Know 5 types of AA Car Insurance Cover. Quotes Online

Know 5 types of AA Car Insurance Cover. Quotes Online

Are you interested in getting insurance quotes? Are you in search of a vehicle insurance company in South Africa that works for you? If so, a great insurance company is AA which promotes road safety and aims at providing services for vehicles. AA stands for Automobile Association. You can read all about its reviews, options available and advantages.

How is car insurance with AA cover?

Car insurance with AA cover is a great choice in South Africa. The company is focused on providing different services to those individuals that are always on the road. You can apply for vehicle insurance whether you are:

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  • A commuter

  • A passenger

  • A motorcyclist

  • Motorist

  • A pedestrian

Whichever you are, the company will find you an insurance package adjusted to you. The company was set up in the year 1930 and has played a key role in the lives of road users.

How is AA car insurance cost?

The cost for vehicle insurance at AA depends on a number of factors which end up determining the final rates. There are different insurance packages that you can get and the prices vary:

  • A standard package costs R128,00

  • A second standard package costs R85,00

  • One of the premium options cost R 222,00

  • The second premium option cost R145,00

Pricing for vehicle insurance also depends on the kind of member you are, that, whether you are a spouse, the principal, 60+ or dependant, which means less than twenty five years old.

  • If you are principal, then the monthly pricing is R222.00 and the annual pricing is R2215.00

  • If you are a spouse, then the monthly pricing is R132.50 and the annual pricing is of R1325.00

  • If you are 60+, your monthly pricing is of R 145.00, while the annual pricing is of R1465.00

  • If you are dependant, then the pricing per month is of R145.00, while the annual pricing is on R1465.00

Are there any AA car insurance branches?

Although we live in the internet and technological era, many people still seem to have a preference for doings doing things in person and having a face to face conversation with insurance brokers or consultants. If you are looking for locations, you can find all branches through the company’s website. You will find an option that states “Find an AA centre”. If you hit that button, it will take you to a location finder.

Is there a main AA car insurance office?

Its head office is located in Johannesburg, 2000.

Is there an office of car insurance in Cape Town?

Unfortunately, there are no offices of AA in Cape Town. The company operates online and in South Africa, but it was not possible to find branches in that area. You can still apply online from Cape Twon by using your cell phone or computer.

Which are AA car insurance opening hours?

From Mondays till Fridays, AA is available: from nine in the morning till five in the afternoon. On Saturdays as well as Sundays, the company stays closed. There may be changed regarding office hours during holidays or special dates.

Which are AA car insurance contact details?

If you are looking forward to contacting this company, you can do so by sending an email, a fax or simply dialing up. Today with the advances of technology it is easier than it ever was. You should fill out a form too, so that the company can contact you.

What is the email address for AA car insurance?

If you want to send an email, you can write down your comments and inquiries at

Is there a car insurance AA phone number?

If you need to make a regular phone call or need to call with an emergency, then the number you should dial up is 0861 000 234. The company also has fax, in case you need it, which is +27 (086) 524 2251.

Can I get an AA car insurance online quote in South Africa?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get an AA car insurance online quote in South Africa. Most companies enable customers to get a quote through their websites by providing them with details of the vehicle and the driver. However, in this case, you may have to contact the company in order to get a quote. You can arrange for an appointment in one of the offices located in South Africa, or, if you prefer to stay home while you are doing this, you can ask for a quote via telephone conversation.

How are the conditions for AA car insurance young drivers?

If you are a young driver, that probably means that you are on your 20s, probably under twenty five years old and you are still dependant. In that case, the company has a particular pricing for young drivers. In order to get AA membership, you would have to pay an amount of R132.50 per month. In case you choose the annual payment system, you would have to pay an amount of R1325.00. Young drivers will have in their insurance included roadside rescue, accident towing, as well as AA mobility.

Which are AA car insurance terms and conditions?

The terms and condition at AA are meant to apply to varied AA membership options, services and products offered by AA. They constitute an agreement between the company and yourself. There are terms and conditions for:

  • AA Membership

  • Services and products

  • Value added products for accident claim assist, for payment assist, for license renewal

  • AA apps

  • PAIA

  • Campaigns

Special terms specify that the term active paid up means that you have paid your membership in full for the period in subscription.

How can I cancel AA car insurance?

If you need to cancel AA car insurance policy, you need to contact the company. Most of the insurance agencies allow you to cancel the policy online; however, this option does not seem to be available on AA’s website. You should reach the company and let the members know the details of the policy and the exact date on which you would cancel it. You will probably have to contact the company over the phone or in person. If you need to cancel more than one policy, the appointment with the insurance company may take a little longer. Please bear in mind that in case you are paying your policy by means of debit installments, you may still have to pay an outstanding amount. You can call a consultant at AA in order to guide you better, since there are chances that you may be charged a fee for cancelling befire the time settled.

Can I estimate AA car insurance?

