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Can I Apply for Wonga Quick Loan? Calculator and Features

    Quick Loans is a term that refers to those credits whose application happens to be quite easy and simple, and is quick in comparison to other type of loans. Many financial companies propose these type of loans which can be obtainable online, that is to say from the customer´s computer. And, one of the main feature of such loans is that the client can get access to the money requested instantly.

      As this is an online application, the client will not be made to make any phone calls or tedious paperwork. And, you have complete access to the website of Wonga (24/7).

   Now that you have an idea of what a Quick Loan is, let me start by focusing the article on the reasons to choose Wonga as the provider of such Quick Loan and also give you information regarding application, calculator and contact details

Why should you choose a Wonga quick loan for your needs?

-Wonga loans are instant, which means that the application process is fast and the approval is fast as well, so there will not be complications in the middle of the procedure.

-Customers can easily apply for a loan with the only condition of opening an account with the company

-Quick Loans at Wonga give clients access to a minimum of R 500 or a maximum of R 4000

-Wonga Quick Loans are regulated by the National Credit Act

-The client has total access to the lending contract

How does the application work at Wonga?

    Customers must pick a device that has an internet connection that can be their cellphone, tablet or computer. Then, the client creates an account and proceeds to log in. Once there, you can choose how much money you need and in which period you would like to finance it. So, there is no need to begin the application by phone or in person. You can be sure that the information you provide in the company´s website is secured.

Now, please remember that the company expects you to comply with payments, because otherwise it will have a bad effect on your credit record, which means it will impact on future loan applications. So, if it happens that you are having tough times so as to repay for the loan, let the company know about your situation and the members will examine your personal case so as to offer you the proper solution and make sure you will not end up paying more money than you expected.

These are the minimal requirements:

-Being 18 years old

-Living on a permanent basis in South Africa

-Having a bank account

-Submitting proof of residence, payslips and bank reports

After you have submitted that documentation to the company, the members of the firm will examine your situation and decide if you are a good candidate or not.

What can you tell me about repayments?

    The moment you start the application, you are able to choose the amount wanted as well as the financing period, which will determine the different repayments. They will never be hidden fees at the end of the loan as it happens with some companies. You will always be notified about repayments of your loan.

    The money from your repayment is simply collected by debiting the money from your bank account each month.

But now the most interesting part, when will you be given the money required? It can take less than half an hour and it will depend on the bank account you possess.

What about interest rates?

As you know, most lending companies define an interest rate based on the total amount you are given. With short term loans, it happens that the client needs to pay higher interest rates, if it happens that the loan is not secured. It also happens that there are new fees once the loan has been granted and the client does not know to afford it.

But do not worry, Wonga is a company that will always make sure you can fully comprehend its terms and conditions before you begin the application procedure. So, you will be given facts about interest rates, total amount, repayments, and fees. And, here comes a good benefit obtainable with Wonga: if you decide to pay before the time expected each of the repayments, you will be offered a discount on the total amount.


I will now mention an example of how the calculator works in the website of Wonga:

If you decide to ask for R 600, the company can offer you 6 monthly installments, which means you have 6 months to repay for it and you will be asked to pay an interest rate of 0.75%.


Find the best loan of South Africa

-The client can choose the date of repayments

-The client only gives the company the data about the bank account so as to debit the money from installments

-The client has access to an easy online application

-Avoiding paperwork

-Avoiding phone calls to the company

-Decide on your loan from the comfort of your home

-Operating with a transparent financial company

-Knowing before the application the amount given and the fees and rates

Contact details of Wonga

There are many means of communication available so as to get in touch with the company, apart from contacting them online. Let’s see:

-You can make a phone call to the associates of the company so as to let them know about your doubts or inquiries. The telephone number is provided below in the chart

-You can also send an email to the email address that appears in the last section of our contact chart. This is a good way to contact the company on holidays.

-In the following chart you have details about a physical office of Wonga as well as the phone number and the email address:


R 500 TO R 4000

Interest Rate

Defined by your total amount

Telephone Number

0861 966 421


Cape Town. 33 Bree Street. Cape Town City Centre

Working Hours

7 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Updated bank account, latest statements, latest payslips and ID card

Email Address

Video Loan

Leave your questions or comments


Questions and Answers

How old the payslips must be?
3 months old is the maximum
Can I make a copy of my Id?
Yes you can
How long does it takes to get a reply for my email?
A couple of days

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