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It is Feasible to Obtain a Sanlam Home Loan? Information and Contact Details

Home Loans

    There are many reasons why people choose to apply for a Home Loan. It can happen that they have never had a house of their own, they want to buy a vacation home, they want to improve their house or perhaps they need to buy an investment house. No matter the purpose, those reasons are valid and those dreams can come true thanks to Sanlam´s loans.

     Before expanding on their loans for your home purposes, let me tell you something about Sanlam´s history and foundation. Sanlam is a credit provider now, but in the past it was just an insurer company, which was only founded with the purpose of granting covers and that is all. But, with the passing of time, it started focusing on other type of needs that citizens could have, such as obtaining easy money. For that reason, the company became also a credit provider.

   Most South Africans resort to Sanlam, because of its principles and its standards, as this is a reliable and trustworthy company that only aims at improving its customers´ financial status.

Take a look at the different benefits Sanlam has for yourself:

- In order to give full protection to their customers, the company makes sure that every client gets to know a case of fraud that affected them in the past, so as to prevent scams. It happened many years ago that another provider used its name and granted several loans that were not real. So, the company recommends you to only sign documentation under the name of Sanlam Personal Loans.

- Sanlam has focused on becoming multilingual, reason for which all the documentation you will see in the company´s website, together with agreements and contracts have carefully been translated into more than 5 languages, including Afrikaans and English.

-Sanlam has a special system through which their operators will create a unique loan that will match your specific needs, so as to make sure you are totally capable of complying with the payments and your financial status is not an obstacle.

-Sanlam offers you three different ways of starting the application, which can be done in a local branch, in its website or over the phone. You will choose the one that is most comfortable to you.

-Whenever you apply for a loan with Sanlam, the company will recognize you as their customer, and you will able to acquire an insurance with an important discount. So, that point is worth taking into consideration.

- Even though there is no prequalification available at Sanlam, the company has created a simulator or calculator, found in their website. In such calculator you will need to choose an amount of money and a desired financing period. Based on that, you will receive a calculation with details of your affordability.

Sanlam´s loans for home purposes: Home Loans

    As previously mentioned, Sanlam´s loans can be used for a variety of purposes and that of course includes the purchase of a house or the reformation of it. In fact, you can have access to R 200 000, which is the maximum allowed to every customer. But you can also ask for lower amounts of money, being the minimum R 3000. Now, bear in mind that the company can increase each month the total of the loan, by adding R 1000. Finally, there are financing periods that will adjust to your needs and the interest rates are fixed.

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    Regarding the requirements for a loan with Sanlam, it is compulsory that you are 18 years old or older, that you reside in South Africa and that you are employed. In such job, your salary must be at least R 2500. Please take into consideration that having a good credit record is another requirement.

   When it comes to the application for a Home Loan, you should now that you can make it through your phone, by calling on 0861 08 08 08 88 and giving your personal and financial data to an operator. That line is available Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am until 08:00 pm. You can also apply from your computer, by filling in a simple form that appears in Sanlam´s website. Once you have made the call or completed the online form, an operator will phone you immediately to inform your situation.

The operator that contact you will give you some options in terms of loans that adapt to your status. Once everything is done, the company will deposit the amount arranged in your bank account. The whole procedure can take almost 72 hours. So, you can expect to make use of the money in 3 days.



Contact details in order to get a loan

-In person

    One of Sanlam´s physical offices is located in Cape Town, precisely in Western Cape. You can go directly to 2 Strand Road. You can also phone this office to this number: 27219479111. That phone line is especially useful whenever you want to check whether the office is open or not on a special day.


    You can contact Sanlam from the comfort of your computer, by entering its website. In its website you can ask their operators to call you or you can also send a message. Moreover, there are tons of details about their loans, covers and several products that will surely be beneficial for your business.

-By phone

    This is another means of communication through which you can get in touch with the company. Try their free line for questions or inquiries: 0861 44 00 44.

    All in all, if you are planning to invest in a new property or you want to improve an old house you possess, such expenses can be covered by Sanlam´s loans, whose rates and financing periods are really affordable and will definitely suit any type of need you have right now. I suggest you contact them in person, by phone or online, and begin the application. You deserve to have the house you always wanted!

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Questions and answers

Is Sanlam´s office in Cape Town open on Sundays?

No, it is not

How much money is available?

The maximum is R 200 000

What is the longest financing period?

It will be defined by the amount of money chosen and your current financial status

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