending on the company that will insure your vehicle.

How is Virgin car insurance review?

Virgin car insurance is one possibility in South Africa. According to some reviews made by clients, the company allows for premiums to stay the same. You will obtain too a cash-back bonus. According to clients:

  • The claim process is painless and quite quick

  • You have emergency support for 24 hours a day, seven days a week

  • The policies that it offers are quite convenient, since you can access comprehensive insurance, total loss, theft insurance, total loss, or even third party.

Does Virgin car insurance offer windscreen cover?

If you are looking for windscreen cover through Virgin car insurance, you can get it. You have the option of reducing the excess for windscreen to $40 for additional premiums. You can access this possibility by asking for comprehensive insurance. If you apply for this option online, you will obtain a discount of 15%. You have monthly premiums available with costs extra and the discount term is of five years. 

How do I obtain a Virgin money car insurance quote in South Africa?

In order to get a Virgin money car insurance quote in South Africa, you need to visit the website of the official company. There, you will find an option that states “get a quote now”. In order to get it, the only step that follows is to provide your personal information. Otherwise, the company and most companies will not give you a quote without these necessary details.

Is third party insurance compulsory in South Africa?

This is another typical question that many clients ask. It is not compulsory but individuals in South Africa are strongly recommended to hire this service since it is the only way possible to make sure that a company has your back. If you are without car insurance, you face major risks, especially if you cause an accident and somebody gets injured or you get another vehicle damaged.

Which are car insurance plans?

There are plenty of car insurance plans that you can explore in South Africa. You need to know them before choosing one:

  • Comprehensive cover

  • Theft insurance

  • Third party insurance

  • Essential cover

  • Third party balance

  • Limited cover

  • Liability to other people

Besides, policies include benefits and additional options, such as:

  • Medical payments coverage

  • Bodily injury liability

  • Coverage for retain value

  • Extending coverage to those who are driving your vehicle with your own permission

Car insurance: how to get it cheaper?

If you need to get cheaper car insurance, you can explore the options for cover that are available in South Africa. They change according to some factors:

  • Your vehicle conditions

  • The conditions of the market

  • The time you had been a client of the company

How to cancel car insurance policy?

If you are interested in cancelling your car insurance, then the policy that applies in general is that if you cancel it before the arranged time or date, the company has the right to charge you a fee. If you notify the company in advance, they may not charge you this fee, depending on the time set by the company. You can definitely cancel vehicle insurance, but first make sure that you are aware of the insurance broker’s conditions.  In order to cancel it, simply let the company know that you no longer require this service and that you want to cancel it. The company will make a decision about the charging of the fee.

How can I choose then car insurance?

By simply exploring the agencies and insurance brokers, you will find an option that fits you and your budget. Here is some additional information:

What is it?

Car insurance is service and contract through which you can make sure that you are safe while travelling.

What to take into account?

There are different vehicle insurance degrees to keep you covered.

How does it work?

You apply in an agency and they deliver a service, providing you with a contract.

In conclusion, it seems that car insurance is everywhere you look, if you know how to do your search.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Is it possible to ask for bodily injury liability?

Yes, many agencies offer this option

Do companies take into account the conditions of my vehicle?

They generally do in order to gie you an estimate of coverage

May I apply for theft cover?

In South Africa, you can apply for theft cover and more

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