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Can I Obtain SA Cash Loans If I Reside in the City of Pretoria?

    SA, one of the preferred financial companies by South Africans and fortunately is present in Pretoria, which means that its citizens can easily access their lending programs. For that reason, in the current article, Pretoria citizens will be given detailed information regarding the company´s Quick Cash Loan, which is the main loan they have nowadays and also other loans such as Personal Loan and Home Loans.

  SA Quick Cash Loan for Pretoria residents

Which features make up this loan?

-The possibility of obtaining as much as R 75 000 and paying for it in 72 hours

-The possibility of asking for amounts of R 150 000 by attaching the documentation on time

-You can get equity for the property you own

-You can spend the money on whatever purpose you have in mind and it can range from educational causes, business and medical ones

-You can have access to competitive rates

Personal Loans

What can I find in a Personal Loan?

You will find a loan whose maximum is of R 700000 and you can begin the application for this loan is just one day. You can cover any personal need you need to SAtisfy.

Regarding its application, it is important to know that you can phone the company on the following number: 0861 000 376 or you can also send an email to this address: Those are two efficient ways of communicating with the representatives of the company, who will examine in detail the different statements from the bank, documentation and agreements that have to do with the loan. Do not stress about money, the company will find for sure a loan that adapts to your needs, regardless of your income and your financial status?

Now let me focus on two other loans which will cover housing needs:

Transfer Assist

    This sort of loan enables Pretoria residents to obtain as much as R 50 000 and being able to transfer their homes to their names. The company is aware of the fact that sometimes it is really difficult for clients to have their own home under their name, which is why this is a great chance of financing the different costs related to the transfer. What is more, with this loan clients will receive full protection for their homes, as you know is very important to bear in mind once you have your home.

   Understanding how it works is really simple: in no more than 24 hours you apply and you receive the money requested. It can be online application or even over the telephone one. But, of course the company will also offer their application in person at one of their branches in Pretoria.

Before moving on with the contact details of SA, let me focus on another loan that will benefit housing needs: 30 Year Home Loan. As you can guess this is the type of loan that most clients request when they are having troubles trying to have the house of their dreams and cannot fully pay for it in less than 30 years.

The main characteristic of this loan is that the client will be made to pay fixed installments each month which will be lowered, thanks to the fact that it is a long term loan. This is the perfect loan if you are planning to get your home and finance it in 30 years, which is a lot for those clients who need money right away.

Want more benefits? Let’s see them in detail:

1. You can pay for the loan in 30 years but the company can extend that period in special occasions

2. Interest rates are fixed when beginning the application

3. Monthly installments are paid, which are fixed. Do you know what it means? That once the contract has been signed by you and the company, the rates that appear there and the installments remain set and fixed, without possibility of suffering changes.

4. Installments can change based on the client´s income

5. Clients can ask for a second loan if the money granted by this loan is not enough and they have other needs to cover for their homes

What is more, obtaining this loan means that you will receive an insurance to protect your home and its belongings and assets. It is important to remind taking care of the property once it’s yours.

Please do bear in mind that since this is a really long loan in terms of financing, the costs will be higher than those of a 20 year loan.


Let me show how easy and simple it is to begin an application for a loan in Pretoria:

-One of the means through which Pretoria residents can communicate with the company is by phone, since they can easily dial up a phone number from their homes: 27 (31) 560 5300. That happens to be the number of the head office of SA, Please remember to wait until one of the representatives answers your call, since the lines get busy very frequently. You also have the chance of sending a fax to this number: 27 (31) 562 0362.

-Another means of communication is online, so you can enter the company´s official website where you can make use of an online calculator, which will ask you for the amount wanted, installments and financial possibilities. In such webpage you can send a mesSAge to the representatives of the company so as to be contacted immediately and be given the information you need.

-Another way great way to communicate with the company is in person, which is great for those citizens that really favor a personalized attention. In the following chart you get complete details regarding the SA branch in Pretoria. You will find quotes, interest rates, telephone numbers and more contact details:


R 75 000 to R 150 000

Interest Rate

Fixed  rates

Telephone Number

560 5200


Pretoria. Shop 2 Floor. 1 ,Sammy Mark Bldg

Working Hours

Weekdays from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African citizen

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