Absa Car Insurance South Africa | Discover your Quote Online

Absa Car Insurance South Africa | Discover your Quote Online

Among the plenty of car insurance providers in South Africa, there’s Absa. As this is a great option of car insurance for you and your car, their motor vehicle insurance alternatives will be expanded along the following paragraphs. Absa Car Insurance quote online, benefits and covers will be expanded to give you all the information you need to buy protection for your car.

What is Absa Idirect Car Insurance?  

As we all know, Absa is an entity working on providing South African citizens with plenty of financial products. Absa Idirect refers to the set of those products directed to insurance related issues. Of course, inside that set, we can find car insurance covers to get your vehicle protected from any kind of danger. From the lowest protection, Third Party Only to the highest one, Comprehensive, you can drive with Absa taking care of any risks your car might face.

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

Will it help to have Absa Car Insurance quote online? 

Of course it will! Any time you have the chance to do an errand online, you will save time on doing it.  When getting Absa Idirect car insurance online, you can speed up the process to inform Absa about your vehicle’s characteristics, which allows them to get that quote for you. All the same, remember it will be necessary you getting to their office eventually to permit Absa to inspect the car and to finish the procedure.

What’s the purpose of using a car insurance calculator when asking Absa for a quote? 

As it’s been explained in the previous question, you get to save time by getting your quote online. Still, there’s much more to gain if you can make use of a car insurance calculator. Before expanding on this tool, it’s imperative you understand such calculators can only show you an approximate price taking into account the characteristics of the insured vehicle. But, as an official car insurance quote needs much more than those characteristics to be calculated, you can only use such tool to have an idea of how much would it cost to protect your car. Then, it will be your job to use that information to compare prices before choosing to buy the product to Absa Idirect or another car insurance entity. Clearly, this would be the chief purpose of using a calculator: to be able of calculating your car insurance premium and, choose a cover you can pay for.

How many options does Absa offer on car insurance? 

Generally speaking, we know there are 3 standard car insurance packages. Absa Idirect offers them but, it’s recommended to pay attention to the 2 listed next:

  • Absa Idirect Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

  • Absa Idirect Third Party.

For the second cover, you get to be protected on car accidents but, only to the damages you cause to the other car or property. As regards your vehicle, Absa will pay in case it gets burnt or it’s stolen.

How complete is Absa Vehicle Insurance on their Comprehensive cover? 

Absa Idirect comprehensive cover is one of the best one you can take. Besides including the standard protection – against fire, third party or theft – there are other situations in which Absa will help you. Referring to car accidents, Absa will pay even if your car gets hit when it’s parked. Referring to theft, the car is covered even if someone attempts to steal it but, it fails, knowing that in such case it usually gets damaged. Then, there are two extra situations covered that not every car insurance company includes on their policy wording. One of them is related to riots and, the other to weather. The first one, will protect the vehicle if it gets damaged due to civil unrest or revolt. Also, terrorism is included here. The second one, takes into consideration severe weather and the damage they can cause to your car. Some of them being flood, hail or rain.

What are the Benefits of buying Absa Comprehensive Car Insurance?  

You never think you’ll have an accident or emergency until it happens and so, you should think about trying to settle that situation before it’s too late Comprehensive plans are always better than the simpler covers. Although you pay less on 3rd party covers, you are unprotected in many occasions. In a way, buying car insurance is a way of avoiding having to pay a huge sum of money in a future occasion.

But, apart from that, Absa Comprehensive car insurance will give you 3 benefits worth mentioning:

1- Absa will protect your insured car whether you drive it or someone else,

2- If you get to spend 3 years without lodging any claim, Absa will give you cash back as rewards.

3- Absa roadside assistance is available at any time to help you on any road related emergency you have

 It’s obvious that in order to feel completely safe when driving, you need to get this amazing coverage.

Can I get Scratch and Dent Car Insurance at Absa? 

Absa Idirect hasn’t made a different cover for scratch and dent but, as it has been detailed earlier, you have covers in which such type of damage is included. For example, if your vehicle gets trapped in a protest and, for such reason gets scratched, Absa can pay for the cost of fixing it. Besides, they take care of damages made by extreme weather so, if your vehicle has some hail damage, Absa will also pay for the cost of dent repair or windscreen replacement. It’s imperative you remember these situations are only covered by Absa Comprehensive plan so, if you’re thinking about getting a lower plan, you can’t expect Absa help if your vehicle suffers any of these problems.

