How does Makro Cash Loan Calculator work? – Pay it in 12 months

How does Makro Cash Loan Calculator work? - Pay it in 12 months

Did you know that Makro is not only a retail company? This company that has over twenty stores in South Africa also offers convenient cash loans. If you want to know more about how Makro can help you get a loan that is easy to get, keep reading this article. You will be given information as to how to take out a loan, what documents you will need, how much money you can request, and how to contact Makro.

Why would it be Wise to use a Loan Calculator before Requesting a Makro Cash Loan?

Using a loan calculator is important because it helps you plan better and wiser. Calculators are tools that allow you to comprehend the structure of the loan you are planning on taking out. When you don’t plan ahead and you go straight to requesting a loan without analyzing if you can really afford for it, two things might happen:

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  1. Your loan request might be rejected
  2. You might get into trouble for not being able to cope with all the expenses

Avoid these unpleasant scenarios with a loan calculator where you will have to type the amount of the loan and the repayment period. The system will introduce you to an approximate figure of your installment. Why are we talking about approximate figures? We do this since installments will vary based on the interest rate the financial provider is able to give you. Makro will not charge an interest rate higher than the one set by the NCR; however, this number will depend on a study of your income and credit history.

We strongly urge you to check out our loan comparator. This tool gives you a list of the financial providers where you can ask for a personal loan. The awesome thing about it is that you will only find objective information. But that’s not it! If you see a loan that looks just what you’re looking for, you can start your application; it’s only a click away!

How does the Application Process Work with a Makro Cash Loan?

Makro has been in our country from the early seventies and has successfully adapted to the different times. They started out as a retail outlet center, where you could buy electronics, food, clothing, furniture, and more in their stores. Then, as times changed, and the Internet made it clear that it was here to stay for good, Makro decided to also sell their products online.

The same criteria were applied to their loans: you can take out a Makro cash loan completely online. All you have to do is entering your personal and financial information in their application form, accepting their terms and conditions and clicking the submit button. That’s it. It’s easy, convenient, and quick; and above all: secure. Makro personal loans abide by the rules established by the NCR.

Does Makro Offer Cash Advance?

Below you will find out that Makro only offers personal loans; you will not be able to ask for a cash advance with this company. However, there are other credit lending companies that work with this product in South Africa. Wonga offers cash advances to South Africans. Here you can get a maximum of R4 000 if you are a new client or of R8 000 if you are already a Wonga client. If your cash advance is approved, your money will be deposited into your bank account and you can withdraw it through an ATM.

3 Characteristics of Makro Online Personal Loans

Take out a personal loan with Makro online and pay it back in 12 installments or up to sixty months. The process is simple and within 24 hours you will be able to make use of the money for whatever you want: there are no restrictions as to how you can use the money. Take a look at the requirements you should meet:

  • Being older than 18
  • Having a bank account in South Africa
  • Having a driving license
  • Being permanently employed and earning at least R2 000 every month
  • Providing all necessary documents to prove your income

Below we will list the most outstanding characteristics of the loans provided by Makro:

  1. With a personal loan at Makro you are able to borrow from R1 000 to R250 000. Imagine all you can do with that amount of money. You could finally renovate your living-room or build that guest room you always wanted!
  2. When taking out a loan with Makro, insurance is included with Guardrisk Life Limited for your peace of mind. If some unexpected event should happen such as you losing your job, your loan is covered.
  3. Makro personal loans are powered by RCS Cards Proprietary Limited: a company specialized in the provision of financial solutions allowing South Africans to put their minds at rest.   

What are the Contact Details for Makro Loans?

If you have any question or doubt regarding what you read in this article, please don’t hesitate and use our contact form below to have your doubts solved; we’re more than happy to help. Also, we invite you to share your opinion about Makro on our comment section: your insights can be really helpful for other people! However, if you absolutely want to contact Makro to find out more information or to clear up some doubt, you can call them on 0861 888 009. You can also drop them a line at

Makro is a company that was able to evolve and become more than just a retail house. Now, besides being able to buy their products online, you can also apply for a cash loan that might help you fulfill your dreams. Our objective was to tell you the basics of Makro personal loans. We told you how they work, what information you need to provide the company with, how to calculate repayments and how to contact Makro. Remember you can also use our platform to ask as many questions as you might need. You are more than invited to leave us a comment telling us all about your experience with Makro. 

Preguntas Frecuentes

Do they charge fees for their cash loans?

Yes, like most credit lending companies, Makro does charge fees. However, these fees are in compliance with the NCR provisions. With Makro, you will have to pay an initiation fee of R936 and a fee for the administrative services provided of R69. The interest rates they offer can start at 15% and will never be higher than 27.25%.

Can I qualify for a loan of 250 000?

The amount of money you can borrow from Makro will depend on your financial situation. Once you start your application and provide Makro with all the information they requested, they will assess affordability. They will check your work information, your income, and your credit history. If you’re found to being able to afford that amount of money, then you might be able to ask for it.

Do I have to go to a Makro store to pay back my loan?

No, you won’t have to go all over to a Makro branch to pay your installments. After your loan request is approved you will need to consent to a debit order. In this way, the amount of your installment will be debited from your account every month on the date you and Makro agreed to.

Hello, I would like to know if I can take a loan when being self-employed and having a bank statement.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to obtain a personal loan if you are self-employed and show evidence of income with a bank statement. It is compulsory to be permanently employed and to earn a regular salary of at least 2,000 rand every month. Also,you need to have a bank account in South Africa. 

Can you give a loan even though I have an Anadarko loan somewhere?

It is important that you check the criteria eligibility in order to ask for a personal loan with Makro if you have another loan in Anadarko. Typically, the financial lending companies check if you have a good credit profile and enough affordability capacity. Also, you must be employed and earn 2,000 rand per month. 

Hi, I need money from my Makro credit card to be transferred to my bank account, can anyone from Makro help me, please?

If you need money from your Makro credit card to be transferred to your bank account, you can use an electronic fund transfer service. There are also some companies that allow you to do this, like Western Union or MoneyGram. In this way, you will be able to send money directly to your account. 

Makro Cedit card purchase of R12,500. How much will my payment per month be?

This private company, Makro Credit, offers flexible repayment options with affordable monthly instalments for clients. These repayment options can include from 24 to 36 months. For example, if you have chosen a 24-month repayment period, then for a card purchase of 12,500 rand, you will be paying 520,83 rand approximately. 

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