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What are The Benefits of VBS Personal Loans? Phone Numbers, Rate and Email

    When it comes to choosing the best lending company to work with, everybody knows better than to decide in a hurry. That’s why you should read this article and get well-informed about it before deciding. We’ll particularly refer to Personal Loans offered by VBS Mutual Bank. Applicants must know about their options, requirements and interest rates so; I’ll delve into all these points next. Besides, I’ll detail about VBS phone numbers and email address for you to get in touch with them.

Starting, I’ll present a chart with some basic information you’ll need about VBSMutual Bank. After the chart, you’ll find some of that information expanded

VBS Office

In Rivonia, Sandton: 82 Wessel Road

Personal Loans

Starter, Prime or, Premier Loans

Call Centre Telephone

011 03 75 44 0

VBS email

Requirements to qualify

Own a VBS bank account, South African citizens, have a permanent job.

Loan Amount

From 1000 rands up to 100000 rands.

Longest Repayment Term

60 months

What about VBS Mutual Bank Interest Rate?

    The interest rate can be simply defined as the amount of money charged by the lender (in this case VBS) to the borrower over the loan. It’s calculated as a percentage of the principal and, it’s paid through the monthly installments. This means, when applicants give the money borrowed back, they must also pay that extra percentage. What every applicant should know is that the longer the period to repay, the higher the interest rate charged. So, when you decide on the type of Personal Loan you want, also keep in mind how much time you will take to repay it as, it will affect the total cost of the loan.

VBS Mutual Loans Requirements

Before taking VBS as an option you should check you are among the applicants that comply with the following requirements:

        + If you’re not a South African citizen, you can take a permanent South African residence and be eligible to apply.

        + It’s important you’re at least 21 years old.

        + Your monthly income should be of 3 thousands rands or higher.

        + This income is required to be paid using your bank account. Bear in mind the account must be held at this lending company as; the payments will be deducted from it.

        + You’ll also need to submit a proof of residence.

        + And, of course, you need to have a permanent job for a minimum of 6 months previous to the loan request.

        + There’s a specific request of presenting copies of the contract in the case of having a job for only a period of time. VBS takes that contract to considerate the application.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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What Personal Loans does VBS Mutual Bank offer?

    As south Africans’ needs vary greatly, VBS provides their clients with three different alternatives to choose from. These options differ in the amount available and, the term to pay back. The lowest amount is of R1000 and the highest, R 100000. As regards installments, the shortest term is of 6 months and, the longest, 60. But, let’s see each loan option in detail so, you‘ll be able of deciding properly.

    The highest amount can be for important purchases like, for instance, a new car. It can also work to redecorate your house or, even if you need to pay for your children’s education. In this case, you should go for a Premier Loan, which allows between R15000 and R 100000 payable over 5 years top.

    There’s a medium range loan that can be the ideal solution for emergency expenses like, an unexpected medical bill or, if your car needs repairing. I’m referring to Prime Loan that lends between R3000 and R15000 to repay over a maximum of 2 years.

    And, if you think your income is not enough to afford a loan, VBS has a possible solution for you. There’s the Starter Loan that allows asking for as little as 1000 rands to pay back in 6 months or less. With this alternative, you can request up to 3000 rands.

VBS Mutual Bank Contact Details

    Finally, I want to inform you about this entity contact information. They have few locations to visit and, you can also call or email them.

    I’ll begin with their customer care phone number, which is 011 03 75 44 0 and, the customer care email address, which is you can make use of these options from your house, in case you don’t have the time to approach a branch. Besides, you can ask about any doubt before applying for the loan.

Now, I’ll expand on some addresses for you to take advantage of them

    In the city of Thohoyandou, you can encounter a VBS branch in the Upper Ground Floor, Stand 27. There are 3 contact numbers for this branch and, they are: (015) 962 0275 / 0295 /0190. There’s also a fax number in case you need to submit some documents. This is (015) 962 3685. At last, this store’s email address is

    If I refer to Sibasa, I must tell you to go to Gammbani Shopping Centre located in Mphephu Street. There’s a contact number, a fax number and, an email address for this branch as well. They are: (015) 963 0030, (015) 963 1219 and,

Now, in Louis Trichardt, there’s a branch in Songozwi Street number 29. There are 2 phone numbers which are (015) 516 0359 /3542 and, a fax number, (015)516 2112. This branch’s email is

There’s also a VBS branch in Durban. So, if you live here, you can see it at 333 Dorothy Nyembe Street in Durban Central. You can also call them to (031) 814 5200or, write them to

Finally, there’s a VBS office in Johannesburg placed in Von Weilligh Street, number 72. The telephone to call is (011) 225 2320; the fax number is (011) 338 9089 or, you can write to to elicit any query.

As you can clearly see in this article, VBS Mutual Bank offers Personal Loans for any kind of help citizens need. No matter the amount and, no matter your income, you have a chance to get that extra financial assistance you are looking for. So, decide on your loan without wasting more time.

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Questions and answers

Do they offer other types of loans?

Yes! They also provide their clients with Home loans, Vehicle Finance and, Overdrafts.

Do the requirements change according to the type of loans?

For any of the three options of Personal loans, the requirements are the same. But, for Home Loans for instance, they change.

What if I’ve been working for the last 4 months?

In that case, you should wait 2 months to apply for the loan.

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