Now, if covering scratch and dent is a priority for you, you can check FNB Car insurance as they have this matter particularly covered and for an affordable price. But, don’t forget to study the whole package to decide which company is right for your car.

What’s Absa Shortfall Cover?

When you want to buy a car but you don’t count with the amount of money to pay for it, it’s common to finance the vehicle. In such case, you get the car and you pay the price on several installments. This means, a company pays the price for you and, you give it back on installments paid monthly. This means, you have the car and are able of driving it but, you’re still paying for it. So, what happens if something wrong occurs with it? For example, if it’s stolen or crashed, you have to keep paying for a vehicle that doesn’t work anymore or you don’t have. This is when Shortfall Cover comes to the rescue because, this plan will pay what’s left to cancel the debt you have for that car. Although you won’t have your car again, you won’t have to finish paying for a product you can no longer use.

Is it worth having Absa Tyre insurance? 

Tyre claims tend to be under what’s known as minor claims. These are the types of issue that don’t need a great sum of money to be fixed. So, if you have a problem with tyres, it’s recommended to evaluate if it’s worth loosing your claim free bonus for such minor issue or, you can solve it yourself. Of course, It depends on the tyre related problem you have and the cost to repair it.

Are Absa Car Insurance Reviews positive?  

Going over what Absa Idirect car insurance offers, will help you have an idea of how they work to understand if these products are worth paying for. For example, it’s noticeable they have a clear idea of what really matters on car insurance covers and, they succeed on making some good insurance packages for vehicles. No matter what’s the range of protection you want to buy, they will assist you on any detail. A great example is having a 3rd Party cover that includes damages to your car. But, there’s also a particular option that will be useful to get a motor vehicle insurance plan fitting exactly what you need. This is so as you can get in touch with a broker to be your guide when deciding your cover. Car insurance brokers are prepared to detect what are the real risks your vehicle needs to get protection for, assuring you the best car insurance product.

Contact Details to reach Absa Car Insurance  

Before concluding this article, you have to know how to contact Absa Idiret Car insurance to ask for their service. Following, I’ll provide you such information so, you won’t lose time trying to look for it.

What’s Absa Vehicle insurance Contact Number? 

Contacting Absa Idirect car insurance will be fast and easy when you dial the number 08 60 10 96 93. You can use this contact number to ask for your motor vehicle insurance or, if you have one, to extend its cover, for example.

Does Absa Idirect car insurance have an Email Address?

In case you’re trying to gather information before making the final decision, you can send Absa Idirect Car Insurance an email to idirectweb@absa.co.za. You can take the chance to ask them about any detail concerning your insurance policy.

What’s Absa address to buy car insurance? 

As you sure know, Absa is a well-established car insurance provider and, as such, they have branches all over South Africa. Their Head Office, for instance, is located in Sandton. However, you will find their offices along the country.

Absa Car Insurance South Africa 

Special requirements

There aren’t any special requirements. just your SA driving license

Telephone N°


Do they have 3rd party only?


All in all, having the best support in times of trouble is a detail worth thinking about. Absa Idirect car insurance assures you to be able of giving you the best plan for your car. At the end, you are the one who decides so, think carefully and go after your vehicle insurance.

Preguntas Frecuentes

What people are eligible for car insurance?

Car insurance is not that difficult to get. You just need to be from South Africa and, you need to present your driver license.

Do u only offer car insurance to ppl who already bank with absa. Or i can get it even if m nt banking with you guys

No, banking with Absa is not a requirement to access their car insurance.

I want to know how does car insurance work

It’s simple. You have to select the cover you want for your car. Then, Absa shows you the quote which will be paid on your premiums. In the future, if you have a problem with your car, you let Absa know for them to pay what’s stated on your policy.

What does Third part mean?

It is designed to people that think that their vehicle does not require cover because it has a low value, and only want to insure against the costs of damage to other people´s property.

In case of an emergency does Absa car insurance help you?

Yes, it assists you with professional help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of roadside, medical or household emergencies.

What is Third party, cover and theft about?

It is about giving you protection in case of damage caused by fire, theft and attempted theft, and liability because of damage to a third party´s property caused by an accident.

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