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What Are the Personal Loans Offered by Auto and General?

   Are you looking for a Personal Loan that will take care of any need to could experience in life? Did you know you can make your dreams come true thanks to a company? That is right, thanks to Auto and general, your life can improve and will stop forgetting about financial problems or insecurity.

     In the next article, I will give you precise information regarding Auto and General Personal Loan, which includes requirements, amounts of money given and application procedure. Moreover, I will expand by focusing on several insurances that are designed to improve your experience with the company´s loans and also to protect you as a citizen. So, I strongly recommend you to keep on reading this post, you will benefit a lot from it.

Auto and General Personal Loan

    You will see that the company wants to protect you in a huge array of experiences and that of course has to do with the situations in which you need additional funds to cope with everyday needs. For that reason, the company offers a current Personal Loan whose maximum is that of R 150 000, a lot, right?

     In fact, you are able to choose from a minimum of R 5000, if you want a smaller amount of money. Regarding the repayment for Auto and General Personal loan, you should know that you have between a year and 5 years in order to complete its financing, which of course will vary depending on your financial status.

    When it comes to the interest rate of this loan, you need to know that it will be fixed during the whole loan, so there will not me modifications in the middle of the loan. In fact, such interest rate is determined by the National Credit Act. What is more, such Act is going to state whether you are eligible for this type of loan or not, which means you will need to pass the application procedure.

The repayment

As said before you have between 12 and 60 months to finance the totality of the loan, and there is an interest rate whose maximum tends to be of 28% and no more than that. That interest rate will be applied each year.

I will give you a short example of how these loans work, so that you know what to expect from the company in terms of interest rates are fees: considering the interest rate of 28%, if you ask the company to grant you R 50 000, the company will set a fee to be paid at the beginning of R 1,100, and a monthly fee of R 69. So, that means that the totality of the loan will cost you around R 100.00. This amount is based on the Annual Percentage Rate, which tends to be of no more than 31.45%.

Applying for an Auto and General Personal Loan

There is certain documentation you will need to submit, so as to start the application with Auto and General:

-A perfect credit score

-An income which should be of more than R 5000, considering it is an amount you are granted each month

-Your recent pay slips or bank statements, older no more than three months

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-Credit references stating how you behaved in the past when you were granted a loan

-A copy of your ID card

-Information regarding your bank account, in which it is assumed you are transferred the money

-A proof of residence, to state where you live and that you are a current citizen of the country. 

    Now that I have covered Auto and General Loans, I will also like to stress the importance of obtaining insuring policies so as to make your life better. Which is why, I will briefly mention each of the insurances Auto and General has designed for you:

1) Home and Personal Insurance: this type of insurance can easily protect not only your house but also any type of object that can be found inside of it, such as your cellphone and your laptop, which are really expensive appliances. What is more, any building or house nearby that can get damaged because of an emergency at your home, can also be protected with this insurance and you will end up saving money instead of wasting it in expensive bills that are hard to pay.

 2)Home Insurance: if you acquire this kind of insurance, every type of contact found in your place and also any damage created to your house, will be covered and you will not need to pay lots of money for the repairs. Moreover, the company has designed five different insurances for this purpose, so you have the possibility of choosing between: the Home Contents Insurance, the Buildings Insurance, useful for nearby buildings, the Residential Estate Insurance, for expensive houses, and the last one, the Portable Possessions Insurance.

3) Vehicle Insurance:Auto and General has created useful vehicle insurances in order to make sure all your need are met with their covers. So, if you possess a car, a trailer, caravan or a motorbike, the company can specially create an insurance that will match your needs. With this type of insurance there comes along a special advantage, which is the chance of getting Assist Benefits, meaning that you will receive assistance no matter the time or place.

Contact Details of Auto and General

-In person

The company´s main office is situated in Johannesburg, in the Riverglen in Dainfern. It is specifically located at 1 Telesure Lane. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm and on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm. It is closed during Sundays. However, it opens during public holidays from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm.


 You can send a message to the company by typing their email address: There is also another email address you can talk to if you have inquiries regarding the insurances of the company:

-By phone

 There is a special phone line you can talk to in order to get an answer to your replies: 0861 60 01 24.

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