At AA, it is possible to estimate AA car insurance with some resources and tools that the company offers on its website. On AA’s website you will find:

  • A report on road conditions

  • Tariffs and toll fees

  • A rates calculator

  • Prices of fuel

  • Safety ratings

If you need to estimate vehicle insurance, you can make use of these resources, especially of rates calculator, fees and tolls. In order to find out the rates, the company will ask you:

  • Details of your vehicle

  • Information about fuel and usage

  • Personal details

Under vehicle details, you will have to determine:

  • Vehicle make, such as Arora, Adreno, Aprilia, etc.

  • Type of vehicle. There, you will find three options: light commercial, sport utility, passenger

  • The year of registration

  • The purchase price

Can I give AA car insurance business use?

This is a very particular question. Many drivers are interested in giving their vehicles a commercial use and so they have to turn to car insurance for business use. It does offer two possibilities:

  • Business breakdown cover

  • AA drive tech

A way to keep your wheels in motion is with vehicle insurance. If you need commercial fleet, then AA has flexible cover. With AA, you can access a specialist cover for breakdown, a breakdown cover for minibus, and get breakdown assistance. Among the advantages, you will find that your car is protected from minicabs and taxis to courier motorbikes and delivery vans. A cover for a minibus breakdown will give you protection for your passengers and vehicle. Plus, if you get breakdown assistance you would be accessing a flexible alternative to the classical cover that includes standard breakdown.

How are AA car insurance premiums?

Premiums at AA for car insurance are in constant change based on the market’s conditions. You will have to pay AA on a regular basis a certain amount for your insurance plan. This can be done every six months or every month, depending on your preference and budget. Once the premium has been paid, the company AA will pay for the cover that was specified in the insurance policy, such as collision coverage and liability.

How are AA car insurance fees determined?

In general, fees are decided based on a multitude of factors. The payment capacity of the driver, the conditions of the market, the time that a customer has stayed with the same company will have an impact on the value of the fee. In case you want to find out a specific fee, then you will have to contact insurance assistants of AA so that you have all the financial details you need in your hands.

Could I get AA roadside assistance in South Africa?

It is possible to access roadside assistance at AA. The company offers you roadside rescue for free and a travel benefit when you travel more than one hundred kilometers of long distance trips. With value added products in your package, you can get:

  • Platinum cover

  • Depreciation cover

  • Scratch zone

  • Excess buster

  • Stay protected on the road with tyre and rim

  • Badges, mirrors and lights

Does AA membership cover windscreens?

Having a cracked windscreen can be quite risky and so it is always of paramount importance to stay protected. At AA, you will access windscreen cover with comprehensive insurance. The company will replace a windscreen if it has been cracked and will make sure to repair cracks or any other chips. You will only have to afford a small excess. It is always important to have a clear vision. The replacement or repair of windows, windscreen and sunroof are generally covered in comprehensive insurance.

Is there an AA advantage plus?

Yes, there is. AA plus is an ideal option for those who want to travel with friends or family. You will get:

  • Mobility rewards

  • Accident towing

  • Breakdown towing for long distances

  • Accommodation assistance

  • Possibility for car hire

  • Security and roadside rescue

  • A total amount cover of R25 000 for cases of accidental death

  • Medical rescues in case of emergencies

The pricing varies, depending on the kind of member you are and whether you decide to pay monthly or annually.

Are there any typical AA car insurance questions that may answer some doubts?

As customers, we always have doubts about companies. People wonder whether they are picking the right agency and the right insurance plan. These are some common questions that may ask some classical doubts:

  • “Is cheaper insurance better?” This is not always the case. In general, the most expensive insurance plans are the best ones since they keep you safe, without having to worry over possible accidents or even scratches.

  • “Is it necessary to take my car for inspection?” actually, it is incredibly important. If there are any possible existing damages to the car, the company has to confirm that the vehicle is working properly or that the device against theft meets the requirements.

  • “The value of your car decreases in tandem with your premium?” In general, the review for your annual premium will take into consideration the value of your vehicle which has been depreciated. With inflation, the costs of both vehicle parts and repairs increase. Therefore, there is a need from the company to increase the cost of the premiums at repairing a vehicle has become more expensive.

Is there AA vintage car insurance?

If you need AA vintage car insurance, it might be a little difficult to get. The company, AA, offers insurance deals for vehicles in general. They can be new, old or classic ones; however, there are no specific insurance plans for vintage vehicles. If you want to find out information about this possibility, you will have to reach the company and ask for vintage insurance options.

How are the car insurance AA reviews?

