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What is Gap Cover Car insurance in South Africa? Companies and Contact Details

 In order to start with this article, let me tell you that GAP COVER CAR INSURANCE simply has to do with a sort of insurance that is willing to help customers to finance many needs at once. One of the companies specialized in the granting of this sort of cover is Discovery. This is a South African lending company that has been giving support to all those clients that need only one loan.

Which is why, in the present article I will focus on the different insurances offered by Discovery, which are a good variety and I am sure will fit your needs. Then of couse, I will give you the contact details of Discovery in South Africa so that you apply for a Gap cover Car insurance.


Discovery´s gap cover insurances

At present there are three kind of programmes for the people of South Africa:


What is it about?

It can be considered a classic program since it takes into account every sort of need that a client can experience throughout his/her life. For instance, instances against robberies, thefts, natural hazards and fire are included.


Executive clients, those willing to spend more money on a complete car insurance, choose this program since it gives them not only the protection mentioned in the first kind of cover, but also protection against third party damages. Moreover, the company can perfectly restore the vehicle of the client for a new one and in 30 days the client has a new vehicle or at least a repair of its old one.


This program is considered essential since it is made for drivers that only look forward to attaining basic protection and at the same time having short installments to pay.


What are the multiple benefits?

A.You can access to discounts on the company as long as you are no older than 25 years old

B.You receive protection while driving your truck on the road

C.You have access to bonuses on lending products designed by other companies

D. You can ask for assistance while you are on the road


   This is a sort of insurance that will offer you only one program for a good price. At present you can find three main kind of GAP COVER:

1. DISCOVERY GAP COVER: By only paying R 90 on a monthly basis, you can cover multiple situations in order to go for medical attention, receive legal advice and more

2 THE SUPPEMENTARY GAP COVER: this is a type of cover which is ideal for clients that only need to pay less than R 200, so in this case by paying R 150 they have access to medical charges

3 THIRD COVER GAP COVER: this is still a gap cover in the sense that the client of South Africa can get access to protection against burglaries or damages to their home

Now, before moving on with the contact details of Discovery, I will focus on another company that also has GAP COVER INSURANCE: OLD MUTUAL

Which are the Gap covers offered by Old Mutual?


This is a kind of gap that enables you to stay protected in more than two situations, such as accidents, incidents on the route, natural damages and more.


This is a sort of gap that protects you against another driver on the road, a cause of fire and also if someone steals the content found inside your vehicle


Well, it is needless to say that the third party receives benefits from this sort of loan, but you too, since you won’t need to stress about paying someone else´s bills at the mechanic when something happens between you and the other driver

Contacting Discovery for GAP COVER INSURANCE

In person

   This is the preferred method of communication, since you can take your car and go to 107 Johan Avenue, in Johannesburg which is open on weekdays from 08:00 am to 09:00 pm. You can also call this branch on 050 3700

-There is another branch to go in person in the Eastland Office Park, on Bentall Road. It is open on weekdays from 09:00 am to 06.00 pm and you can call it by dialing up 383 5980

By phone

   This is another way through which you can contact the company, so take your cellphone and dial up 0860 751 751 and be more than ready to speak to an agent in the meantime. You can call on this office on weekdays during the same schedule as the second office mentioned. It is open on Saturdays too from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm

Via internet

   You can resort to internet and start sending one email to this address, which enables you to apply for an insurance as well as for a loan

You have freedom too to enter the website of the company and fill in the application form with your current financial and personal facts.

In this chart you have plenty of data about a further branch of the second company, Old Mutual, in the country:


Telephone number

217 1000

Online Services

Online calculator and terms and conditions


93 Grayston Doctor & West Road in the South of the country. Area of Sandton

Working hours

Weekdays from 08:00 am to 05:30 pm

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   Summing up, if you are in need of a GAP COVER CAR INSURANCE, then you can take a look at the ample variety of insurances offered by Discovery and Old Mutual, two excellent enterprises more than willing to  watch out for your needs and make sure that they are satisfied and you don’t lose money in the end. You can take a look at each of the insurances explained here and then choose the one you think is perfect for you.

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