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Car Insurance in Cape Town. What are the 5 Best Companies?

Cape Town, also known as the Mother City in South Africa, is part of the metropolitan municipality. It is famous for its natural settings and amazing landmarks. Sixty four percent of the population of Western Cape lives there. If you live in Cape Town and are looking for car insurance deals, you should know your options before hand. You will find information about vehicle insurance, quotes, companies that offer classic car insurance, the cheapest vehicle insurance and the best alternatives for you.

Which are the companies that offer car insurance in Cape Town?

There are some companies located in Cape Town that will help you find the car insurance package you need. These are some of the companies:

  • IW car insurance

  • Compare GURU insurance

  • Car insurance check

  • Motor plan direct

  • Easyway centre

  • Comprehensive car insurance

  • Insurance loss adjusters

  • Connecta quote

  • Ripsold and associates

  • Car protection services

  • Consortium insurance brokers

  • Insurance unlimited

  • Santam LTD

  • Hollard

  • Bidvest Insurance

  • Budget insurance

  • Pillar financial services

Each of these car insurance companies offers different deals. Some of them give you the possibility to compare different quotes and insurance values. Car Insurance Check, for instance, allows you to get a quote by introducing the value of your vehicle, your full name and cell phone. The company allows you to pick a policy based on your needs. It allows covering for caravans, trailers, cars or motorcycles. Ripsold and Associates is another company that offers you insurance deals, not only regarding vehicles for personal use but also vehicles for commercial purposes. They are short time insurance brokers.

Where can I find the best car insurance in Cape Town?

Car Insurance Check is a company that offers convenient solutions and car insurance deals. It is always difficult to choose or even know the best car insurance in Cape Town. However, Car Insurance Check can be a great option. They have three options which are considered quite convenient since they come with lower premiums. In South Africa, this company is commonly considered by its citizens  because of the variety of options and the commitment towards them. It even offers three options:

  • Vehicle cover

  • Great rates

  • Essential car insurance

What kind of vehicle insurance can I access in Cape Town?

Car Insurance Check offers three main different alternatives in Cape Town:

  • Trailer and caravan cover

  • Motorcycle cover

  • Inspection centers for car insurance

Besides, it should be noted that the company offers too insurance quotas for travelers, campers and adventurers. These packages offer:

  • Limited insurance that includes theft and fire cover

  • Comprehensive car cover

  • Uninsured or under insured

  • PIP, which stands for personal injury protection

  • Third party only

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Imagine that you decide to go for a limited package. This option in particular has the following features:

  • Covers accidental damage and loss

  • Third party liability

If the damage is caused by attempted theft, explosion, lightning, or fire, then the insurance companies will be in charge of the costs. It is ideal for those families that live in areas of Cape Town that may be dangerous or where riots take place. It was designed to cover you against natural hazards. If you desire, you can insure luxury items too.

How is the classic car insurance in Cape Town?

When thinking of classic car insurance in Cape Town, you can find it too in Car Insurance Check.  You have to bear in mind that it is considered as one of the most expensive alternatives. It covers:

  • Hijacking

  • Theft

  • Damage caused by natural disasters (hail storms and flooding), fire and accidents

  • Loss

  • Against claims that stem from third parties

Classic vehicle insurance is ideal for family vehicles. When you have comprehensive policy, you have the possibility to insure those highly valued items, especially when you are travelling for long hours. Since the extent of the cover is so wide, classic comprehensive insurance is an expensive option.

Is there cheapest car insurance in Cape Town?

It is hard to choose a single option in the insurance market, since many companies do their best to offer you the best rates and quotes with the lowest premiums. Motor Plan Direct is another company in Cape Town, besides the above mentioned, that has convenient insurance packages for you to enjoy low costs. You can ask for:

  • Service plans

  • Excess waiver

  • Scratch and dent

  • Warranty

  • Tyre and rim

How are the car insurance quotes in Cape Town?

In order to get a quote, all companies in Cape Town have a very similar policy: you first have to submit all your personal information such as the value and model of your vehicles, the product you are interested in, your name and surname, your email address, a telephone number they can reach in order to contact you and some additional requests. In general, the aim is for you to access a quote so that you can have direct access to the description of specific services and goods you would receive from the company and the money you would have to pay in order to get them. All the companies mentioned above offer quotes for customers. However, it is quite hard to simulate a quote without the personal data before.

Is car insurance in Cape Down a possibility?

Car insurance in Cape Town is more than a possibility. You can find the solutions and alternatives you need at any time, in any of the companies mentioned. They all work towards the same goal, that is, to provide you with a complete and efficient service for you to be covered on the road or on your commute to work. If you are not convinced with the classic insurance because it is too expensive, remember that you have other options such as limited insurance, dent and scratch insurance and other types of insurance made to cover specifics of your vehicle.

All in all, you must bear in mind the specific needs your vehicle faces day to day in order to find the most suitable insurance when driving. Then, you need to compare prices so as to choose the best quote.

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Questions and answers

Do you cover import cars without an M&M code, as the car model was not manufactured in South Africa?

It is a little bit complicated to obtain a car insurance for a vehicle without an M&M code, which is imported, as usually the type of insurance required is more expensive than a regular car's insurance as these vehicles are seen as high-risk. Typically, they take more money to repair or to find spare parts. In any case, all vehicles should be registered in the corresponding authority office. 

Can I ask for cover against hijacking?

Yes, this is one alternative

Are there any warranties?

Motor Plan Direct offers warranties

Does Motor Plan Direct tyre and rim?

Yes, you can access tyre and rim

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