Is Car Insurance for Bussiness Use Affordable? Find Brokers

Is Car Insurance for Bussiness Use Affordable? Find Brokers

Do you live in South Africa? Have you ever thought of the idea of finding  suitable vehicle insurance? The idea of having to search through so many options can be a little bit exhausting. Thus, some tips will be given and some agencies will be recommended so that you can find the best business vehicle insurance and quotes in South Africa.

Can we find business vehicle insurance in South Africa?

My Way Insurance is one the many companies offering business vehicle insurance. This company offers insurance for:

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  • Business property

  • Business interruption

  • Business vehicles

  • Staff dishonesty

  • Broad form liability

  • Personal accidents

  • All risk

Business vehicle insurance in this company includes trucks, cars, trailers, bakkies, and even vehicles made for special purposes. The company covers all kinds of vehicles. It allows you to live in a more relaxed way, knowing that you get to decide the sort of cover that matches your specific business insurance expectations and needs.

What is car insurance for business use?

Car insurance for business use may look as a complex concept, but there are some details easy to understand. Car insurance for business use means that you will obtain coverage for your vehicle when used for business purposes. It allows the coverage of varied vehicles and for different purposes. You can use this insurance:

  • For those moments in which you have to travel to different work locations

  • For those moments in which you have to visit clients or customers

  • For those moments in which you have to drive around employees

In the company My Way Insurance, your business vehicle would be covered for intentional damage, accidental damage, hijacking, and damages to glass, explosion or fire, theft, against natural disasters such as floods, hail, earthquakes, among other possibilities.

What’s the difference between company car insurance and personal car insurance?

These two concepts, company car insurance and personal car insurance, are different and similar at the same time. Both refer to insurance for vehicles. On the one hand, company car insurance means insurance issued for your company, that is, the vehicle you get to use when working for a particular company. The company has its own vehicles insured so that they are destined for work use. This means that it serves multi purposes. On the other hand, personal car insurance equals the insurance you ask for your very own personal vehicle, not destined for work use. In general, company car insurance is associated with commercial insurance, since it is used for commercial purposes and persona car insurance is made particularly for individuals in search of insurance for their everyday routine.

Is car insurance cheaper for business or personal use?

This is a typical and very common question among individuals who are in search of insurance of any kind. There might be some differences regarding costs of each of the insurances.  In general terms, vehicle insurance for business tends to be quite expensive, more than personal use insurance. This is due to the fact that employees may drive a vehicle for longer hours; they may cover more miles which can be risky. They may have to drive through unfamiliar roads and stand heavy traffic. There are even more possibilities for accidents and therefore, claims. On the other hand, insurance for personal use tends to be cheaper or more affordable since clients use their vehicles for personal use and short commutes. The costs for insurance will vary, though, depending on the company offering this sort of service.

How is the commercial vehicle insurance quote?

The policies and quotes are quite similar for business car insurance and commercial vehicle insurance. In general, the main difference is that the latter is destined for motorists who make use of their vehicles for their job, such as delivery drivers or taxi driver. On what will the price depend on? For a commercial vehicle insurance quote, the cost will be determined by the following questions:

  • The reason why you use your vehicle professionally

  • How you make use of your vehicle

Santam is another company that you can find in South Africa that offers you the possibility to request your quote. What you have to do in order to obtain it is to leave your name, email address, surname, ID number and phone number and they will contact you shortly. This company offers insurance for:

  • Vehicle

  • Buildings

  • Watercraft

  • SOS

Can I access taxi passenger insurance?

This is a particular insurance that you may find in South Africa. It gives you the possibility to access insurance for passengers when travelling by taxi. It is necessary for the driver when transporting clients so that have their vehicles insured and the passenger too. Hollard is a company of South Africa that deals with this sort of insurance, especially for taxis and buses. This company sells a product or service called “commuter insurance” which provides cover against different situations, such as accidents, hijacking or theft.

Is there cheap minibus taxi insurance in South Africa?

Clarendon Transport Underwriters also offers insurance for minibus taxis. This company was established in the year 1991 to cover the needs of the taxi industry in particular. Nowadays, it is covering over 90% of the many insured minibus taxis all over South Africa. Clients will have the opportunity to choose different taxi insure that may be comprehensive or 50/50. The latter enables you (the taxi owner) to obtain insurance for a car that has ceased to be under an agreement of hire purchase.