Most of the insurance AA reviews are compliments. Some drivers as well as users have rendered a positive experience with the company, stating that it was very committed and engaging all the way. Other users claimed that the company was very resourceful, since it would give you different alternatives and financial solutions for vehicle insurance.  It has been ranked as one of the most popular insurance companies in the market together with some other well known agencies. However, there have also been some complaints from some users. Most of the complaints were about:

  • Not being assisted on time

  • Being debited or charged an amount that was not agreed on

  • Being penalized for an action that wasn’t carried out

  • Not receiving an answer from the members of AA and being fully acknowledged

Compliments were made, on the contrary, by other users regarding the service received. Some users claimed receiving a superb service from the company when their windows were broken. They were greatly assisted.

Which are AA car insurance benefits?

At AA, you will find a series of benefits and products related to car insurance. You can carry out different actions at AA:

  • Become an exclusive member

  • AA warranties

  • Get the best insurance

  • Be assisted with fine payments

  • Be assisted with accident claims

  • Renewal of license made easier

  • Assisting value combos

With vehicle insurance and AA warranties you will be able to enjoy multiple benefits. The warranties policy at AA with help you alleviate the costs of having to pay for electrical, mechanical and electronic failures that you could occur. These are some of the advantages:

  • Avoid all the financial stress

  • Your monthly cost will remain the same even with a claim

  • You can cover on pre-owned and new vehicles

  • After thirty days, you will access full cover

Is there AA car insurance fully comprehensive?

AA has all sorts of insurance deals. One of them is car insurance, going fully comprehensive. It will protect you against all kinds of dangerous events and even from minor details, such as dent and scratch cover. It will provide:

  • Home insurance

  • Comprehensive motor

  • Trusted motoring support

  • If you aren’t yet a member, you will access AA membership

  • A recovery system for your vehicle to have installed if necessary

  • Possibility of accessing fixed premiums

  • No fine prints

Remember that you also have warranties, assist of different sorts, covers, value added products, etc. with an AA package, you get access benefits regarding excess buster, scratch zones, mirrors, lights and badges, platinum cover, tyre and rim. A replacement for free battery is included, as well as AA membership.

What should I do if I need car insurance renewal at AA?

If you need to renew a license with AA you no longer need too queue. In a very easy way, the company allows the license renewal.  There are four main advantages when renewing at AA:

  • You will receive a notification with a reminder

  • There is no paperwork for you to do

  • There is no queuing

  • They will deliver it to your home

The main advantage is that the company will notify you thirty days before the date of expiry of your license. You will also have administrative assistance on your side to make sure that all the paperwork is correct and in order. You will not have to wait for long hours queuing, by which you will save time. You can renew up to four vehicles, which have to be under your name for a convenient price.

Is there car insurance for AA members?

If you become an AA member, you will have in your favor many benefits:

  • Benefits for long distance travelling

  • Fuel rewards

  • An accidental death cover of R25000

  • AA roadside rescue

  • Accident towing

  • AA mobility

  • AA mayday

You can access medical assistance for emergencies, roadside security, and sales for mobile batteries, vouchers, car hire and accommodation.  You can choose to do this annually or on a monthly basis. The options available are the following:

  • Standard option of R 128,00, called AA advantage

  • Premium option plus AA advantage of R 222,00

  • Another standard option that includes the advantage plus AA60, for R85, 00

  • Another premium option that includes advantage plus AA60, for R145,00

If you decide to go for the standard option, then this package will be of great help since it offers exclusive benefits. Among those benefits, you can find:

  • Roadside assistance

  • Medical rescue

  • Vehicle maintenance savings

Is it difficult then to get AA car insurance quotes?

It is actually easier to get a quote at AA for vehicle insurance than we may think. You just need to evaluate your possible insurance plans and ask for a member of AA to help and guide you.


You just have to reach the insurance company and get a quote by providing your personal details.

Telephone number

You can call at 0861 000 234

AA plus

You can get this feature with comprehensive insurance. It is ideal for frequent travellers

In conclusion, from asking for windscreen protection and medical assistance to comprehensive insurance and AA plus, AA is a company ready to deliver at your request. Ask your doubts today and get the insurance deal you need.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Do you have a car and home insurance for members. I need to change my insurance company and need to add my home to it.

At AA Car Insurance you can not only insure your vehicle but also your property, which means you have access to home loans. However, these are two different loans, not the same one.

How can i join the aa comprehensive insurance ?

In order to know whether you can obtain a Comprehensive Car Insurance at AA you must fill in a form with your data in the company´s website or phone on 966 8720

Who can subscribe to the Action Membership?

Any person aged 18 to 25 years old

Do the special travel discounts include accomodation?

Yes, they do. The travel benefits include special offers for accomodation, restaurants, and tickets.

Can I add the Added Value products to the Advantage Plan?

Yes, you can. The Added Value Products can be chosen to enhance any type of membership.

I would like to get a quotation for my vehicle. I need clarity on your insurance options.

If you are interested in getting a car insurance quotation for your vehicle, you will need to provide some information. For example, the price will be determined by the vehicle model and the type of service you are looking for. Also, you need to consider if you would like to apply for a comprehensive car insurance, a third party, fire and theft insurance, and a third-party only insurance. 

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