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Is it Feasible To Obtain Easy money Cash loans?

   Are you looking for sustainable ways of financing your needs? Did you know you can rely on Easy money so as to give you the loan you want? Yes, you can start an application with this company and in a simple way and by following some short steps you can get to receive the money you always needed.

   In the following article, I will give you information related to the company. Then, I will focus on the application clients must follow so as to obtain a Quick Cash loan, and after that you will be given details regarding collection practices and contact information of Easy money in South Africa

About Easy money

    What makes this company awesome is the fact that they not only offer online application but also a quick one, which is instant. This company has vast experience in helping citizens get the money they need even if they are blacklisted clients that had some troubles trying to finance loans in the past. The thing is that the applications at this company can be started by any citizen, regardless of their conditions as the company considers that every clients deserves a second chance when it comes to financing a lending program. And, in less than a day the client has access to the results of the application.


What about the application?

There are certain steps that need to be taken into account:

1) Applying online for the loan you want

2) Faxing or attaching by mail your documentation with financial and personal data

3) Attaching documents such as the bank statements of your own, pays lips, copy of your ID card and a proof of the place you live

4) Simply waiting until your application is approved

How can clients begin the application for an Easy money Cash loan?

They can simply enter the company´s website but it does not matter if the client is not very familiar with technology since the members of the company are experts that are willing to help clients during the whole application in the webpage of Easy money. In this website, there is a section for application, clients will only need to complete it with their data, attach the document to the fax number or email provided. And just like that, your application started.

Now, regarding the interest rates of Easy money Cash loans, you need to know that they are fixed and that they are charged directly to your bank account, but of course it will never be more than the annual interest rate that the National Credit Regulator allows, so please do not worry about it. And, such interest rate is not subject to changes during the course of your loan, which means you will always pay the same amount during the year.

If you are interested in some numbers, let me tell you that the annual percentage cannot exceed 112% and that you can repay for the loan in about 65 days, maximum permitted but there is also a minimum of 120 days.

As an example, let’s imagine you would like to repay for your loan in 65 days and you need R 5000. The initiation fee for this loan would be around R 300 and the interest rate would be of R 120 00, which is a monthly one.

Now, before providing you with the contact details of this company in your country, I would like to give you information regarding an important point about Collection Practices:

Collection Practices at Easy money

I will mention some interesting points to bear in mind in this section:

1-The moment you have signed the contract with the company for an Easy money Cash loan, you have agreed with the different requirements and pieces of information that appear there. So, that means that if you do not comply with the rules or requirements, you will be penalized. The same happens with payments that are not made on time. That is why, it is recommended that clients make payments on time each month.

2-If you have not paid for at least 20 days or more, you should let the company know about this by sending them a notice with your justification and data about your financial status.

3- If you do not comply with payments for more than 2 months, apart from being penalized the company will have total authorization to charge you more money and even call for the cancelling of the loan you were granted. So, please make sure to make each payment as stipulated in the contract so as to avoid any delays of future problems that will not enable you to get the money you need.

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4-The Company enables you to get a second loan if you have complied with payments and your behavior is okay. So, if you have some other needs in mind that need to be covered, you might start the application for a second loan.

5- You can always notify the company about any new information regarding your income and salary, so that they can get to know how your finances are doing and if you are capable of sustaining the loan or your own or not.


There are plenty of means of communication so as to contact Easy money. Let’s see them all:

-You can dial up the following number directly from home so as to communicate with the members of the company :( +27-31) 2013063. You can even send a fax to the following number :( +27-31) 2019107

-You can enter your email box and send an email to the following address so as to get immediate reply:      

-You can go in person to one of Easy money offices located in Durban, whose address is 89 Helen Joseph Road in Glenwood.


In the following chart I will give you data about other branch:


R 5000

Interest Rate

Fixed  interest rates

Telephone Number



Pretoria, Pretoria Central. 37 Middestad Centre. Francis Baard Street

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays on business hours


Resident in the country

Video Loan

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Questions and Answers

Can I apply by phone?
Sure, phone application is available
What are the interest rates?
They depend on the amount you choose
How do I pay?
With automatic deduction

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