Are there any taxi insurance brokers in South Africa?

Free Way allows for taxi insurance brokers. It has a trajectory of twenty years in the insurance industry. It is a very well known and recommended insurance broker among the choices offered in the insurance market. It allows for:

  • Executive cars

  • Private hire

  • Uber drivers

  • Public hire

All these different choices can be explored through the company’s website so that you can access more detailed bits of information.

Where Can Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance be Found in South Africa?

Heavy commercial vehicles are motor vehicles that exceed three and a half tons. They are usually used to transport goods around the country. The leading company in South Africa that insures this type of vehicles is Santam.

If you insure your heavy commercial vehicles with Santam you will find two options:

  1. Heavy haulage insurance. With this plan you get coverage on territorial limits, medical expenses, third party liability, vehicle damage or towing, windscreen, and more.
  2. Goods in Transit. With Santam, you can also obtain coverage on the goods transported on the vehicles. The benefits included in this option are fidelity cover, recovery and protection of the goods on a value of up to R25 000.   

Santam is a company that has enjoyed an enormous expansion in South Africa, and for this reason, you will be able to find branches in different cities. If you want to apply for the products offered by this well-known company, get in contact with Santam for a quick quote. 

Could I get some contact details regarding CTU car insurance?

CTU stands for the above mentioned company, Clarendon Transport Underwriters. If you need contact details, you may find the following information useful:

  • This is the telephone number you can contact(011) 274 1334

  • This is the mobile you can contact 084 558 2008

In case you are interested in sending an email, you can do so by sending your questions and doubts to In general, they do not take so much time replying to emails.

Is there fleet insurance in South Africa?

In South Africa you can find multiple options regarding insurance. One of them is fleet insurance; however, many people are not aware of what this is or how it works. Fleet insurance means insurance that is created for those businesses with multiple vehicles. The main goal is to have this vehicles on one single policy. They can include:

  • Minibuses

  • Vans

  • Cars

  • Taxis

  • Trucks

  • HGVs

There are four different ways to cover your vehicle:

  • Third party

  • Comprehensive

  • Third party exclusively

  • Fire and theft

How does it work?

If you have two or more cars or vehicles, then you can take out fleet insurance. Keeping track of the fleet is way much easier this way since you would be working with only one policy with a single renewal date. A fleet allows for a mixture of different vehicles, which can be quite beneficial.

How is the taxi minibus insurance quote?

As mentioned before, Santam is one of the companies that offer this service. To find out the costs, you need to get in touch with the company via website or by calling to its cell phone number. Get Insured, on the other hand, is another South African company that offers insurance quotes tailored for business and for taxi minibuses. In order to receive a quote from the company you must fill out your first name, email address, contact number, the industry you are working at, the city you live in South Africa and the service or product that you require.

6 Products you can Get with Natsure Heavy Commercial Vehicle and Commercial Insurance

Natsure is an underwriting company that provides insurance for a small niche which includes the transport and commercial industries. This company designed an insurance product for Heavy Commercial Vehicle and Commercial Vehicles that is preferred by important companies in South Africa. With this insurance, your company can get the following six insurance products:  

  1. Cover for goods in transit
  2. Loss of use cover
  3. Buy downs in excess
  4. Accidents
  5. All Risk cover
  6. Environmental and Polution Coverage

If you insure your HCVs with Natsure, you will be able to count on their 50 years of experience in this industry. 

Is it convenient to look for business vehicle insurance in South Africa?

As you can see, business vehicle insurance is a possibility made real in South Africa. There are different companies offering insurance of different sort with different benefits. Here is a chart that might help you understand the meaning and functioning of business vehicle insurance in South Africa:

What is it?

Business vehicle insurance is a particular type of insurance that guarantees safety in your vehicle business in a specific way.

How does it work?

You apply in a South African company that offers the service.

What to take into account?

Costs may vary from one company to the other since they offer different benefits regarding business vehicle insurance.

If in doubt, remember that you can contact any of the above mentioned agencies to help you out and choose the right insurance for your business vehicle.  

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I access inurance for minibuses?

yes, you can with Santam

Does Santam offer insurance for vehicles only?

No, it offers also insurance for buildings

Do I have to apply in person at Santam?

No necessarily, since you can apply via online.

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