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How Can I Take a Home Loan with VBS Mutual Bank? Addresses, Loans and Requirements

     VBS Mutual Bank first started as Venda Building Society in 1982 and, from then on, it’s grown to be one of the most recognized and complete financial entities in South Africa. At present, South Africans are capable of taking advantage of any of the products they offer like, Home loans for instance. I’ll refer to some requirements to apply with VBS, the loan options and, how to get in contact with them. Besides, I’ll provide you with some addresses in case you want to approach one of them.

What loan products does VBS offer?

First, there are four types of loans, which are:

                                                                                        1) Home Loans.

                                                                                        2) Personal Loans

                                                                                        3) Vehicle Finance

                                                                                        4) Overdraft

Second, inside these categories there are more specific types of loans. In this article, I’ll expand on the alternatives for Home loans, which are 3:

                                               A) Ordinary Loans

                                               B) Building Loans

                                               C) Commercial Loans

    The Ordinary Loan is the popular home loan, which means it’s chosen by those who are interested in buying a property. It may also be for those who want to improve their building in any way (redecorate or fix it, for example)

    The Building Loan alternative aims to help those who want to own a property with commercial intentions. Whether they seek to sell it or lease it out, this option can give them the hand they need to accomplish their objective.

    At last, the Commercial Loan is similar to the last one, Building Loan, but this is the difference: while the Building Loan can be provided to companies, partnerships and even individuals, the Commercial Loan is only for companies. These companies can be large or small but, under no circumstances, it will be issued to other that a company.

    I’ll add that for any of the Home Loans choices, the terms like, quotes and repayment periods, will be studied and agreed according to the specific situation of each applicant.

What are the Requirements to take a Home Loan with VBS?

    The eligibility criteria depend on the type of loan applicants want. For options A and C, Ordinary and Commercial Loans, applicants must make sure their gross income is higher than the monthly payments in a 30% at least and, they must be able of presenting valid documents proving their income is enough to cover the installments. Also, it’s mandatory that the property in question be placed in an area that is delimited and there exists a title deed or deed of grant. Finally, the home loan bond you request for should be inferior to the property market value.

    Now, for option B, Building Loans, possible loan holders must submit an Identity copy, pays lips and the past 3 bank statements. Besides, VBS needs to have the building contract, the certificate of NHBRC Enrolment and Registration plus, a copy of the building plan which must be approved of course and, a copy of the finishes schedule. This last copy must be signed to make it valid.

VBS Mutual Bank Contact Information

What are VBS Addresses and Phone Numbers?

    If you live in Rivonia, Johannesburg, you’ll find a VBS branch going to Wessel Road number 82. This branch’s contact number is 11 037 54 40. For South Africans living in the province of Limpopo, there are other branches to go. On one hand, for Thohoyandou citizens, one branch is placed at Mphephu Street in Sibasa and, they can also call them to 15 96 31 037. Bear in mind, this branch is inside Gammbani Shopping Centre.

    On the other hand, the Head Office of this company is located in Louis Trichardt. If you live in this area, you can go to 25 Erasmus Street or, dial the number 15 5162 479. There’s another VBS’ branch at 105 Krogh Street in this same area

    Now, VBS Mutual Bank also provides their clients with a Call Centre Number, which is, 011 03 75 440, for them to get in contact with VBS assistants and elicit any doubt there may appear. For those who prefer using the internet, there’s also an email address,, to use at any time that’s convenient for you.

    As an extra service and, taking good care of the trust their clients put on VBS, this company also, presents a contact number and an email in case their clients need to report a fraud.  If you are victim of fraud, the telephone number is 0800 22 24 211 and, the email is An important detail to point out is that, this contact number is free of charge.

Personal Loans for the house

    As I told you at the beginning, VBS also offers Personal Loans, which can be used to redecorate or get some new furniture for your house. I’ll briefly explain your options in case you need to make a change but, you don’t count with the financial possibility of taking a home loan.

    There are 3 choices of loans that go from as little as a thousand South African Rand to as high as 100000. And, you can pay the loan back in 6 months up to 60. Of course, the higher the amount borrowed, the longer the repayment period available. The name of these loans from the lowest quote to the highest are: Starter, Prime and, Premier Loan. Now you know you have this other possibility to get your house the way you’ve always dreamed of, without getting involved in a home loan.

Before I finish, I’ll present you a chart summarizing some of the most important information you should remember to work with VBS Mutual Bank

VBS Head Office

25 Erasmus Street in Louis Trichardt.

Call Centre Contact Number

011 0375440

Email Address

Home Loans

Building, Commercial or, Ordinary Loan.


They vary according to the type of loan requested.

Fax Number

011 2342745

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    Getting the right financial support is of paramount importance to achieve your aims. If you’re considering asking for a home loan, VBS Mutual Bank is waiting for you. No matter why you need to acquire a property, this company has the tools to assist you on the purchase and, have the best experience.

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Questions and answers

What loan can I take to redecorate my kitchen?

You can take an Ordinary Home Loan or, you can take a look at the personal loans VBS offers to decide on your best option.

Does VBS issue Building loans to corporations?

Yes! This loan applies for corporations, individuals and, trusts among other.

Is it possible to apply for R5000?

Yes, but instead of a Home Loan, you may need a Personal Loan.

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