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       If you are looking for a sustainable way to start up the finance of your new business, or you want to improve it, what you need is a Business Loan. These are loans that enable clients to obtain financial resources so as to make their business grow and remain competitive.

  Although Sanlam does not have choices available in terms of start-up finance, there is a reliable and trustworthy South African company that does possess these kind of loans, Direct Axis.

   In the following article, I will show you the different steps you will follow in order to get a Business Loan, the requirements and focus on Direct Axis´ two main loans for your business. After that, I will give you additional data about these lending programs. Finally, I will give you contact information of Direct Axis which is a sum of phone numbers, email addresses and locations.

Steps to be followed for the application

   Once you start the application procedure, you choose the amount of money you want the company to give you, the company makes you a proposal and the moment you agree, you can start enjoying the money.

  The application can be made in more than one way: from your phone, by sending a sms, an email or by going in person to a physical office of the company.

Requirements for Direct Axis´Business Loans

-Putting forward your ID book in order to prove your nationality is South African

-Keeping a faultless credit record with another South African company

-Giving the company information about your finances, and that includes your income and your bank account

Direct Axis offers two main loans for your business:


     This is a business loan through which the company will deliver you a maximum of R 250 000, which is a sum of money typically suggested to big businesses that have already expanded and want to keep that expansion in the market. You can expect from the amount granted, that this loan is secured, so you will need a collateral for the company to acknowledge you are capable of making each payment.

   If you are interested in this type of loan, you should know that the company will require you to possess a salary of at least R 12 000 and that you are the owner of your house. Once those requirements are met, you can easily begin the application and get the loan


     This type of loan is suggested to owners of small businesses that are just expanding and need lower sums of money. The maximum is R 1900. The interest rates corresponding to this program are fixed, which means that the customer can expect to pay the same amount throughout the whole loan. What is more, you have the freedom to choose financing terms.

    This loan offers small business´ owners a great chance to enhance their cash flow and gain an important position in the market. Moreover, the money can be used in other to buy new offices, appliances and any type of investment the owners of businesses have in mind.

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Additional data about Direct Axis´Business Loans:

- All the loans explained above are in agreement with the National Credit Act number 34 that was issued many years ago, in 2005

-You will need to give the company all your information about your movements and transactions

-In addition to the loan, you will gain access to an insurance that will take care of your money, to bring you peace of mind. This option is really helpful when you are granted high amounts of money and you want safety.

-Customers are expected to make fixed repayments and there are penalties if they are not made in time

-Customers can choose how to apply. They can do it in a physical branch, through their computer or cellphone

-Customers can make use of the money requested in a period of 48 hours, as long as they have given their contact information and the number of their bank account to the company

Contacting Direct Axis

-In person

      You can easily find one of Direct Axis´ physical branches in Diep River, which is in the area of Southfield. The exact address is 108, De Waal Road. Its phone number, for you to know whether the office is open or ask questions, is 86 102 0304. You will find it open during weekdays from 8 to 8.

     There is another branch situated in Cape Town, in the area of Effindale. It is located at 79450 Mocke Road.


-By phone

     If you were appealed by a Personal Loan, phone on 0861 020304.

If you are attracted to a Consolidation Loan, phone on0861 243 556.

 So, as you see there exists two different phone numbers for the application of loans, depending on the type of loan you are interested in obtaining. Both numbers are free of charges, so you can call from anywhere. The company recommends waiting some minutes once you call until your call is being answered by an operator.


    Direct Axis happens to possess a very complete website, in which it is allowed the online application. There, you can even ask for more details about business loans, insurances and also send a simple message to the company´s operators. In the same webpage, you can ask for quotes and there is even a calculator for you to check your affordability whenever you are not sure whether you qualify or not for a loan. That is a great tool that I recommend you to try before contacting the company.

     All in all, if you were thinking about starting up your business or enhancing the one you have, that dream can come true with the support of Direct Axis and its business loans. Take a look at both options and decide from which one you will profit the most. Depending on your business, you will choose either the Consolidation Loan or the Direct plus Loan.

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Questions and answers

I want to ask Sanlam a loan to improve my business

Sanlam does not specialize on business loans, but, all the same, you can take advantage of their personal loans. This, of course, depends on the amount of money you are asking for. if you need a rather small amount, you may consider taking a personal loan and use it on your business. Then, as your business makes profit, you cancel the payments of the personal loan.

I want to apply for a business loan

In order to be approved for a business loan, just prepare all the documents beforehand. You’ll be asked to present documents to verify your identity, South African nationality and, that you live in the country at the moment. But, that’s not all, you’ll be also asked to present documentation proving your business works legally and, that everything is in order. Besides, the bank will need to know how much profit does it make to see how much money can you borrow.

Can I apply for a loan from my cellphone?

Can these two loans be paid in advance?

Sure, you can choose to close the loan when you are ready

Can I refinance the loan in case I can not make a repayment?

Sure, there are refinancing options

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